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Marc Fisher embodies a modern, clean, and trendy style. Their look is high-fashion without the over the top qualities of couture. This Alinda is no exception. For those who want to rock a bold boot that ticks every box of current trends, the Alinda fits the bill. This style used to be exclusively for inaccessible, ultra-expensive designer brands, but now you can have a comfortable, affordable option added into your fall or winter wardrobe. The slimming effect of these boots will make you feel a bit taller with every step, and the hip, chunky heel helps too!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Over-The-Knee Rise
  • Block Heel
  • Calf Zipper
  • Tassel Accent
  • Stretchy Fabric
  • Won't Slip Down
  • Not Supportive
  • Color Inconsistencies


This boot comes up over past the knee, which in itself isn’t a bad thing. However, it does pose issues for the overall airflow of the shoe. There is no ventilation, or truly breathable fabric to be found on this boot. Marc Fisher’s Alinda is great in terms of style and looks drop-dead gorgeous with an array of outfits, but it isn’t going to bode well in warm weather. Definitely more for those living in temperate areas with true seasons, or cold-weather locations. This is definitely a huge bummer for those in hot climates because the Alina is quite the conversation starter, but there are a ton of other options available, so don’t stress!


There seems to be a bit of a disconnect with these Alindas. Many reviewers found that the colors advertised differed quite greatly from the colors received. While this may not seem like a big deal, it definitely changes the online shoppers' expectations to know these kinds of things. It seems that the Gray option is more of a gray-brown, being that it is extremely dark. The Tan option appears to be more natural. Faux-suede is definitely the kind of fabric that can catch the light differently in different settings and shift in appearance a bit, however, these discrepancies are pretty notable, as the gray option is said to be nearly brown. If you’re shopping to match a particular outfit with this boot, you might want to opt for something more surefire, because the color seems misrepresented in photos. This doesn’t take away from the overall boot quality, except in terms of the buyer’s experience. Additional hassle scrambling to return a last minute outfit addition isn’t fun for anyone. Oddly enough, this didn’t actually impact the fact most reviews of the shoe itself were positive!


Reviewers all agreed on one thing, how comfortable the Alinda truly was. It can be nearly impossible to find a heeled boot that feels as good as a flat, but this option hits that mark perfectly. Many over-the-knee boots will slip and feel like they’re constantly falling down, causing discomfort. The Alinda is crafted to stay in place. The block heel is a total highlight of comfort for heeled shoe lovers. On the Alinda, stretchy fabric makes up the whole upper, so this won’t restrict when walking or moving around. You won’t look tentative in each step while you’re wearing these, as is the risk with so many high-heeled boots. Slight padding of the insole finishes these off for some ball of foot support. The heel isn’t so high that it over-extends the arch of the foot either, which is something to write home about.


One of the biggest pitfalls of this style of boot for the wearers is the fit. Either the calf is way too big or way too small, the tops fall, and the sole doesn’t quite line up. Reviewers unanimously agreed that these are true to size, and feel great on a variety of different feet. Another feature to note is that their upper is totally stretchy! This accommodates a large range of calf sizes. In addition to it accommodating larger calf sizes at smaller sizes, this also means Marc Fisher doesn’t have to add a bunch of inches to calf circumference for the ladies with larger feet. That makes this totally versatile for women tall, short, curvy, or petite. It fits firmly against the leg without looking slouchy, while giving plenty of wiggle room to move around in. Reviewers adore this boot universally because it rejects all the usual flaws of an over-the-knee fashion option and delivers something that few other boots can.


Block heels are beloved by those who can’t get enough of that boost of extra height. The shape of the heel on the Alinda is so comfortable. It doesn’t feel like torture to walk in heels when you choose this Marc Fisher option. Block heels are so much easier to walk in, you still get all the height and slimming effects of the usual heel, but it is way more accessible for those of us who aren’t so graceful. The height is pretty high on this, considering it is a 3 1/2" heel, but it really doesn’t feel like it. Most reviewers said it was one of the most comfortable heeled boots they own and they claimed to have bought multiple other pairs of these Alindas. Just the right height to be slightly dressy, but thick and substantial enough to be worn with jeans and a tee for more casual wear.

Notable Features

The Alinda has a few really cute features that need to be mentioned. First, they have a slimming seam straight down the back of the calf that gives the effect of a seamed stocking from yesteryear. The thick heel is on-trend, and the high rise looks like a knockout on any body type. This fits slimmer up until the knee, then it fans out a bit to accommodate the thigh. At the back of the leg, the Alinda features a tie to keep it sitting in its proper place on the thigh. For a stylish accent, Marc Fisher added a tassel to really elevate the look. For convenience, the inner side of the calf has a zipper. These are stretchy and fitted, but in order to get a boot that won’t sag or slip, they needed some kind of reinforcement to assure they wouldn’t stretch too much when getting them on and off. Overall, the additional features for easier wear on the Marc Fisher Alinda make it a great match for the fashion-savvy boot seeker.


Something that can’t be forgotten when looking at the Alinda is their price. While they are a bit pricey compared to some other shoes, this style is one that is really hard to find at a price point that isn’t ridiculous. This is a pretty close style to options that are three or four times its price. If you are looking for a total steal in terms of cost, the Alinda is a good choice. Marc Fisher isn’t a brand creating low-quality knockoffs either, so you really are getting quite the nice shoe at a price that is manageable. When you love this style but can’t afford the brands that dominate in selling it, Marc Fisher’s Alinda is the best option. It is comfortable and will hold up well to a lot of wear.


Though the block heel is great for stability while walking, this over-the-knee boot doesn’t perform well overall in that department. The sides are stretchy and soft. If you aren’t sure in your footing and are prone to spills, you might want to choose a boot that has a more substantial upper and calf area. This probably will not be a good choice for you. Reviewers who were accustomed to heels found it easy to walk in, but it won’t compensate for being unsteady on your feet. For people with stability issues who want an over-the-knee option, the most accommodating choice would be a leather option with a lower stacked, block heel, especially one with straps around the ankle and rubber on the heel and sole.


As far as style is concerned, the Marc Fisher Alinda boasts one that is trending all across the globe. This sleek boot is beautiful with a number of different ensemble choices. A pointed toe helps to elongate the leg. This draws the eyes all the way down to the foot and gives the illusion of additional inches added to your legs. Their adjustable tassels are super cute and serve a function, however, even if they didn’t they’d still be to die for. Suede boots are incredibly popular right now, and it's no surprise when you see how sophisticated these are while still giving a little edge. Perfectly paired with a high-waisted mini and bare legs, jeans, and a top, or tights and your favorite sweater dress, there are a million ways to wear these boots, and none of them are wrong.


Unfortunately, these are not very supportive at all. There is only a very minimum amount of padding inside. The heel is high enough to offer some semblance of arch support but otherwise, your feet are most definitely on their own. The whole upper construction of this is soft and supple, which is supreme for fit and comfort and lackluster for ankle support. The block heel does give you a bit more of a substantial feel when walking. It is not enough for people who need a true support boot. The Alinda’s heel is too high and it will very much strain a foot that needs support. Some points with more orthopedic type padding or removable insoles to replace with inserts are more able to accommodate people with this kind of need. The Alinda is certainly beautiful, but it is a looker way more than a performer.

Bottom Line

If you want a sexy over-the-knee boot for a girls night or that office party, these are a stand-out option that puts other affordable fashion boots to shame. Though it isn’t intended as a high-performance boot, it is comfortable, sleek, and easy to wear for those who love the style. Marc Fisher’s Alinda is the kind of footwear that gets constant compliments. If you want a practical and fun way to update your wardrobe, a classy over-the-knee pick like this is a pretty great choice. These are for anyone who loves the bold, jaw-dropping style.