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The Nathan Vaporhowe Hydration Pack is a wonderfully designed product that is loved by all. Many users have reported being very happy with the purchase. Each hydration pack comes with a 1.5-litre bladder that can be used to carry liquids. This hydration pack is ideal for people who are hiking long distances, enjoy trail running, or even training for a marathon.

Another great thing about the Nathan Vaporhowe Hydration Pack is that it is very well ventilated. There are specially designed holes throughout the entire vest so that it can maximize breathability and airflow. Despite the holes, the product is made with premium fabric that makes it very durable.

Purchasing one of these products can last a very long time, which saves you both time and money. Having a reliable source of water while you train for long periods is detrimental to your health. This particular hydration pack is going to be with you every step of the way.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Flush against skin

Well ventilated

Customizable and adjustable

High capacity bladder

Machine washable


For women only

Sizing chart is incorrect

Rides up occasionally


Using a hydration pack is already difficult enough, the last thing you want is for the product to fit uncomfortably. This makes your training experience all the more difficult and tiring. To prevent that from happening, the Nathan Vaporhowe Hydration Pack is adjustable so that it becomes a perfect fit every time.

Humans are not all built the same size and the same way and producing a hydration vest for one specific body type is nearly impossible. This is why the Nathan Vaporhowe Hydration Pack has straps that allow you to loosen or tighten to your liking. Depending on the width of your chest, there is a strap that goes across your sternum which you can adjust.

The hem of the hydration pack is also designed so that it hugs your hips. This is to ensure that the vest fits more tightly on your body, which can prevent the bag from shifting as you are running. There is also a secondary strap that sits more on your diaphragm that is designed to help the vest wrap around your body tightly.


People who are training or running long distances will become hot very quickly and start to sweat. One of the places that the sweat likes to pool in the area between your skin and the hydration pack. This is because is more covered than any of your other body parts, thus making it harder to ventilate.

This leads to a long and uncomfortable training session. The skin may also start to become irritated and rash up when it is exposed to sweat and moisture over a long period. To prevent this, the Nathan Vaporhowe Hydration Pack has holes in their design that allow for moisture to escape.

The Nathan Vaporhowe Hydration Pack has large spots in the outermost layer of the vest that allows for trapped heat to escape. As the sweat on your back starts to develop, your shirt will absorb the moisture and heat. Rather than staying stagnant and only there, the holes cut into the vest of the hydration pack encourage the moisture to evaporate.

These holes on the vest also encourage positive airflow, meaning that cold air can enter the way the heat left to help cool your body.


One of the most frustrating things you could have is a hydration pack that does not fit your body properly. An ill-fitting pack usually means that it will shift around or swing when you run. This makes you exert more energy in trying to control it, rather than focusing on your training.

The Nathan Vaporhowe Hydration Pack is well-loved by people because the vest portion fits on like a snug shirt. The adjustable straps also ensure that any areas that are not streamlined are tightened and secured. As a long-distance runner, being streamlined is very important. This allows you to use the least amount of energy to run as long as a distance as possible.

A correctly fitted Nathan Vaporhowe Hydration Pack should rest comfortably on your body. It should not make you feel like something is weighing you down. Once all the straps have been adjusted, the vest should feel like your second skin.

There should be no areas where the fabric is all bunched up. Should you find that there are still loose gaps after you have tightened the straps to the max, then it is important to consider purchasing a product that is one size smaller.

Front Pockets

Most people who are wearing a hydration pack is intending to go on a long training session. Often they are walking or running continuously, meaning they have no time to stop and grab a drink or eat a granola bar. Many people can attest to the fact that it breaks their rhythm and focus when they have to stop on the side to rummage around in their bag.

The Nathan Vaporhowe Hydration Pack eliminates this problem by having multiple pockets on the shoulder straps. They are placed in a strategic location so that everything you need is easily accessible. The only thing you are required to do is think logically where everything needs to be placed prior to your training session.

Some of the pockets on the Nathan Vaporhowe Hydration Pack is large enough for you to fit water bottles or juice boxes. This comes in handy if you do not feel like using your bladder. There is also a specific pocket designed on the hydration vest that stores your phone, making it easy to check the time at a moments notice.

Hydration Bladder

When you are training for a long period, it is very important to stay both hydrated and nourished. Staying nourished is important, but hydration takes priority. Many different minerals and vitamins can be found within water, which can help replenish some of your depleting nutrient levels.

A lack of hydration can cause a plethora of problems, with the most immediate being dehydrated. Being dehydrated can leave you feeling extremely weak and fatigued and in more serious cases, you will lose consciousness. The Nathan Vaporhowe Hydration Pack comes with a bladder than can store 1.5 litres of liquid, helping you maintain your liquid levels.

The bladder is made completely of silicone and is in a pouch shape. A straw is inserted into the bladder and affixed onto your shoulder strap. This is so that when you are thirsty, simply suck on the straw and water will flow directly from the bladder to your mouth. This enables you to continue running without having to take off your backpack to look for water.


The one thing people want when they are doing a long training session is to be as lightweight as possible. In the beginning, the backpack you carry will be weighed down by all the food and water that you have to carry. Theoretically, your pack should start to lighten as you go through the nourishment. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

As you continue your training, your fatigue levels will slowly start to rise. Eventually, you become so tired that even an empty Nathan Vaporhowe Hydration Pack becomes heavy. This is because your body is exhausted and your brain is encouraging your body to take it rest.
The Nathan Vaporhowe Hydration Pack was designed to be as lightweight as possible.

It uses the exact amount of fabric needed to create this vest so that the weight can be kept to a minimum. The bladder is made of silicone, which is a very light and malleable plastic that becomes very light when empty. The hydration pack was also designed to only extend down half your body, which greatly reduces both the weight and amount of materials needed.


One of the greatest concerns when using a hydration pack is how to maintain it. Because these products are going off-roading with you, there is often a high possibility that they will become very dirty and muddy. If it is not cleaned or maintained properly, this can affect the integrity of the product and require more frequent replacing.

After a long day of hiking or training, the last thing you want to do is go home and take care of all your equipment. By the time you make it home, the exhaustion has set it and all you want to do is take a rest. The creators of the Nathan Vaporhowe Hydration Pack understand this and have made the vest machine washable. Simply remove the bladder and pop it into the washer for a gentle cycle.

For the times where the Nathan Vaporhowe Hydration Pack is only lightly soiled, it can be washed in the sink. Fill the sink with soap and warm water and let the pack soak for a minute before aggregating the pack. When you are done, rinse and hang dry in a space that has good air circulation. Under no circumstances can the hydration pack be placed into the dryer.


The last thing that you want when you are exercising is for your equipment to restrict your movements. People who are using hydration packs are going to be moving for a prolonged period. It can be incredibly frustrating and uncomfortable to try to move and find something in the way.

The Nathan Vaporhowe Hydration Pack is made with multiple straps and areas that can be adjusted. Because the pack is meant to be light a second skin, it was designed to not get in your way. A specific way that this is done is the large armholes on the Nathan Vaporhowe Hydration Pack.

The holes where your arms go through are designed to sit flush against your skin. This means that your arms can swing and move around comfortably. This is ideal for people who are trekking or hiking over a long distance and may have to do a bit of climbing.
Once the shoulder straps are secured against your body, the armholes offer 360-degree rotation. The hydration pack does not get in the way while you stretch and flex in all directions.


Sizing for a hydration pack is incredibly important as these products will be accompanying you over long periods each time. Having an ill-fitting product can result in the bag shifting or swinging around, which greatly affects your rhythm and stride. It will also mean that you spend a lot of time and focus on trying to control the bag that seems to have a mind of its own.

The Nathan Vaporhowe Hydration Pack comes with a sizing chart that you can measure your dimensions against. However, many users have reported that the char that is provided online appears to be a bit off. Users have found that purchasing the size they normally wear results in having a smaller product. This means that they have difficulty wearing it and staying comfortable.

Wearing a small hydration pack means that it can cut off circulation to your arms and shoulders. The Nathan Vaporhowe Hydration Pack comes with adjustable straps so the result may not be as extreme. But if the straps have been extended to the end, it may mean that wearing thicker layers underneath the hydration pack may not be an option.


Most people that are training for long-distance sports such as marathons or hikes will be outside. This is because these sports require the outdoors and rarely takes place inside a sheltered place. Because of this fact, it is very important to purchase a hydration pack that is waterproof and weather resistant.

The Nathan Vaporhowe Hydration Pack is made with a thin layer of nylon on the outside of the entire vest. This prevents rain droplets or adverse weather from entering your pack and ruining the items inside. This is an ideal criterion for a hydration pack because the weather can change at any moment. While we try to plan for sudden changes in the weather, especially if you are off-road.

There is an additional benefit for the Nathan Vaporhowe Hydration Pack to be waterproof and that is to help wick away moisture. As you start to sweat, the moisture starts to develop and soaks through your clothing. Eventually, it will soak into your backpack and encourage the breeding of bacteria and germs. Over some time, the bacteria can start to smell and emit foul odours.

Bottom Line

The Nathan Vaporhowe Hydration Pack is a product that is both reliable and comfortable. Comfort is especially important considering people that use hydration packs are planning to train for a long time. The materials that the hydration pack is made of is soft and will not cause chaffing or rub uncomfortably.

There are adjustable straps on the side and front of the Nathan Vaporhowe Hydration Pack so that the vest can sit flush against your skin. The goal of the product is to be worn like a second skin so that you don’t even feel the pack once it’s put on. The waterproofing material on the exterior also prevents liquids from seeping into the interior of the bag.

This product features easy clean up after a long hard day training outside. Simply take it off and pop it into the wash. Along with strategically placed pockets, this is a product you do not want to miss!