Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Review

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The updated Air Zoom Pegasus 35 is a popular and high performing shoe within Nike's fleet of running shoes. The Pegasus is named after the majestic winged horse of Greek mythology and much like the myth, these shoes will make your feet fly! The Pegasus line originally launched in 1983 so Nike has had a long time to perfect this sneaker as they are the longest running shoe in the company's history. And Nike always tries to outdo themselves when releasing a new model in a line of shoes. So they have tapped into the minds of some of the world's most elite athletes and runners to really dial this shoe in and make it as well rounded as high performing possible. It's stylish, lightweight, flexible yet stable, and it has great traction and superior cushion.

Nike always tries to outdo themselves when releasing a new model in a line of shoes. It's hard to imagine how the Pegasus could get any better than the Air Zoom 35. Some said this is a runners dream shoe. With its lightweight mesh upper, unified Zoom Air pocket, cushioned midsole,  flywire lacing system and new tongue and collar designs, good looks, customizable options, and versatile wearability, this shoe scores well above and beyond customers expectations. These sneakers are available in regular, narrow, wide and extra wide fits to cover to all foot widths. And if you don't like the already wide variety of colorways, you can design your own special color scheme!  What's not to love about the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35? Grab a pair and run your heart out in comfort and style!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Customizable colors

Available in different widths

Superior Cushioning Technology

Effective Traction

Versatile Wearability


Slight Creasing in Upper

Loose Ankle Collar


The lightweight mesh upper has been engineered to achieve exceptional breathability, which can be a really important attribute to avid runners and serious athletes. The woven nature of the fabric allows for constant ventilation. Air easily circulates throughout the entire shoe to keep the inside environment of the shoe dry by pushing moisture out and allowing new fresh air in.


The Pegasus 35 received excellent praise for their level of lasting and full foot comfort. The past Pegasus models had 2 separate compressed airbags known as the Air Zoom units. One was under the heel and one under the ball of the foot, leaving a gap of air cushioning in the midsection. Nike updated this version, the Pegasus 35, to have one continuous Air Zoom Unit throughout the entire length of the shoe, which reviewers raved about. They noted how it helped to ease transitions in their strides and gave the entire footbed of shoe lasting comfort. Many customers also commented that this new single full Air Zoom unit offers a more complete and balanced layer of cushioning that they highly preferred over the previous models. Another contributing factor to the improved comfortability of the Pegasus is that the bottom lace eyelet was designed to be closer to the ankle of the foot which allows for a little more flexibility and freedom of movement.


The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 are offered in an incredibly wide array of colorways. From basic and subtle, bright and fun, to even a floral print, there is a look for everyone. But for those who would prefer to move around in truly one of a kind kicks, the Pegasus 35 can even be customized. That's right, you can design your own pair from the color of the fabric upper to the color and placement of logos to the color and textures on the outsole, even right down to the text on the tongue and heel cups. And your special and uniquely designed customized shoes will be at your doorstep in just a few weeks. With bright and fun, basic and subtle, floral print, and even customizable designing, Nike made sure that the aesthetics of the Pegasus 35 sneakers would appeal to everyone's individual style preferences.


In the Pegasus 35, Nike updated the lacing system by moving the first eyelets higher up on the top foot. Customers and testers report noticing and appreciating the added flexibility that this lace change allows. The high quality woven fabric stays snug on the foot without getting in your way or restricting any movement. It is soft and flexible, keeping your foot free to fly no matter the activity. The high-quality breathable mesh upper also provides great support without limiting comfort or responsiveness so your foot can be locked in but still achieve the movement needed to run your best.


Most wearers reported that the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 fits true to size. The upper fabric is flexible and gives well to the foot while still providing a snug fit that customers found to be comfortable. The wide opening of the shoe was noted for adding comfort because it didn't cause friction with the ankle. But it also created a loose fit that some wished was more secure. The main standout with fit for the Pegasus 35, is that it is available in four different widths; narrow, regular, wide, and extra wide. Although the narrow, wide, and extra wide versions are only available off the shelf in black, you can customize a pair and create your own unique color scheme. So these sneakers cater to all foot shapes, which gave it high rankings from buyers for fit.


The Pegasus 35 carries over the same 10mm drop in the midsole as previous models. But the addition of the single and full foot Air Zoom unit really kicked up the performance of the midsole. It is one large compressed air pocket, rather than multiple individual airbags, providing comfort and cushion for the entire footbed. And in addition to cushion, it was designed to absorb and rebound impact converting downward steps into upward springs. Customers claimed that this enhancement resulted in feeling a boost and slight bounce that they appreciated.


Having been in production more or less nonstop for 35 years, the Pegasus shoe leaves very few boxes unchecked. While some manufacturers struggle to achieve breathability and lighter weights while also keeping the shoe durable, Nike excels. Running shoes eventually wear out and lose some cushion, rigidity, and support simply because they've had so many miles put on them. But much like a set of tires, shoes need to be replaced periodically for the health of your feet and the well being of the athlete. But this shoe is built so well, customers found that it outlasted other shoes and hardly showed signs of break down before it's time to be retired as a runner.

The zigzag stitch indicative of this high-performance mesh maintains the strength of the shoes upper. And the single bootie construction of the upper and it's tough woven fabric make it hold up well even with constant use. The outsole was noted for being incredibly wear-resistant and lasting for a long time before it even began to thin. All in all, Nike delivers another running shoe built to last beyond your miles.


Not only is this an excellent running shoe, but the Pegasus 35 performed well across a wide variety of other movement activities such as long distance running, speed training, jogging, and even light trail running. It also received great reviews for having a sleek design that transfers easily to wear for casual shoe needs. Some running shoes can be designed with too much flair for basic everyday casual and simple wear. But the Pegasus 35 maintains a clean look and modest pops of color to look good when your not running or practicing as well.


Tread and traction is another one of this shoes strongest points. Buyers suggested it's one of Nike's best tread designs for a running shoe thanks to its thickness and quality of rubber that seems to hardly ever show signs of wear. It will keep you running safely on any surface. The outsole is made of Duralon, a very responsive rubber compound. Aside from protection wearers from surface abrasions, it also adds a bit of extra cushion since it provides some absorption and bounce back. And it is especially grippy thanks to the waffle textured design on the sole that is made up of flexible nodes and grooves that help it maintain traction.


The high quality breathable mesh upper provides great support without limiting comfort or responsiveness so your foot can be locked in but still achieve the movement needed to run your best. The patented Fly wire lacing system is a really strong high-quality design that secures the runner's foot in place minimizing any unwanted shifting during runs.

The lightweight and breathable mesh upper allows ease of airflow and the new lowered ankle collar helps the foot to feel a little more free and breathable without sacrificing any stability. The collar also has a gentle roll away from the heel to provides support without friction to your Achilles tendon. The tongue is a bit longer and larger than past versions and customers have given mixed reviews on that, some feeling like the new larger tongue created a little unwanted discomfort.

Bottom Line

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 is simply a high quality and high performing running shoe for anyone, from beginners to life long runners and serious athletes. Many customers feel that the new Pegasus Zoom 35 is more breathable than previous Pegasus models, more flexible and has better cushioning. The one unified air zoom pocket helps with smoother transitions than previous Pegasus models. Each time a new version of this shoe comes out, it's better than the last and the 35 is definitely no exception. The upper is an impressive breathable mesh. The shoe feels flexible and nimble throughout while never sacrificing any structural integrity or stability.

The new heel collar design really ensures that the runner will have no friction where the shoe meets the ankles, something avid runners will surely appreciate. All in all, Nike has outdone themselves again with the Pegasus 35. With their incredible options for customization, these shoes will make everyone a happier runner thanks to happier feet!