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Fun fact. The famous Oxford-style shoes were not called that at first. Their origin is in Scotland and Ireland and the first name for those shoes was Balmorals. Yes, they were named Balmorals after the immensely popular castle in Scotland. In fact, Balmoral Castle is the summer holiday residence of the Queen of England.

But the shoes were called Oxford shoes because they were derived from the Oxonian. Very similar half-boot with distinctive side slits. That shoe gained popularity at Oxford University in 1800, and the name stuck. They’re called Oxford shoes since.

Oxford shoes usually were made in darker colors like black or brown and were exclusively sold to men. But with the rise in popularity and the transfer of gender roles, not only ladies love wearing them now, but they also come in a variety of different colors.

Today the design remains pretty much the same, but the style has evolved. However, the Hush Puppies Chardon shoe is the subject of this review. Let’s take a look at the details about this shoe.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Unlined suede upper

Soft memory foam and EVA footbed

3/4” leather stacked heel

Molded rubber outsole


No vegan option


There’s nothing like the presence of molded rubber in the outsole. The molded rubber outsole in the Chardon shoes provides excellent traction and high durability to the shoes. The outsole comes with a gorgeous ¾" heel at the back. Now, the block heel not only has the perfect height for this type of shoes, but it’s also stacked with two different color rubber. The difference in color in the stacked block heel gives the shoes their posh preppy look, and the heel itself makes the shoes highly comfortable.


Now, the midsole not only has soft memory foam that puts an imprint of your foot which then molds the midsole to your foot anatomy and posture. No, it also has a supportive EVA footbed that’s been lined with fine leather. Most footbed samples are usually lined with some sort of textile lining, but no, not the Chardon shoe. According to the Hush Puppies code, If the upper is made out of fine leather then the footbed must also contain fine leather. The Amazon link to the shoes even states that they’re 100% made out of leather, and that’s true. They are, much like the rest of the shoes in the Hush Puppies’ long list of models.


Leather and more leather. Technically it's novelty suede that graces the upper of the Chadron shoes and it looks great. A round toe silhouette with soft genuine leather skeletal lining, the upper is just beautiful and comfortable at the same time. Simple lace up system graces the top of the upper, and the laces have the same color that can be found on the upper.

If the upper comes in burgundy color then the laces will come with burgundy color as well. A small metal brooch featuring the company’s logo is stitched on the side of the upper, so you don’t confuse the Chadron’s with any other shoe, and that’s pretty much it. However, a worthy mention in this part of the shoes is that the inside of the upper lacks any lining. Yes, the upper’s inside isn’t lined with any textile cover, which sometimes can cause a problem. The color of the suede upper can die the foot or the socks of the person that’s wearing the shoes, but that’s a small price to pay for the comfort and style that these shoes have to offer.


Yes, the comfort is pretty high in the Chadron Oxford style shoes by Hush Puppies, but that’s not the only positive thing that can be said about the shoes. Down the line of this post, you’ll see the benefits (and some of the flaws) that these shoes contain, but the comfort is probably the number one virtue of the Chadron.

Yes, the soft memory foam and the EVA footbed in the midsole play a huge role in the comfort delivery, but the style of the shoe shouldn’t be ignored. This is a flat leather Oxford style shoe with a ¾ inch high stacked block heel. That alone should tell you that these will be super comfy shoes to wear. But yes, the extra goodies in the midsole really add up in the comfort department, and that’s why you should consider buying them. The comfort is delivered all through the shoe.


But the rubber outsole with stacked ¾ inch heel does play a huge role in the support of the Chadron shoe. So does the suede upper with a classic lace-up system. But the support comes from all over the shoe’s structure. The outsole is the first thing to feel the impact of the terrain, and the suede upper just enhances the support from the top of the shoe. If the shoe isn’t supported from the top (aka the upper), you can have the best and the most practical outsole, and it won’t do you any good. The shoe would become extremely uncomfortable, painful and tight in the toe area. The support needs to come from the upper as well, and luckily the Chardon has plenty of support in that area.


Every single part of the Chadron shoes screams durability and longevity. Hush Puppies made sure that the shoes are not only properly made; they’re made with the high-quality materials that could ensure their longevity. The suede premium leather in the upper is paired wonderfully with the rubber outsole and stacked heel. And in between, there’s not only the soft memory foam in the midsole but also the EVA footbed that’s lined again with leather

However, one thing needs to be addressed here. The inside of the upper isn’t lined with anything, so you do need to be careful. A lot of times the color of the upper mixed with the sweat and the moisture will dye the socks or the feet of the person that’s wearing the shoes. It’s a caution that’s even listed on the company’s official website and you’ll need to pay extra attention to that.


There is some dose of flexibility attributed to the Chadron shoes by Hush Puppies, but sadly that flexibility isn’t in high doses. The sturdy rubber outsole ads firmness and stability to the shoes, and the fine suede in the upper amps up the stability and support from the top of the shoes. The flexibility isn’t excessive in the shoes, but it's present enough not to cause any pain when you’re walking in the shoes.


Maybe the flexibility was lacking to some extent in the Chadron shoes, but the stability is in full display. And just like with the durability, every single part of the shoes is responsible for delivering stability. From the sturdy suede upper to the reinforced midsole and finally to the masterpiece that is the molded rubber upper with a stacked heel. All of the elements of the shoe help with the stability in the best possible way, because the help and the support that each of them gives really influences the stability of the entire shoe. It’s hard to tell which part is more responsible for the shoe’s stability but it’s safe to say that’s a mutual effort.


The suede upper can really make a difference in the airflow delivery, as it’s a natural material and it’s known for its breathability properties. But a bonus factor in the breathability section is the fact that the upper lacks any type of lining on the inside. Because there isn’t any lining of any kind, the breathability is really reinforced and present through the entire upper’s body.


For such a comfortable, casual style of shoes, it’s really surprising that there aren’t much more color options of the Chadron shoe. Hush Puppies has only 4 available color options of the Chadron shoe, and those include the black metallic option, burgundy metallic option, the natural embossed leather option, and the icy grey suede version. According to the company’s official website, the black version is the most demanded version of them all but the grey comes on the close second place.


The price tag for the Hush Puppies Chardon varies from 50 dollars to about 100 dollars. And it’s quite understandable that these shoes would cost 100 dollars. They’re made from the finest materials like suede leather and rubber outsole and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth when buying them. They’re comfortable, versatile, quality shoes that are suitable for just about any occasion. They can become a true investment for your shoe closet, and the rotation of the Chadron will become endless in practically every season. They may lack lining in the upper, but they’re more than capable to be worn from the spring all the way up to the early days of winter.


Hush Puppies are a brand that doesn’t cut corners when it comes to the quality of the materials that are used in the manufacturing of the shoes, and in the style that they’re offering. The Chadron model is just one example of the decade’s long tradition of making durable, versatile footwear with reasonable prices. The attention to details that Hush Puppies put in practically every shoe is staggering and you’ll find yourself wearing the company’s model year after year. If that’s not a true sign of quality, that what is?


Long are the days in which the Oxford style shoes were made exclusively form men. Nowadays the Oxford shoe is so unisex and versatile that practically everyone will look fantastic in a pair of them, and Hush Puppies have capitalized on that notion. So, they developed the Chadron. The Oxford style shoe designed for the ladies who are not so fond of high heels. If you love a good flat Oxford style shoe then this is the perfect pick for you.

The upper of the Chadron doesn’t have any detailing and the minimalism really amps up the versatility of the shoes. They’re a laid back, casual option that looks wonderful with a pair of jeans and a great skirt. A great plus about the Chadron looks great on preppy style, but the great thing about the shoe is that will also look great on the 50’s style of pin-up inspired outfit. Oh, and if you chose so, you can easily incorporate the Chadron to your work attire. They’ll make any pants-suit or smart suit look even more sophisticated and androgynous. The possibilities are endless, and the Chadron allows you to explore them even more, without the risk of ever getting bored by them.

Bottom line

Chadron is a fantastic shoe. Made from fantastic materials, the Hush Puppy Company made sure that the materials used in the making of the shoe aren’t the only virtue attributed to them. No, the craftsmanship and the detailing that was put in the making of the shoes are exquisite, and they radiate with minimalism and stylish simplicity. That not only makes the more polished and sophisticated, it ads much to the versatility and the overall quality of the shoes. Yes, the shoes' quality isn’t solely limited to the use of materials, and every little bit counts.

Like the molded foam in the midsole and the EVA footbed that’s been lined with leather. A round toe silhouette with a classic style of lacing system, the Chadron’s only flaw it the lack of lining in the upper’s inner side. But the lining is omitted in just about any Hush Puppy shoe, and although can cause some problems (like the occasional coloration of the foot or the socks), the lack of lining really helps the breathability.

But there’s no denying the Chadron model by Hush Puppies isn’t a great shoe. If you’re tired of the same old high heels and you want a shoe that will add a breath of fresh air, then purchasing the Chadron is the right choice. You’ll love every second spent in the Chadron.