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The Orthofeet Coral provides excellent support and comfort with its innovative technology, while still remaining stylish. Accommodating various foot conditions, from bunions and hammertoes to arthritis and plantar fasciitis, it is an excellent choice for all-day comfort and a pain-free stride.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Stretchy and breathable mesh upper
  • Antimicrobial lining
  • Ergonomic Stride design
  • Air cushioning
  • Removable insoles
  • Sizing runs smaller
  • Soles wear out prematurely
  • No slip-resistance


The Orthofeet Coral’s sole unit implements an Easy Gait Ortho-Cushion System, which is biomechanically engineered for a pain-free and natural gait cycle. Featuring an Ergonomic-Stride design and air-cushioning, this orthopedic shoe provides lightweight and springy steps, while at the same time absorbing the shock of each footfall, softening the impact and stabilizing the feet for a comfortable walking experience.

Additionally, Orthofeet included a removable contoured insole, that molds to the shape of the feet, providing customized cushioning and support with its anatomical arch support and deep, padded heel-seat. This cleverly designed insole helps relieve pain, starting from the heels, going up to the knees, lower back, and hips, as well as prevents injuries. All of these features contribute to the overall comfort that this shoe offers to its wearers, as well as accommodate a wide variety of foot conditions, such as peripheral neuropathy, arthritis, pronation, plantar fasciitis, and many more.


The upper of the Orthofeet Coral is made of a lightweight and breathable synthetic, knitted mesh material, featuring an extra-depth, non-binding design with a roomy toe box to reduce pressure and help remedy foot conditions, like bunions and hammertoes. The knit fabric allows the air to flow in and out of the shoe with ease, providing a cool, well-ventilated in-shoe feeling, while the stretchy, non-binding design of the shoe provides great comfort, especially if your feet tend to swell up during use, since the shoe will stretch with your feet, not restricting them or causing discomfort.

The wide toe box encourages natural toe splay for a comfortable fit. Inside the shoe, Orthofeet included a seamless foam and fabric lining for enhanced comfort, that is especially great for those who have sensitive feet, since there are no seams to rub against their feet and cause blisters and irritation. The lining also has antimicrobial and moisture-absorbing properties, that will keep the feet dry and cool, as well as smelling and feeling fresh all day long. The Orthofeet Coral comes with two sets of spacers and a standard lacing system, allowing the wearer to further customize the fit of the shoes to their foot shape.


The Orthofeet Coral is an all-around foot-friendly shoe, not only when it comes to cushioning and support, but breathability as well. Featuring a synthetic, knit upper, it provides excellent ventilation inside the shoe, as well as helps with temperature regulation for a comfortable in-shoe experience.

The lining is made of soft foam and fabric, which are themselves very breathable, and contribute to the overall cushioning. Not only that, but it has antimicrobial properties and helps absorb excess moisture, so it does not build up inside the shoe, keeping the feet dry and odorless throughout the day. Many reviewers wear these shoes on a daily basis, oftentimes for long hours, and could not be happier with the breathability of the shoes, as it keeps them cool and dry, and they do not have to worry about any bad odors forming, due to the moisture-wicking and antimicrobial qualities of the lining.


This orthopedic shoe was designed with comfort in mind and it delivers just that, according to the many great reviews it received. Featuring a lightweight sole unit with air cushioning and an Ergonomic-Stride design, it promotes the natural movement of the feet, with lightweight and springy steps. It also has excellent shock-absorption, that helps relieve the joints from the stress of impact by softening each footfall and stabilizing the feet to prevent injuries.

The Orthofeet Coral has a removable insole as well, with anatomical arch support and a gel padded heel-seat, which molds to the shape of the feet, providing customized support and ultimate comfort. The upper’s material is highly breathable and stretchy, offering quite a bit of room in the foot chamber for a comfortable, non-restricting fit, accommodating foot-swelling as well. The lining inside the shoe is made of soft foam and is also very breathable.

Thanks to its moisture-absorbing and antimicrobial properties, it wicks excess moisture away and keeps the feet dry and fresh throughout use, for a healthy in-shoe experience. The shoe comes with two sets of spacers as well, one 1/16 inches and the other 1/8 inches, which the wearer can choose to add, depending on the cushioning they need. The Orthofeet Coral helps with foot conditions such as bunions, hammertoes, pronation, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and helps get rid of knee and back pain.

Many reviewers struggled to find shoes that help them relieve the pain in their feet, and provide a comfortable fit until they found the Orthofeet Coral. Some customers who work for long hours, like nurses, praised the shoes for their high comfort levels and said that they did not feel tired or sore after a long day at work. With its customizable cushioning and support, as well as spacious fit, it can help anyone in need of a good, comfortable shoe.


For the most part, customers were satisfied with the durability of their Orthofeet Corals, however, some customers were not that happy with how the shoes held up. Most of the complaints concerned the sole of the shoe, which according to customers wore down not long after they received them. Some even reported the sole separating from the upper after only a couple of uses. A handful of customers complained about the cheap looking materials that the shoe was made of, saying that the shoes are overpriced for the quality they are. It is safe to say, that reviewers fall into two categories: the ones that praise the longevity of the Ortholite Coral and the ones that disagree.


According to the majority of reviewers, the Ortholite Coral fits true to size, as well as with, and that they could order their regular size and have them fit perfectly. However, a few customers reported the shoes fitting too short when they ordered their regular size, and that their toes rubbed against the toe box. These customers advised people to buy at least a half size larger, just to be on the safe side, since returning the shoes can be bothersome sometimes.


Although providing enough traction on day-to-day basis, like walking or running on the treadmill, reviewers advise not taking them for a stroll in the rain, as it is not that slip-resistant on wet and slippery surfaces. However, as long as you stick to dry roads and pavement, the Ortholite Coral will serve you just fine.


Many orthopedic shoes solely focus on performance and neglect the overall look of the shoe. Orthofeet is not one of those brands, much to the delight of customers. The Orthofeet Coral sports the look of an athletic sports sneaker, while packing all the components of a good orthopedic shoe. It looks sporty and stylish and comes in three attractive colors: gray, black and light blue, and it is very easy to incorporate into any wardrobe. Now you can look stylish, while enjoying a comfortable, pain-free stride.


The support that the Orthofeet Coral provides is outstanding. Starting from the sole, Orthofeet incorporated a lightweight air cushioning and an Ergonomic Stride design in it, creating excellent shock-absorption, by cushioning every footfall, thus stabilizing the feet and providing light, springy steps for a natural stride, inside the shoe, Orthofeet included a removable insole with anatomical arch support and a gel padded heel-seat, which not only provides additional shock absorption, but conforms to the shape of the feet, providing customized support for the wearer.

While most reviewers were very happy with the support that this insole had, in the case that the support proves to be insufficient, the possibility of replacing the insole with another one is provided. The ankles are well-supported and cushioned, thanks to the padded collar, and the standard lacing system helps achieve a customized snug fit for the user. The Orthofeet Coral aids in relieving, even getting rid of foot pain entirely, and accommodates many foot conditions, like plantar fasciitis, arthritis, pronation, bunions, hammertoes, and many more.

Reviewers especially liked the fact that the insole is removable, as well as the option to insert spacers for a customized fit. Many who struggled for years to find adequate footwear to help them with their foot trouble, be it, elderly people, people working long hours on their feet, or those who had surgery, all found that the Orthofeet Coral offered excellent support and cushioning without restricting the feet at all.


The Orthofeet Coral comes in medium, wide and extra wide widths, making this shoe an excellent choice for people with any kind of foot shape. The upper is non-binding and has extra depth, not to mention a wide toe box for a healthy toe splay. The upper’s material is stretchy and roomy, catering to people who struggle with foot-swelling, since it will stretch with the feet, providing a non-restricted and comfortable fit throughout the day. The wide toe box is excellent for people who struggle with bunions and hammer toes, since there is enough room in it for the toes to lay comfortably. This orthopedic shoe also comes with two sets of spacers, which the wearer can opt to insert, depending on their need for padding. This enables the wearer to create a fully customized fit that perfectly soothes their needs.

Bottom Line

The Orthofeet Coral is an excellent orthopedic shoe with great support and comfort. The sole unit consists of air cushioning and Ergonomic Stride design for a light and springy stride and the natural motion of the feet. It also has great shock-absorbing qualities, by softening every footfall and stabilizing the feet. This shoe comes with a removable insole, that has anatomical arch support and a gel padded heel-seat, which provides customized support for the wearer by molding to their foot shape. The upper is non-binding and has extra-depth, accommodating any foot shape, due to its non-restricting nature. It is also highly breathable and lightweight.

The lining is made of soft padded foam, also very breathable. It helps keep the temperature inside the shoe at an optimal level to prevent overheating, as well as helps absorb any excess moisture for a healthy in-shoe environment. The toe box is wide enough to make the shoe comfortable for people who struggle with bunions and hammer toes. Additional spacers are also provided by Orthofeet, so that the wearer can adjust the fit of the shoes at any time, as they see fit. Most of the reviewers praised the Orthofeet Coral for its superior comfort and support levels, however, some people had issues concerning its durability and sizing, finding it too expensive for what it is.