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Timberland Flume Reviewed Review Facts

Timberlands iconic name was first heard of in 1973. With their timeless look and proven quality, the brand quickly reached its popularity by designing waterproof boots that maintain their signature strong look which later led to manufacturing casual and sailing shoes and additional product lines like watches, backpacks and kids’ footwear.

Whether you're looking for men's, women’s, or kids boots, for hiking, rain, snow, climbing, casual attire or more, look no further. Timberland can proudly say they have proven themselves once more with superior quality and artistry. Their line of Flume waterproof boots is everything you could ever expect from Timberland. It comes in both women’s and men’s, and it boasts the same quality manufacture and materials. Named after New Hampshire's Flume Gorge, these hikers cling to rugged tracks while keeping your feet dry but drowned in comfort during every adventure. Seam-sealed for extra protection, Timberland Flume offers excellent stability so you can tackle any hiking trail with ease. Even though these boots don’t have reinforced toe, they still can be worn for heavy-duty construction work as some users have reported.

Exceptionally comfortable for long hikes and climbs due to the EVA well-cushioned footbed, its functional design keeps your feet supported and rested. These mid-height hikers can indeed hold their own regarding water resistance,  keeping your feet warm and dry, and if you take care of them, they’ll stay with you for years to come.

Editor's Pros & Cons



Good traction




Good arch support


No reinforced toe

Short shaft

Minimal color variety


Like most Timberland boots, Flume is fitted with a solid, long-lasting rubber outer. It’s a tread pattern that is one of a kind to Timberland that works. The B.S.F.P. motion efficiency system helps your foot to go through the motions of breaking, supporting, flexing and propelling, along with a curved center path of pressure. The traction lugs are strategically aligned along this pressure path to deliver improved traction for your climbing and hiking experiences and longer-wearing performance. Therefore, climbing and hiking on dangerous and wet territory can be done with ease, since these boots are prepared for whatever you throw at them.


Given the smart and stylish signature look, there is nothing you wouldn't like when you see Timberland Flume. As in most Timberland boots, the entire upper is designed from premium, high-quality leather giving the Flume that desirable and recognizable look. The full grain leather, makes you see the leather’s surface in its regular state and provides the fiber with strength and durability. With this sort of leather, the boot conveys high protection from punctures and great insulation, making them waterproof, while the seam-seal outers add to the insurance that your feet will remain dry.

With a logo patch on it, the fully gusseted tongue feature helps keep the debris from entering the boot, and the cushioned collar provides ankle support and protection. Another significant part on the upper of these boots includes a lace-up design with rustproof D-ring eyelets. Those are strong metal loops that allow laces to be quickly done up and rain or excessive water will not have any impact on it or the shoe patches. You can depend on this unique feature. No matter what, rest assured your feet will remain warm and dry, whatever nature is throwing at you.


Timberland Flume is made to last long, keeping your feet supported, warm and dry. Their comfort is due to the removable dual density EVA footbed insoles which keep you going for hours standing on your feet. What is EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate)? It’s a soft and flexible foam that is highly contoured in the arch and the heel and gives the footbed its integrity and support. The footpad is removable while the cushioned collar and gusseted tongue provide additional comfort. Timberland Flume is constructed with seam-sealed outers and a moisture-wicking lining inside which is made from 50% recycled PET. Like most Timberland boots, Flume is fitted with multi-directional rubber lug outsole to provide traction on slippery surfaces, and the upper consists of premium high-quality leather with mesh uppers that are not only comfortable but also waterproof and abrasion resistant.


When choosing a pair of hiking boots, it’s the quality and comfort that matters most. However, what stands out the most is the eye-catching style. These stylish boots come in a wide variety of sizes boasting a resistant construction and an appealing design. They come in Dark Brown, Brown, and Black. Designed for all sorts of outdoor adventures, Timberland Flume can be worn by men and women with pride and confidence. When you are wearing these boots, they can easily be “dressed up or down” to suit the occasion. Whether you are looking for a hiker that is supportive, with good winter traction, and waterproof for slogging through the winter snow and slush, or want to look sporty enough to go with jeans or pocket pants, these are the boots you want to wear. You will find the versatility of this boot does all that.


When trying Timberland Flume for the first time, you will notice right away that they are comfortable and that they do not need a long time to break into. The padded collar provides comfort so you can slide them on straight away and tackle any hiking trail with ease. This waterproof boot is fitted with a compression-molded EVA midsole and footbed that adds comfort and stability while providing the boot with lightweight cushioning and shock absorbance.

Some users have noticed that the arches are a little flat, and recommend an extra pair of insoles if your feet require special inserts. They are easily removable, so you can throw in your own without having to damage the boot. Another downside noted by customers is to pick a size up from what you usually wear because it may feel a little tight when choosing your standard size. Also, there is plenty of room in the toe box adding even more comfort.


During summertime, Timberland Flume can be worn with comfortable cotton socks to keep your feet from becoming sweaty while additionally allowing them to breathe in the summer heat. For cold, winter weather, wear your most loved fleece or wool socks with them, and your feet will remain toasty throughout the day. Despite being leather, waterproof and well-insulated, your feet will not feel hot and sweaty in these boots due to the perforated EVA footbed. The breathable membrane and the seam-sealed leather uppers ensure that your feet are dry even under the most trying weather conditions while the gusseted tongue keeps the debris out. The textile lining provides next-to-skin comfort and no irritation.


The Timberland Flumes are waterproof boots designed for climbing and hiking intended to be worn for an extended period of time under any climate condition. Users with flat and low arch are generally content with the arch support provided. However, users with high arches included additional insoles for increased arch support. Thanks to their cushiony padded collar and fully-gusseted tongue these mid-height waterproof boots can provide good ankle support even with their 5-inch shaft. The EVA foam midsole and footbed are not just cushiony, but also shock-absorbing, so they’ll prevent back and foot aches.


Foundation is the strength of it all, and these boots create it. Every part was expertly crafted with durability in mind. Starting with a premium waterproof leather upper to keep your feet dry, to the padded collar and EVA cushioned footbed to protect your feet and sunk them in comfort, these boots will last you through all seasons and conditions. The durable rubber outsole adds for excellent traction on snowy and rainy terrain, so you can enjoy the freedom of movement with every step you make. Keep in mind that these boots were made to keep your feet company in all adventures and experiences you have along the way.


Timberland Flume is one of the best hiking boots for men and women that are manufactured with special care for winter hiking. Also, elements such as grease, oil, petrol, alkali, dust, wood shavings, water, and powder can make a floor quite slippery. The solid rubber outsole lined with thick multidirectional lugs guarantees superior traction on trails, and muddy ground and the toe and heel bumpers add protection. So, the ability to grip makes these boots desirable for all kinds of outdoor adventures.


Clients have worn the Timberland Flume hiking boots on the streets and walkways of towns and cities and also on trails that were hard packed dirt or covered with gravel. They can be worn from sub-alpine forests to sandy lake shores, sidewalks to shale slopes and everything in between. They will survive snowstorms without the leather cracking or becoming brittle in those harsh conditions. Just make sure you wear your thermal socks to keep your feet even warmer. If you decide to go on an ice fishing trip onto the thick ice of North Lake, make sure you bring these boots with you for they stand up to the cold and wind and will keep your feet from freezing while you are standing there with your pole and a hole in the ice.

Amid the summer months in the canyons where you spend a great deal of time, the temperature can get up to 110 F (43 C) during the heat of the day. Timberland Flume provides you with support and traction when being exposed to everything from sand and loose gravel to hard packed trail and sandstone, but make sure you wear cotton socks to prevent excessive sweating.
These boots are not steel toed. They are designed for hiking and climbing with a great grip in snowy or slippery terrain. They are not safety shoes, even though some users have noted that they use them for everyday work. If you work in construction or other dangerous surfaces, you may want to consider steel toe boots.


Timberland Flume is a lightweight boot but very solid, so you'll feel like you are wearing a quality product on your feet. However, they won't weigh you down or turn out to be heavy as the trail drags on. The fact these boots are waterproof implies they won't feel like heavy concrete slabs when and on the off chance that they end up wet. They are known to be surprisingly lightweight for shoes with leather uppers. The weight per boot is 2 lbs 5 oz ( 1.05kg )

Key Features

Premium full-grain durable leather
Multi-directional traction lugs
Gusseted tongue
Removable density EVA foam footbed
5-inch shaft height

Bottom Line

It is safe to say that the high-quality construction of Timberland Flume keeps delivering a great comfortable fit. The boots have been proven to withstand the test of time, many trails and many miles off the trail as well. The brand once more succeeded in producing a great versatile and sturdy hiking boot that has guided many through different paths. It is yet another stylish boot displaying strong performance in the outside world. Timberland Flume will hold up to your expectations and will stand true to its core features, like waterproofing and will keep your feet warm and dry in winters. According to Timberland, Flume boot could "trudge through icy puddles and across frozen streets without a second thought."

There is no doubt the Timberland Flume is a boot that reflects ruggedness being waterproof and a sturdy model for the long run. They are one of the best hiking boots as well as good work boots for men and women. They are very comfortable, and you can remain confident doing strenuous hikes in these boots since they grip well to the rocks whether they are wet or dry. If your job takes you out into the elements and also love to hike you need a boot that is comfortable and keeps your feet warm and dry. So, grab yourself a pair of Timberland Flume and start exploring the wilderness.