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Whether you are an adventurer, who loves to spend time outdoors hiking or exploring in nature, or work at a desk job and need a goo looking pair of ankle boots, Reef has you covered with their Reef Voyage chukka boots. Not only do these chukkas look great with almost anything, but they deliver superior support and comfort, that lasts all day. Not to mention, that they are waterproof, making them a great pair of boots year in, year out.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • ISA lite full-grain leather
  • Swellular Technology
  • Corduroy lining
  • Pigskin tongue and heel liner
  • Classic chukka silhouette
  • Waterproof
  • Lacks durability
  • Runs smaller


For the Voyage’s sole, Reef used their Swellular Technology, to make their boot even more durable and comfortable than before. This technology consists of three layers: a high-density rubber cupsole, which provides comfort and durability, a medium-density EVA foam midsole for excellent shock-absorption and support for the underfoot, and a contoured foam deck, that follows the curves of the feet and provides all day comfort. In addition to being very durable and comfortable, the high-density rubber cupsole also comes with excellent traction, that will keep the wearer steady on their feet on both dry and wet surfaces, and can tackle anything from the urban city streets to sandy beaches and rocky trails with no problems.

The medium-density EVA foam midsole has great shock-absorbing qualities, and gently cushions each footfall, while supporting the underfoot, for a springy and effortless stride, and the contoured foam deck delivers additional cushioning. The Reef Voyage received high praise from reviewers, who loved the Swellular Technology in the sole unit, that makes this boot so versatile.

Many chose to wear their Reef Voyage boots to work, where they have to stand or walk around the office a lot, as these boots deliver excellent support and superior comfort, that lasts throughout the day. Others prefer to use the Reef Voyage for their outdoor activities, such as walking down the beach or hiking, since these boots provide great traction on dry and wet surfaces alike, while keeping the feet well-cushioned and protected.


Featuring a chukka boot design, the Reef Voyage has a durable and high-quality upper construction. The upper of this chukka boot is made of ISA lite full-grain leather, that has been waterproofed during the tanning process, making these boots suitable for all weather types. The leather is high-quality and can withstand some heavy-duty use. It comes with three sets of blind eyelets, that blend into the rest of the upper seamlessly, and round, waxed laces, so that the wearer can adjust the snugness of the boots to accommodate their preferences. The heel features a pull tab, as well as elasticated details on each side, making it easier to slip into them, as well as to take them off at the end of the day.

Stitched-on leather overlays help give this boot structure and add to the overall sleek look. Inside the boots, Reef included a premium corduroy liner, that provides comfort and acts as an insulator, that keeps the feet nice and warm in the colder months, and cool and dry during the warmer seasons. The tongue and the heel are lined with pigskin for a comfortable, blister-free fit. Reef took care of moisture buildup and unpleasant odors as well, with their cork sockliner, that also acts as a nice touch of detail. Cork is well-known for its ability to mold to whatever shape, and it will conform to the contours of the wearer’s feet, delivering a custom fit.

They also added a compression-molded PU insole, that cups the heel and provides excellent arch support. All of these carefully selected and assembled materials contribute to the overall durability and comfort of this chukka boot. One reviewer who hurt the nerves in their heels, praised the Reef Voyage, as the most comfortable boots he owns. These waterproof chukkas are great all year round, no matter the weather or activity.


Created as active wear, the Reef Voyage needed to be well-ventilated, since nobody likes to walk around in a puddle of their sweat. That is why Reef lined this chukka boot with a corduroy material, that is both comfortable, and helps insulate the boots for optimal in-shoe temperature. During the colder months, it keeps the feet warm and cozy, while in the warmer seasons, it helps them stay dry and cool. Coupled with a cork sockliner, the wearer does not have to worry about moisture building up inside the foot chamber or any unpleasant odors, as it naturally wicks away excess moisture and keeps the feet dry and fresh throughout the day.


The Reef Voyage chukka boots are praised for their high comfort levels, which is no surprise, considering the quality materials and excellent workmanship that went into making them. Namely, the sole unit consists of Swellular Technology, a three-part construction for maximum durability, traction and comfort. The outer layer is made of high-density rubber with excellent traction on many different surfaces, from roads to sand and trails. The midsole features a medium-density EVA foam, that provides supportive cushioning for the wearer, that lasts all day. Last but not least, Reef added a contoured foam deck for even more cushioning. However, comfort does not stop there.

The ISA lite waterproof leather upper is surprisingly lightweight and requires little to no breaking in, as many reviewers commented, that the boots were comfortable straight from the box. The lining is made of corduroy and pigskin, for a comfortable foot chamber, while the cork sockliner forms to the wearer’s foot shape and keeps the feet dry and odorless, for a healthy in-shoe environment. Another nice touch, that reviewers liked, is the elasticated heel, as it made putting the boots on and taking them off a breeze. Reviewers who struggle with painful feet or had foot injuries in the past, all praised the Reef Voyage as the most comfortable all-purpose boots they have ever had.


Reef took extra steps to ensure, that the Voyage chukka boot would stand the test of time. They made the sole unit using Swellular Technology, and it consists of a high-density durable rubber outsole, a medium-density, equally durable EVA midsole, and a contoured foam deck for all-day comfort. The upper is made of high quality, full-grain leather, that has been waterproofed during the tanning process, and features stitched-on leather overlays for added structure and durability. These chukka boots are excellent for all year round, as they can withstand heavy use, be it on concrete, sand or snow.

The outsole also offers great traction on both dry and wet surfaces. While many reviewers were satisfied with how well the Reef Voyage held up, some even saying that they are better than Red Wings, others were not that pleased. Namely, some customers complained about the sole separating from the upper in a matter of weeks, and the leather cracking prematurely. A few mentioned, that the laces are prone to tearing easily as well. However, this seems to affect only online purchases, so it is advised to get your Voyage chukka boots from a retail store, if possible. That said, Reef has excellent customer service to help you with any issues, as well as great guarantees.


As is the case with many chukka boots, the Reef Voyage does not come in wide widths, which could be bad news for people with wide feet. It does, on the other hand come a tad smaller than your regular size, so reviewers advised sizing up half a size to get the best fit. One reviewer with wide feet was able to get a pair of Reef Voyage chukkas to fit him after he sized up, so the general consensus is to get a bigger size, just in case. However, if you are ordering online, it is best to try them on at a retail store first.


The Reef Voyage was created as active wear, and as such, flexibility was very important. That is why the sole unit features Swellular technology, a three-part sole unit for maximum durability and comfort. It helps cushion and support the feet without restricting their natural flexing and bending. The leather upper will soften over time and mold to the wearer’s foot shape, thus allowing the natural movement of the feet. The cork sockliner and contoured foam deck conform to the feet over time, creating a custom fit and aiding natural stride. Be it in the office, the city streets or sand covered beaches, the Reef Voyage will deliver a comfortable ride without causing fatigue or soreness.


Featuring a classic chukka design, the Reef Voyage is perfect for those looking to add some ruggedness to their wardrobe. The full-grain waterproof leather upper combines quality and performance with style for the ultimate experience. Stitched-on leather overlays cover the upper for added structure, as well as style. It has a round, but slightly narrow toe box, making it look a bit more put together and dressy. Additionally, the upper has blind eyelets, for a seamless and blended-in look.

The heel comes with elastic on either side for easy on and off, which reviewers liked. The upper comes in two shades of brown, and in black, making the boots very easy to incorporate into any wardrobe, as they go with pretty much everything. They can be worn with jeans and a shirt for a casual look, or they can be dressed-up with some khakis and a blazer for a day at the office. This versatile chukka from Reef only gets better as it ages and will provide the wearer with all year comfort and rugged style, no matter the occasion.


The Reef Voyage has a decent amount of support to take the wearer through a long day of activities while keeping them comfortable. The high-density durable rubber outsole delivers a comfortable stroll and has excellent traction on both dry and wet surfaces, keeping the wearer steady in their step, while a medium-density EVA midsole delivers lightweight support and shock-absorption for a springy stride. Additionally, Reef included a contoured foam deck with a cork sockliner, that conform to the wearer’s foot shape to deliver customized support and comfort, that lasts all day.

The full-grain leather upper features several stitched-on leather overlays for added structure and support and has a traditional lace-up closure for a customized fit. The collar and tongue sit comfortably around the ankles without creating blisters or irritation. The Reef Voyage is excellent for a long day at the office, as well as a day of beach fun or hiking, thanks to it superior comfort levels and support.


The Reef Voyage is surprisingly lightweight, considering all the features it packs, from the three-part sole unit to the leather upper. However, since this chukka boot was designed to take on everything from casual walking to hiking, it needed to be as light as possible, while still providing protection and support for the wearer.

That is why Reef made their midsole from medium-density EVA, that still has excellent shock-absorption and support without weighing the wearer down. They also included a contoured foam deck and a cork sockliner, both very effective and lightweight, so that the wearer is protected all day long without fatigue or soreness.

Bottom Line

A versatile, multipurpose chukka boot, the Reef Voyage delivers excellent support and comfort throughout the day. It features a three-part sole unit, consisting of a high-density rubber outsole, that is both durable and has excellent traction on dry and wet surfaces alike. The mid-density EVA midsole delivers lightweight support and great shock-absorption, for a springy stride, while a contoured foam deck makes sure the wearer is comfortable all day long. Apart from great traction and support, the Voyage features an ISA lite full-grain leather upper, that is also waterproof, making these chukka boots suitable for all seasons.

For breathability and moisture control, Reef added a corduroy and pigskin lining, and a cork moisture-wicking sockliner. These chukka boots are not only highly functional and comfortable but are also very stylish and can easily be taken from the office, straight to the beach or downtown. The Reef Voyage was a hit with reviewers, however, they did mention, that they fit a tad on the smaller size, so sizing up half a size is recommended. Other than that, the Voyage is a great pair of all-purpose boots, that will more than make worth the investment.