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All in all the Kyrie Flytrap hits Nike's intended mark. They are good looking shoes with vibrant colorways that also incorporate a more modern, sleek, and stealthy shape. The woven cloth upper received high praise from most buyers and the additional stitching over it provided extra strength, firm flex, stability, and security. The textured Nike swoosh and the Kyrie logo also kick the shoe's style up a notch.  Many buyers like the asymmetrical burrito style tongue suggesting that it not only adds comfort but makes the shoe easier to put on and take off. Many say the burrito style tongue also helps the wearer be able to tighten the shoe to their desired level with ease. The shoe is lightweight while also delivering everything you need from a sporty basketball sneaker of this type. It has a strong but well-cushioned midsole, a modified herringbone traction sole that many reported gripping quite well.

Those who did have issues with grip suggest that wiping the soles often while playing is enough to solve the minor issue. Others suggest the shoe is better for outdoor courts. Most buyers claimed that the Nike Kyrie Flytrap fits true to size with the occasional suggestion that folks with wide feet go up a half size. Many wearers have suggested that this is the perfect basketball shoe for players with wide feet, a demographic that often feels overlooked by the sneaker industry. The shoe is stylish, lightweight, well made with cool materials and a sleek look. It provides substantial cushion and support while allowing players to play aggressively and have their expectations met when it comes to dynamic responsiveness . The whole Kyrie series has been received well, and the Kyrie Flytrap is no exception. The shoe looks sharp in every color combination and is comfortable on and off the court with the quality, durability, support, comfort and style we've all come to expect from NIKE.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Effective Breathability

Cool Colorways

Great For Wide Feet

Long Lasting Comfort

Durable Construction


Traction Could Be Better

Loose Fit


The main fabric of this shoe is a light weight, woven mesh that benefits several aspects of this shoe's performance. It keeps the weight of the shoe down while still maintaining the durability needed in sports footwear. The mesh enhances the breathability and allows air to move freely in and around your foot, which helps reduce the accumulation of perspiration or odor. It is a smart design from that standpoint, especially when playing on outdoor courts. A lot of customers indicated liking this shoe specifically for playing outdoors because they ventilate well in the warmer and more humid outdoor climate.


Comfort is one of the Kyrie Flytrap's strongest points, said many wearers. Buyers even said they found this shoe to be much more comfortable than similar shoes at a higher price point. Thanks to lightweight construction that eliminates the unnecessary bulk these shoes have the vibe and feeling of minimalist running shoes without sacrificing performance or comfort. These kicks feel like an extension of your body they are so comfortable. The Nike patented Phylon foam found in the midsole is very soft and easy on the feet, providing responsive support.

The zoom hex unit is an innovative cushioning technology that responds to the omnidirectional movements during basketball play with strong cushioning and bounce-back. This maximizes comfort by allowing the shoe to absorb shock rather than your feet. Many customers even found the Flytrap to be even more comfortable than other Kyrie models. The asymmetrical tongue was noted to be an effective way to eliminate friction and make them fit more comfortably on the foot. The decoupled heel really helps comfort as well by supporting smooth transitions to keep your movements feeling seamless.


The Kyrie Flytrap doesn't disappoint when it comes to quality construction and durability. The woven construction of the mesh material tends to hold up exceptionally well. Plus, additional stitching was incorporated into the woven material that really does a great job at adding extra strength to the shoe as a whole. Some players observed some minor fraying on the mesh upper area from contact with other ballplayers' shoes or general friction but said even that resulted in nominal wear and tear from hard use. The eyelets are strong enough for easy and quick tightening of the laces. And the absence of seams on the shoes upper leaves little room for cosmetic or structural flawing. According to reviewers, the Kyrie Flytrap not only looks well made but feels well made and performs just the same.


The impressive flexibility of the lightweight materials really prevent these sneakers from having even the slightest bit of stiffness. With a semi-rounded midsole and complimentary outsole, this shoe accomplishes just the right amount of stability to keep you on your feet. The shoe moves well with your feet, even with hard, fast, and abrupt movements you would expect on the court. They are bendy in all the right areas without any restriction to your feet, but keep your feet supported with a secure fit. Most buyers say the Kyrie Flytrap doesn't need any break in time since they are already so easily malleable. The soft woven upper mesh is so comfortable and pliable right out of the box, you can easily manipulate the shoe just with your hands.


The midsole was made with lightweight design in mind. It is constructed out of Nike's special injected Phylon foam that provides superior cushioning and stability. It grabs the foot well and enhances the level of cushy support under the foot. Most customers reported having no discomfort even after hours of consistent and intense ball playing. The midsole is also an effective layer of stability, by hugging the sides of the feet well enough to prevent a rolled ankle or a loss of balance in sharp movement such as playing defense or chasing a loose ball.


These shoes deliver great reaction, especially when moving laterally, playing defense, charging the court, and making sudden movements like faking. The side strap linked to the lacing helps hold the foot in place without being too rigid. Slightly rounded midsole allows agility and bounce without being so round that it takes away stability. The Nike hex zoom featured in this shoe offers precise and cushioned resilience to increase the bounce back power of the midsole no matter how fast or hard your feet are moving.


These sneakers are such a great basketball shoe thanks to the level of stability they provide. From the heal to sole transition, to the snug and secure fit of the woven upper, to the added security of the burrito tongue and lacing system, these sneakers keep your feet feeling really good and impressively stable. There aren't any uncomfortable raised or lowered portions of the insole, which ensures your foot stays contained effectively. Connecting to the medial side of the shoe is the forefoot gore strap to keep your feet locked in secure comfort.


The Kyrie Flytrap are really good looking basketball shoes offered in a variety of cool colorways that buyer loved. They aren't too loud or tacky like some basketball shoes can surely be. They are designed to embody a combination of classic style and appeal like some of the best Nikes of years past but with all the modern enhancements of today's footwear technology. Aesthetically they are pretty similar to the Kyrie 4, but what sets it apart is the sleeker outsole that gives the Flytrap a more refined look with cleaner lines. As far as branding goes, Nike impressed buyers with their fancy raised logo.


Some customers have indicated that the modified herringbone pattern on the Kyrie sole doesn't grab onto flooring as well as it could. Traction is an important variable if you plan to play ball in them, so the lackluster grip could be problematic for stop and go, a sudden change in movement or direction, ball handling precision, and driving the lane. Having effective tread is important in those instances and some say Kyrie falls short. Others had no issues, while some customers say the rubber does perform better outdoors than indoors where moisture might not evaporate as easily off the floor.

When being worn for indoor play, the treading was reported to collect some dust, contributing to them getting slicker. But it's a simple fix with the consistent wiping of the soles during play. It may be best for a nice, newer ball court that is clean, regularly maintained and refinished. A vinyl floor or a gym that isn't super well maintained/dusty etc may not be the best court for playing in this sneaker. There are a lot of external and environmental factors that can affect traction and friction, but overall these sneakers had decent traction.


The Nike Kyrie Flytrap gets all its hype from the upper shoe. The ankle collar is super soft and connected to the inner part of the shoe to give your feet the sensation of being gently hugged. The lacing system is solid and adds to the secure fit with the burrito style tongue and elastic band helping to keep your feet feeling snug. The heel box does a good job of holding your heel in place. This shoe may work best for a wide foot because the woven upper material is so forgiving, and some customers say buying a half a size up could be best for buyers with a wide foot. The woven material is thin and lightweight but doesn't sacrifice the structural integrity of the shoe and feels like it's well made and an intelligent use of textiles. It is strong enough while also being lightweight. Another key feature is the unibody construction of the whole upper. There is only one seam located on the heel. The lack of seams enhances the overall durability and fit because it gives it a more solid strength and doesn't create any discomfort from the friction of seams.

Bottom Line

There are a lot of great things about the NIKE Kyrie Flytrap but one of the most praised features from consumers was it's soft pliable upper. The flexibility of the fabric makes them feel good and ready to play in right out of the box, while many sneakers need to be broken in before achieving comfort. The Flytrap is a well made and stylish addition to an already great line of Kyrie sneakers. Bold color combos meet more modern lines and an improved aerodynamic shape to give the shoe a stealthy and fast look and feel. The Phylon foam midsole provides good cushioning, while its slightly rounded edge provides agility while not being so rounded that it sacrifices protection or stability. The woven upper, extra stitching, burrito style tongue, and heel box make the shoe feel stable and secure.

The best part is that all that stability is achieved while still delivering an incredibly lightweight shoe that is simple yet strong. The Kyrie logos and the textured Nike logo make the shoe snazzy and uniquely identified as part of the Kyrie series. The Flytrap is in good company in the Kyrie series with other shoes that hit the market with great acclaim. And the Flytrap holds it's own. It's most notable merit is that it delivers all the quality in a simple and lightweight package.

The shoe is ready to play wherever you may want to take it but many buyers suggested it's the perfect shoe for outdoor courts. And while most testers were pleased with the Flytraps overall fit and level of comfort, some suggest that it may be a better suitable shoe for players with wider feet. At the end of the day, this is a Nike sneaker through and through, as it delivers the footwear technology and design they are so well known for. This is a stellar Nike athletic shoe that will enhance your game on the courts, and cross over well off the courts.