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Ted Baker's most significant focus on anything he produces is making sure that it is made with outstanding quality; he does not set for anything less than the best when it comes to this. He started his company with the production of phenomenal men's shirts and has expanded to other products, including footwear, from there. Oddly enough, Mr. Baker's company is the only international designer label that does not have an advertising campaign. His products sell strictly by word of mouth. That has to say something about how great his products are. If his customers are happy, they spread the word and business booms.

The Fually Oxford's are one of Ted's great quality shoes that he produces. They have a fantastic look that will fit in with most formal settings. They are going to look phenomenal with your slacks and button up as well as fit in perfectly with your suit and tie. Whatever the event is that you are attending, you can be assured that you will look your best wearing these dress shoes. They might seem like they are a bit expensive at first, but do not let the price tag fool you, they are actually going to save you a decent amount of cash in the long run. They have a fantastic lifespan, and if they are taken care of correctly, they can last a lifetime, meaning that you will not have to fork over the money to buy a new pair. Overall, they are a great product, offering durability, style, and yes, comfort. The cushioned footbed gives you a fantastic underfoot experience that your feet will thank you for time and time again. Any gentleman would be satisfied with the Ted Baker Fually Oxford's as part of their shoe closet.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Fantastic durability
Decent comfortability
Fits true to size
Sophisticated style and design


A bit on the heavy side
Only available in black


The uppers of these Oxford's are constructed out of leather and feature a cap toe, giving you the classic and sophisticated look and style that you would expect from this type of shoe. The leather construction helps to ensure that they are going to offer you a decent amount of flexibility and comfort while still being strong enough to have to a long lifespan that you would hope for in any kind of footwear. Inside the shoe there is a smooth and soft leather lining to give you a pleasant feel against your foot while you are wearing them, giving you a more comfortable experience while you are out and about.


The Ted Baker's have a padded insole that is covered in soft leather to give you a decent amount of comfort throughout the day. No additional insole can be removed so if you find that there is not enough cushioning underfoot for your liking then you are going to want to consider a different option or size up a bit to make room in them for an insole or insert that can give you what you need. There do not appear to be any customer complaints about the cushioning in the midsole, however, so it seems that there is sufficient padding for most customers liking.


The outsole of these dress shoes are made out of a combination of leather and rubber; this is going to give you an incredibly durable outsole. They also feature a short stacked heel on the back which is typical for this brand of shoe. This stacked heel gives the illusion of layers of rubber stacked on top of each other, hence the name, this is purely for aesthetic purposes, and customers seem to appreciate the look.

The combination of the rubber in the leather on the out Soul does not make for a great pair when it comes to the traction of your shoes. You have a decent amount of traction, but probably not what you would hope for if you were going to be out and encountering any kind of slick surfaces. These are more of a formal shoe, and as such, you shouldn't be facing a lot of places where this is going to become an issue, but just keep in mind that you should use caution as these are not going to provide you with excellent traction.


When it comes to the Oxford's, they weight in at a whopping 1 pound each, which is for a size 11 medium. This weight is going to vary depending on the size you order, but regardless they are on the heavy side. Consumers do not seem to mind how heavy they are, not becoming too much of a burden while they are wearing them, but you might want to note that they are on the heavy side and if you are going to be wearing them for long periods of time or doing a lot of walking in them they can feel like they weigh you down.


These dress shoes give you a classic look with a leather upper and the cap toe, and it gives you a more sophisticated look that will fit in at most formal settings. Whether attending a wedding or business meeting, these oxfords are going to look great on your feet. Unfortunately for many customers, they are only available in Black, so if you're looking for a pair of shoes to go with you brown suit or slacks, then there are other options that you can consider. The majority of consumers, however, are perfectly happy with the black of these oxfords and have no complaints.


When slipping your feet into your footwear of choice, you want to ensure that they are going to fit your foot correctly. There seem to be many different things that can go wrong if you are wearing an ill-fitting pair of shoe, including discomfort, pain, and even injury. If you aren't sure what you should order, as it can be a bit difficult ordering online because you cannot try them on first, you can always take a little peek at a size chart, which is available online to your convenience. The Fually's should feel snug on your feet but, obviously, not too tight that they are going to cut into your feet or squish your toes. You want some kind of wiggle room but not too much that you will slide around and potentially fall and get hurt.

The good news for consumers looking to purchase these, they are running true to size so you should have an easier time when deciding what you should get. The expectation to this is that if you are planning on adding an insole to them, you are going to want to jump up about a half size to ensure you have enough from for the insert and your foot comfortably.


Durability is something that you want to have in anything your order, including your footwear. Ensuring that you are getting a great quality product that will last is high on the list of priorities for most customers. Thankfully, the Ted Baker Fually Oxford's seem to have a considerable amount of longevity and will not experience early onset wear and tear. The uppers are constructed out of high-quality leather so they stay strong and will not rip or tear easily. The midsole has light padding, but that isn't going to flatten out and lose it's cushioning anytime soon. Finally, the outsole is made of a combination of both leather and rubber, both of which are created to last a long time and won't cause them to need to be replaced any time soon. Overall, you will have these shoes in your closet for quite some time.


Ensuring that your footwear of choice is comfortable is another check mark that you want to put in the yes column of criteria is purchasing new shoes. There are some people who do not care so much about comfort, as long as they look great, but you will be able to get both a pair of stylish Oxford's as well as a decent amount of comfort from this product. They have a lightly padded footbed that is lined with leather to give you a pleasant underfoot experience. Additionally, the interior of the foot chamber is lined with some more soft leather, so if you decide to skip the socks while wearing them, you will still feel great inside the shoes, no need to worry about rubbing or blister-causing chafing while wearing these bad boys


The Ted Baker Fually Oxford's have a high price tag, but is it worth the money you are going to be paying for them? Many consumers believe so, yes. They have a great lifespan and look great at any formal event, making them an excellent choice for your next purchase. They might be a bit expensive, but the fact that you are not going to worry about replacing them for a while, if at all, means that you will actually be saving you some money in the long run.


Trying to make sure that your shoes have excellent support can sometimes prove to be complicated. It can be a fine line, sometimes, to find a product that can offer the tightness you need for support but the wiggle room you want for comfort. The Faully's walk that line very carefully and brings you a highly supportive pair of shoes that are still comfortable enough to give you an all around great experience while wearing them. You are not going to have a lot of room inside the foot chamber, but enough that you will not feel like your feet are suffocating. You are not going to have to worry about your feet slipping and sliding around while you are out and about.

When it comes to arch support, these can offer a moderate amount thanks to the padded footbed. There is not a whole lot of cushioning located there so if you have slightly high arches, then these might not be the right option for you. Yes, you can always choose to add an insole to them, but if you decide to go that route make sure you order your size accordingly, to make room for them.

Bottom Line

If you want a fantastic looking pair of shoes to wear to your next formal event then look no further, the Ted Baker Fually Oxford might be the perfect option for you. They have a beautiful, sophisticated look to them that will blend nicely with your suit and tie, or dress slacks and a polo shirt. The leather uppers are classic Oxford design make sure that they give you the style you are looking for when purchasing this type of product. They have a steeper price tag then you might have planned on paying, but keep in mind they are highly durable and as long as they are properly cared for may never need to be replaced, saving you a significant amount of money in the long run. They can offer you a decent amount of comfort thanks to the soft leather interior and lightly padded footbed. All and all, they are a great pair of shoes that would be a fantastic addition to your wardrobe.