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Gucci has been producing high fashion and great quality products since 1921. Founded in Italy by Guccio Gucci they are still thriving today. Getting their start manufacturing high-end leather products and they are sticking close to their roots to this day. They made their loafer debut in 1953 with their first pair of the classic horse bit loafer. The Gucci Jordan loafers are an updated version of this classic pair of shoes.

You will still get the signature horse bit metal on the vamp of the shoes and Gucci's great quality leather. These shoes look great and feel fantastic when you are on your feet all day. You are going to look great in the shoes whether you are wearing them to the office or you are at a more formal event. Whether paired with a nice pair of jeans, dress pants, or a skirt you will fit right in. If you are ready for next splurge purchase or you just have a little extra money you want to burn on a phenomenal pair of shoes then you should talk a look at the Gucci Jordan loafers, customers swear by them and would recommend them to those who are looking to purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Classic loafer design
  • Good color options
  • All day comfort
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Lightweight and supportive
  • Steep price tag
  • Requires great care


The outsole of the Gucci Jordan loafers is made out of rubber for high durability so you will not have to worry about them wearing down too quickly. The soles also feature a non-skid insert to ensure that they are going to be able to keep their grip on a variety of surfaces. You will not have to worry about slipping and falling, potentially injuring yourself or someone else. Customers can appreciate the great traction that they will receive from these shoes.

They do have a small heel that is a staple when it comes to loafers, so you will find this on both the men's and women's versions of these shoes. They have a half inch heel so it is not going to give you a whole lot of height, but this is the average size heel for this type of shoe.

The Gucci Jordan loafers have a midsole that is made out of leather. There is not a whole lot of padding in them so you will not get that cushioned underfoot experience that some people might desire when it comes to their shoes. There are some customers who might want to opt to purchase an additional insert or insole to give themselves a little more cushioning. The leather, however, is soft on your feet and will feel great. In addition to the midsole, there is also leather lining throughout the inside of the shoe to give you a pleasant feeling while you are out and about.


The uppers of the Gucci Jordan loafers are made out of high-quality genuine calf leather to ensure you get a great look and comfortable feeling while you are wearing them. Considering that they are Gucci loafers you can expect that they are going to be made with great care and attention to detail and they absolutely deliver on that. Customers love the look and style of the uppers of these loafers.

These shoes also have Gucci's signature gold horse bit detail on the vamp of the shoes. This metal detailing on the loafers has been something that Gucci has been featuring on their shoes for as far back as their first pair of loafers in 1953.


These luxury loafers are quite costly and many customers consider them an investment. If you are going to be spending this much money on a pair of shoes you are going to want to make sure they are going to last, and these ones are. The great quality materials and the attention to detail that is put into making these loafers help to ensure they are going to last you a lifetime.

That being said, you do need to make sure you take good care of your shoes and treat them well if you are going to want them to last. Gucci does give some recommendations on how to store and clean them to ensure they are going to have a long lifespan. When you are storing them in your closet it is recommended that you stuff them with tissue paper. This is going to help make sure they will keep their shape as well as help absorb any humidity or moisture that is in the air. It is also recommended that you keep them in a flannel shoe bag or box.

If your shoes do get wet you should dry them with a soft and dry cloth to try to prevent any damage. When it comes to cleaning them you should only do so when they are dry. It is advised that you use a neutral color or a same-color cleaning product to make sure the leather does not get stained and discolor your shoes. As long as you take care of your loafers you should not have to worry about replacing them for a long while, if at all.


Customers praise the high level of comfort this design provides. Even though they do not have a whole lot of underfoot cushioning there is still an adequate amount of padding for most customers and they have no problems with wearing these all day long. However, there are a few who might want to purchase an additional insole or insert to give them a little extra when they have to be on their feet all day.

The leather lining and sole of the shoes give you a nice and soft feeling while you are wearing them. The uppers are designed to hug your feet, giving you a snug feel that is not too tight so you can stay comfortable. According to customers, you will not have to worry about irritating rubbing and blisters while you are wearing these shoes.


Customers adore the understated glamor that this design provides. They are modeled after Gucci's first pair of loafer designed in 1953, Their classic loafers are still around and many customers are loyal to those, but there are a great many that prefer this newer, updated version of the great looking shoe. These come in a couple of different colors so you can choose something that is going to best suit your wants and needs. Men can choose between the classic black, blue leather, brown, or cocoa leather. Women get a couple different, brighter colors to choose from. They can choose between the classic black, blue Agata, Fondente brown, and scarlet red. No matter whether you are getting the men's or the women's and no matter what color you decide to go with you will get Gucci's signature gold horse bit detailing across the top of the loafers.


It is essential when purchasing your shoes that you get the correct size. You want to make sure that it fits snuggly but not too tight that it cuts into your feet or rubs uncomfortably across your skin. At the same time, you want to ensure that they are not too loose that you risk your feet slipping right out of them. That being said, they do run pretty true to size. That should take a lot of the guesswork out of deciding what size you should order. If you are unsure you might want to consult Gucci's sizing chart to make sure you get the best fit for your feet.

Please note that these shoes are made and sold out of Italy and as such are sold in European sizes. Use caution and pay attention when ordering these shoes. Take a look at a conversion chart if you are unsure what your EU size is. You do not want your shoes to arrive only to find out they do not fit as you wanted.


Customers really like the versatility they get with these shoes. When you have such a good looking pair of loafers you are going to want to show them off. The great thing is that you wear them with so much more than a business suit. You are not limited to wearing these in the office. Some men will pair them with a nice pair of jeans, dress pants, or khakis and they will look great. Women might opt to not only wear them with a nice pair of pants but also with a skirt or dress. They go great with many outfits and fit right in at many different events for a variety of occasions. You can show off your wonderful Gucci Jordan loafers almost anywhere.


When you are wearing a pair of shoes all day long you want to make sure they are relatively lightweight and do not feel like they are weighing you down or holding you back. The great thing about the Gucci Jordan loafers is that they will not feel like you are walking with extra weights attached to your feet. You will get a light feeling, almost like you are not wearing shoes at all. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information on exactly how much these loafers weigh but customers can agree that they are lightweight.


Support is essential to a good pair of shoes. You want to make sure that you get all the support that you need to keep your feet locked into place. As long as the Gucci Jordan loafers fit you snuggly you should have no problem when it comes to the support. It might not seem like it because they are slip on shoes, but they do a good job of keeping you locked in. The heel is snug but not too tight so that the back of your foot is not going to come up and out of your shoe. Additionally, the vamp comes across the top of your foot and snuggly hugs it, holding it firmly in place. This is going to make sure you to do not have a Cinderella incident and walk right out of your shoes. You will also not have to worry about slipping and sliding around inside of your shoes which could cause you to fall and potentially injure yourself.

When it comes to arch support there is not a whole lot of information so it is hard to say what it is like in these shoes. That being said, there are no customer complaints about the lack of any so that is always a good sign. If you receive the shoes and there happens to be no support or just not enough you can always purchase gel inserts to give you what you need.


When it comes to this slipper there is not a whole lot in the way of stability. These are designed more for those who have a natural gait. If you are one of the thousands of people around the world who have the tendency to overpronate or supinate, roll your feet inward or outward while walking, then these might not be the best choice for you. If you have your heart set on these loafers they do make insoles that you can purchase to help increase your stability while wearing these shoes.

Bottom Line

If you are looking to make your next splurge purchase or you just have some extra money to burn and you want a fantastic pair of loafers then you might want to take a look at the Gucci Jordan loafers. They look great and feel wonderful. They are made of amazing quality materials that are meant to last, as long as they are taken care of and stored properly they can last you a lifetime. They do have a very steep price tag but customers love them and say they are absolutely worth the money that they paid for them. You will look great wearing almost anything and fit right in at any event with these shoes. The Gucci Jordan loafers will be a welcomed addition to your closet.