Danner Acadia 8″ Boot

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Editor’s Conclusion
It’s one thing finding boots for hiking in that are comfortable and durable, but it is an entirely different thing finding work boots that will give you the performance you require and that you can last all day in.

Now if I’m being completely truthful, I don’t think you will ever find a pair of work boots, and when I say work boots, I mean construction/factory/warehouse work, that are stylish and versatile, so when I got presented with the Danner Acadia 8” 200-gram work boot, I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have to squint.

These boots offer lightweight warmth, waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX lining, and a sturdy rubber sole.

Danner pride themselves with their craftsmanship on boots, they use only the best and most durable of materials to ensure any consumer who purchasers their products will be returning time after time.
Danner Acadia 8″ Boot Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons


GORE-TEX breathable lining

8” shaft


Can fit on the narrow side – may not be suitable for wide feet

Very expensive

Key Features


The Danner Acadia's are well designed, fit for purpose, and have a nice look about them. Now if we are being totally honest, if you are looking for WORK boots, then I'm pretty sure that style isn't going to be the first item on your list of things that you are looking for. Performance is key right? So here are the best features from a design aspect;

Vibram Kletterlift outsole – excellent for traction on both wet and dry surfaces, designed for comfort and durability, the Vibram sole will also provide shock absorption, ideal for work boots.

200G Thinsulate Insulation – Much needed in colder and wetter climates or for when the season changes and you are still working your way through the colder temperatures.

GORE-TEX – One of the most important things when considering work boots is to ensure they are waterproof and breathable at the same time. The GORE-TEX lining will provide you with both.

Materials – Full-gran leather uppers are strong, durable, and are easy to polish, so you can always keep them looking smart. The Denier Nylon is also a strong and sturdy material.

Stitch Down Construction – Often used for serious work boots, the Danner Acadia's use the stitch-down construction to attach the upper to the midsole. It makes them even stronger, great for heavy-duty work boots.


These boots can fit on the narrow side, so please be mindful of this before purchase. If necessary, I would suggest even contacting the company to put forward the question around sizing. After all, if you’re paying a lot for these boots, you need to make sure they will be the perfect fit for your feet.


The Danner Acadia 8" are designed for strength and durability. They have a quality sole for flexible and durable use. They are a welcomed ally on wet and dry surfaces and will provide stability when needed.

The 8" shaft is a great barrier from any debris you may come across and will keep in warmth on colder working months. The full-grain upper leathers are a brilliant durable material, whether you’re wearing these boots in winter or summer and as mentioned earlier, they polish easily so you don’t have to worry about having to buy more pairs in case of an untidy exterior.

I’ve already mentioned the GORE-TEX inner lining in the above section but they don’t only allow for breathability and a waterproof interior, they also allow moisture and sweat to get out, providing your feet with a more pleasant experience throughout the working day.


The Danner Acadia are expensive, there are no two ways about it. What I can say is that given the impressive design of these boots, materials, and quality of work that goes into them, the price is fair.

I have got to say as well that having researched these boots in-depth, they are one of a kind. There aren’t any other boots on the market that resemble the Danner Acadia, so they are superior in their design and construction. Is that worth the high price tag? I'll let you judge that one for yourself.

Comparison to Similar Boots

The Timberland PRO High Tower Work Boots feature similar materials to the Danner’s; they are constructed with full-grain leather uppers and a rubber sole. They are slightly more stylish than the Danner’s but appear slightly less protective. At nearly half the price of the Danner Acadia’s, they are a good competitor.
The Kodiak Ayton Flex Steel Toe Work Boot drop again in price, however, don't offer the same height in the shaft. They do have a steel toe cap which is extremely beneficial when looking at work boots. They are similar in their stylish exterior. They are designed with Kodiak flex uppers offering breathability and flexibility.


Ok, here we are, the verdict. Given the features these boots have, I think it's fair to say that there is no denying they are a quality boot. They offer a great amount of support and comfort throughout the many years of use that they’ll give you. Created with the best materials and the most up-to-date technologies for work boots, they are a work boot I would surely look to.

The two cons I have mentioned in my review are food for thought though, the price is a biggy. If you are going to look at purchasing these boots then make sure you've shopped about, don't make a hasty decision, look at all the features, the design, and the finish.