New Balance 890v7 Review

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Enjoy a fast run or a day at the gym with the new 890v7 running shoes from New Balance. Equipped with their revolutionary RevLite sole unit and breathable, no-sew mesh upper, that fits like a glove, workouts have never been easier or more fun. 

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • No-sew mesh upper
  • Breathable lining
  • RevLite midsole
  • RevLite outsole
  • Comfortable, sock-like fit
  • Highly responsive
  • Outsole lacks durability
  • Not that flexible


When it comes to the outsole, New Balance opted for their patented GC or Ground Contact RevLite, which is in fact, an exposed RevLite foam with rubber strips in key areas, like the forefoot and rear of the shoe, for higher abrasion resistance and traction. The outsole of the New Balance 890v7 is different than its predecessor, the 890v6, in terms of weight and rubber to foam ratio.

When one considers, that the 890v7 was designed for daily training and fast pace running, these changes make a lot of sense.

The reduced rubber elements on the outsole help minimize the weight of the sneakers, while still gripping the ground efficiently, enabling for a lightweight and springy ride. Although firmer than New Balance’s Fresh Foam sneakers, it is still flexible where it counts, i.e. the forefoot. This delivers a faster running experience to the wearer without tiring them out, as it follows the natural flexing of the toes.

The 890v7 also helps cushion each footfall and relieve the joints and lower back from stress by absorbing the shock of impact upon landings. As a daily running shoe, the New Balance 890v7 is best used on flat and cemented surfaces, due to the outsole’s exposed nature.

It is also not meant for wet and slippery ground, which reviewers noted as well. These running sneakers are not suitable for long distance runs, however, they make excellent workout shoes for your daily training at the gym and will make switching between paces and different exercises easy and effortless.


For their midsole, New Balance utilized their RevLite compound, an EVA foam that is 30% lighter than other midsole foam materials in the same category and firmer than New Balance’s Fresh Foam sneakers. Made for short distance running and fast paces, the 890v7 delivers a highly responsive ride to the wearer.

It also will keep its structural integrity intact for much longer than other running shoes in this range. The RevLite midsole has excellent shock absorbing qualities, hence great energy return, that will propel the wearer into their next step with ease and will help keep the feet stable and protected throughout use. Although firm, the cushioning of the New Balance 890v7 is perfect for short runs and speed training, where cushioning is not the most important component and can even weigh the wearer down, impacting their speed.

However, because it is firmer than standard running shoe midsole foams, the 890v7 is not suitable for long-distance running, where cushioning is very crucial to keep the wearer comfortable on their feet and prevent injuries. However, young runners, who do not have any foot issues yet, might be able to enjoy some long distance running in these sneakers. When not on the track or at the gym, some reviewers noted, that the New Balance 890v7 doubles as a great everyday sneaker as well, running errands or just walking around.


The upper of the New Balance is made of an engineered, no-sew mesh material, called Hypoknit. This one-piece knit upper alternates between a closed and open weave pattern for a secure, yet breathable fit, that feels almost like a second skin.

New Balance kept the design of this running shoe quite minimalistic and lightweight, making the 890v7 perfect for gym sessions or speed runs, as it will not weigh you down. Ensuring proper foot lockdown and a customizable fit, New Balance equipped the 890v7 with a traditional lace-up closure made of durable fabric laces and an additional 6th pair of eyelets at the tongue for extra security.

The heel counter features a thin layer of a rubbery material, which extends from the midsole, delivering a more supported fit for the heel. The collar is lightly padded and features the same knit material as the rest of the upper, but with a tight weave that hugs the ankles like a sock, delivering a comfortable, supportive fit. This is great news for those who have narrow heels, as they will not slip out of the shoes or wobble during workouts. While this running shoe is quite narrow in the heel and midfoot areas, the toe box is rather roomy, which allows for a natural toe splay and accommodates wider feet as well.

Another interesting detail about the 890v7 is its tongue. Namely, this model comes with a gusseted tongue, that helps with locking the feet down in their proper position and together with the collar, hugs the contours of the feet much like a sock, enhancing performance. Inside the shoe, New Balance included a soft and breathable mesh lining and a cushioned, textile-lined footbed for a comfortable and supportive fit, that keeps the feet dry and cool throughout use. The 890v7 is great for working out at the gym or shorter, faster runs, however, it is not supportive enough for long distance running.


Made from engineered, no-sew mesh and featuring a soft, breathable mesh lining, the New Balance 890v7 is a highly breathable running shoe. While the knit on the upper is more concentrated in the midfoot and heel areas for a locked-down fit, it features cleverly placed perforations in its design for optimal airflow. The toe box is quite roomy, enabling natural toe splay and is outfitted with an array of larger perforations, allowing the air to circulate inside the foot chamber freely.

This is especially important for speed runs and training, as the feet tend to heat up and sweat during intense workouts, which can cause irritation and even sliding inside the shoes, leading to various injuries. None of that is an issue with the New Balance 890v7 and reviewers even said, that they could feel the air going in and out of the shoes and feel the breeze on their feet while running. Additionally, the cushioned footbed is textile-lined for a moisture-free in-shoe environment, that is comfortable and dry both with or without socks.


When it comes to durability, the main concern that reviewers had was with the outsole. It features Ground Contact RevLite, which is mainly exposed RevLite foam with rubber strips covering key areas of the outsole, like the forefoot and heel. This is supposed to protect against abrasions and signs of wear and tear, as well as provide adequate traction on the road.

While it does deliver on the traction, reviewers noticed, that these rubber strips wear out rather quickly, leaving the foam totally exposed to the elements of the road. One reviewer noted, that it is best to keep this shoe in rotation and not wear it for every single workout, as the outsole will wear out faster that way. However, if you prefer to wear one pair of running shoes for all your workouts or simply cannot afford to have multiple pairs to keep in rotation, this running shoe might not be your cup of tea.


The New Balance 890v7 is available in standard and wide widths in both men’s and women’s sizes, accommodating a large audience. According to customers, these running shoes fit true to size and width respectively. That said, the heel and midfoot areas are rather narrow-fitting, while the toe box is quite spacious. This means that the feet are locked down securely through the rear and midfoot portions of the shoe, while the toes have plenty of wiggle room to prevent any discomfort.

Even though the heel and midfoot areas are narrow, the collar is designed in such a way, that it sits comfortably around the ankles without digging into the skin and causing irritation or blisters. However, if you like your running shoes to sit a bit looser around your ankles and midfoot, you might want to size up at least half a size.


RevLite is known for being highly responsive and durable but quite stiff when compared to other foam types. While this is true, the New Balance 890v7 does not lack flexibility completely. As a fast pace running shoe, the focus was put on responsiveness and lightness, while some other components, such as cushioning and flexibility, that are more important for long distance running, were left in the background.

The 890v7’s flexibility is mainly concentrated in the forefoot region of the shoe, with the toe box slightly curving upwards as well. This is all a part of its clever design for enhanced performance on the road or track. For fast pace running or racing, there is no need for a cushy, overly flexible running shoe and New Balance recognized that and adjusted their 890v7 accordingly. The curved sole unit follows the natural gait cycle of the feet and delivers better push-offs for faster performance.


A great indicator of the quality of running shoes is whether or not they are responsive. When on the road or on the track, it is very important to have a good connection to the ground and for the shoes to work well with the surface you are running on. As mentioned above, RevLite is renowned for its highly responsive nature, and together with the Ground Contact RevLite outsole, the responsiveness of the 890v7 is even more pronounced.

Not only that, but the 890v7 has great shock absorbing qualities as well, making every step energized and springy. Another great quality, that the RevLite midsole compound has is durability. Namely, this type of midsole foam is not only lighter than most other foams but will retain its structural integrity intact for much longer, so you do not have to worry about the shoes losing their shape after only a couple of uses.


As a running shoe, that is meant for fast pace running, the New Balance 890v7 has moderate arch support. The RevLite midsole compound absorbs the shock of impact and delivers excellent energy return to the wearer, with which to propel themselves into their next step. It also provides a firm but cushioning support for the underfoot.

Additionally, New Balance included a cushioned, textile-lined footbed for added underfoot support and comfort. Padding in this running shoe is kept to a minimum with its lightly padded gusseted tongue and collar.

However, this padding is highly effective, as it hugs the ankles in a comfortable way and keeps them stable and secure throughout the ride. The Hypoknit, no-sew mesh upper also helps keep the feet locked down and secure, preventing slipping inside the shoes, which can lead to injuries. However, if you need more support, you can insert your own custom orthotics instead of the provided insole.


This minimalist running shoes is truly an amazing pair of shoes for fast pace and race running, due to its incredibly lightweight nature. New Balance shaved off 2 whole ounces from their 890v7 running shoes, which weigh about 14 ounces a pair, depending on the size.

This is all thanks to its minimalist design featuring the lightweight RevLite sole unit and Hypoknit no-sew mesh upper. Padding in this running shoe is also kept to a minimum, focusing on performance rather than cushioning. That is not to say, that the 890v7 has no cushioning but it is not the focal point of the shoe. Reviewers did not mind the lack of cushioning either, as the sneakers provided a fast and springy ride, which is what you would want from a running shoe of this type.

Bottom Line

This amazing new running shoe from New Balance will keep you light and fast on your feet for maximum performance. Equipped with their groundbreaking RevLite sole unit and no-sew mesh upper, the 890v7 will deliver a responsive and breathable ride every time. RevLite is 30% lighter than most other types of foams, making the 890v7 a very lightweight running shoe.

The upper features an engineered mesh, which consists of an intricate weave pattern, that is both structured for support and highly breathable to keep the feet well-ventilated and dry throughout the workout. The simple design comes with a gusseted tongue and lightly padded collar, that deliver a supportive, sock-like fit to the wearer.

This running shoe has moderate arch support and is available in both standard and wide widths. However, there are some durability issues regarding the outsole, which reviewers took notice of. All that said, the 890v7 is an excellent running shoe for those who are looking for a fast ride or a daily trainer to take to the gym.