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Founded in 1960 in sunny Florida, Jack Rogers has been a staple in the shoe industry. But did you know that the main culprit for the inception of the famous shoes is the former first lady Jackie Kennedy? Yes. while she was on a holiday trip to Capri, Jackie Kennedy came across a pair of flat leather sandals with an interesting whipstitched detailing.

She loved the style of the sandals and decided to bring the shoes back to her local cobbler in Palm Beach, Florida. Her intention was to replicate the various colors, and details found on the original shoe. And the rest is history. From there, the Jack Rogers brand was born and has been a go-to style for every lady that tries to emulate the timeless elegance of Jackie Kennedy.

The famous Jacks as they’re known can be customized with over 250 color combinations. And if the client demands it, the shoes can also be personalized with an embroidered monogram.

Today, Jack Rogers sandals are sold in all of the major retailers, department stores, and in the company’s online store. But for now, let’s focus on the Jack Rogers Leigh sandals.

Editor's Pros & Cons

100% leather

1.5-inch cork platform

3-inch heel

Slide sandal

Signature Jack Rogers whipstitching


No vegan version


Thin rubber outsole composes the outsole of this otherwise platform sandal. It may take a while to notice the outsole, mostly because of the dominant nature of the midsole. Add to that the fact that the outsole has pretty much the same color as the midsole and the bottom part of the sandal is pretty hard to spot. But it doesn’t mean that it’s not there. It’s quite present and it’s playing its part besides looking pretty on the bottom of the sandal.


Ah, there’s plenty of good stuff in the midsoles, so let’s start from the beginning. The biggest part of the midsole – the heel measures approximately 3.25 inches in height and the entire shoe is supported by an additional 1.5 inches in the platform.

This is a slide type of sandal without any ankle straps, and the outsole features a cork platform wedge heel. Interesting Woven rawhide leather strips are inserted in the platform’s perimeter, to give the shoe a more uniformed look. Why? Well, the leather is present in the upper as well, and it’s nice to continue the same style in two areas of the shoes. However, the stitching in the midsole is purely put for decorative reasons. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice that the same pattern can also be found on the edges of the straps in the upper. Oh, and there’s just no way we can forget about the footbed. Much like the upper of the sandals, the footbed is also made out of leather.


Although it doesn’t seem like much, the upper is one of the most recognizable things about the Jack Rogers shoes. The pattern has been synonymous to the style of the shoes for decades now, but the Leigh model has a distinct Jack Rogers whipstitching on both of the upper straps.

The bigger strap consisting of circular leather patches that are sewn together also feature the famous Jack Rogers whipstitching. It’s done on the edges of those leather patches and in the center to form a nice floral pattern. The smaller leather strap is placed on the toe area of the sandals and the exact same Jack Rogers whipstitching pattern can be found there also. The two strips upper gives the sandals their retro yet sophisticated feel and put a lovely balance to the massive structure in the rest of the shoe.


For a slide shoe with a slip-on silhouette, the Leigh model by Jack Rogers has plenty of comforts. Of course, much of that comfort comes from the soft, buttery leather used not just in the upper, but in the lining of the footbed as well. And what kind of wedge shoe would this be, if there isn’t any good solid platform to aid and support the shoe? The addition of the platform speaks volumes to the overall comfort of the shoe. If it wasn’t for that platform, the sandals would have been very comfortable, and almost impossible to be worn. Why? Well, first because there’s a 3.25 present in the construction of the shoe, secondly because there’s no ankle strap or any other support coming from the upper, besides the two leather straps and because the midsole wedge is made out of cork.


Every single material used in the making of the Leigh model by Jack Rogers ensures that the durability of the entire sandal is on point. The leather is used in two separate parts of the shoe, and the stitching is also done with nice thin leather. Secondly, cork is one of the best materials for making a durable wedge heel, while everything is being supported by a thin rubber outsole on the bottom of the sandals. There are leather, rubber, and cork and every single one of those materials has been praised for their durability and longevity in the long history of the shoemaking business. You can be well assured that the sandals will be with you for a long time, and a must-have item in your shoe closet for many seasons to come.


The thin leather straps help a little in the flexibility department, but sadly the cork wedge and platform in the midsole take away much of the flexibility. The cork is one lightweight and durable material, but it’s not known for its flexibility. The sandals remain very stiff, bulky and rigid especially in the bottom part, but that’s due to the nature of the shoes. They’re wedges and wedges are not a very flexible type of shoes, especially if there’s a platform added to the wedge.


There is some dose of stability in the Leigh model, but that’s mostly due to the wedge heel and the platform. Combined into one fantastic midsole, the cork wedge and accompanied platform offer some stability but, because this is a slide sandal, that stability can’t be found in the strappy upper. The sandals are accompanied by two leather straps, and nothing else. The straps could make this sandal slightly dangerous for wearing, as they’re the only ones supporting the top part of your foot. If you’re not too careful, and especially if you’re walking on some slippery terrain, those straps will not be able to secure you and you will eventually fall. The stability is not that great in the upper, but thankfully the wedge heel and the platform slightly help in that respect.


If the stability of the Leigh model was not up to the satisfactory level, the airflow certainly is. Much of the airflow comes thanks to the slide style in which the sandals were made. A large portion of the foot is exposed, and plenty of airflows circulates around the foot without any interruptions.


The color variety of the Leigh model is limited to only three different choices. The most famous Cognac colored sandal, the platinum and the gold fleck version of the sandal. The cognac version is purchased the most by the ladies and used in both nighttime and daytime occasions. The neutral nature of the color allows the sandals to be worn in just about any occasion, which makes them highly versatile.


Jack Rogers is an easily recognized brand that has been developing a long-term relationship with the clients based on trust and quality. And the reason why it’s easily recognizable it because of the signature Jack Rogers whipstitching in the two strips upper. All of the shoes made by the Jack Rogers Company are made out of natural materials like leather, cork, and rubber and all of them have a rubber footbed as well. The addition of rubber in the footbed makes them soft, comfy and the natural moisture-wicking properties of the leather keep your feet moist and odor-free.


With a price tag that could go all the way up to 100 dollars, the Jack Rogers Leigh sandals can become quite pricey, but they’re worth every buck. The high-quality leather, cork, and rubber that were used in the making of the sandals justify the price. The quality shoes that you’ll get with every purchase will make them worth it and you’ll be enjoying many seasons wearing these sandals.


Although the style originated in Italy (after Jackie Kennedy fell in love with a pair of the shoes while in Capri) the style was brought to the US and for decades and decades, they’ve become synonymous with the timeless style favored by the ex-first lady.

Jackie loved minimalism and effortless style and these sandals embody all of that and more. Made with high-quality materials and with great care put in the production process, the Leigh model is a shoe for the ages. It defies age, and any other stereotypes and the same sandals can be easily worn by a lady that’s in her 50’s and a lady that’s in her early 20’s. The transcend the style on to the new generations of fans, but the style that was used in the making of the Leigh model will remain a constant in jack Roger’s book. Everything about the style of the sandals screams timeless fashionable elegance and you should feel fashionable and elegant while wearing the shoes as well. Jackie would have loved them.

Bottom line

The Jack Rogers Leigh is easily detectable from the crowd. First, by the signature Jack Rogers whipstitching on the upper and then by the use of all natural materials everywhere else. Leather, cork, and rubber compose the shoe from top to bottom and the two strips upper is highlighted with a great whipstitching pattern. They’re very comfortable, wedge sandals and the stability of the sandals it thanks to the wedge heel and the platform in the bottom of the shoe. It’s no wonder that Jackie Kennedy fell in love with the style and design, and women all over the world have been falling in love with the sandals since.

Inspired by the tiny Italian island, and improved by the great American shoemaking cobblers, the Jack Rogers sandals, and especially the Leigh model has been favorites of plenty of fashionable ladies. The Amazon comment section of the shoes has noted by positive remarks about the sandal’s comfort, stability and style and plenty of the ladies praised the sandals for their versatility and effortless style. In fact, over 50% of the customer that visited the shoe’s Amazon page left a 5-star review, which speaks volumes on the quality and care that was put in the making of the shoes. They’re slightly more expensive but with the great selection of materials, you ’ll also get a great quality shoe that is bound to stand the test of time.