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3 Ways to Stretch Shoes At Home

3 Ways to Stretch Shoes At Home 3 Ways to Stretch Shoes At Home www.walkjogrun.net

When you find a pair of shoes that are too cute, too affordable, too right to turn down, and you walk around the store and the fit seemed like it was just perfect.

But, you get them home and they are too tight in all of the wrong places. It makes you mad!

Do not fret; I am going to show you how you can stretch your shoes at home.

1. How to Stretch shoes quickly

It is recommended that you wear your shoes a few times around the house or for short distances to break them in. If you have done this and still are experiencing some tight areas and need your shoes stretched quickly, here’s the trick. 

1st Grab the thickest pair of socks that will allow your feet to fit in your shoe and your blow-dryer.

2nd In a sweeping motion blow-dry your shoes for 20-30 seconds on medium heat. Try to avoid isolating the heat in one spot. You do not want to burn or damage the shoes. 

stretching shoes with hair dryer

If you do not want to wear the shoes while you are completing this process, you can always do one of the following, and stuff your shoes with:

  1. Socks
  2. Newspaper 
  3. Shoe stretcher

The great thing about a shoe stretcher is that it allows you to stretch your shoes in length and width.

After using this method, you may want to apply a conditioner to the shoe to prevent cracking or drying. 

2. Stretch shoes with ice

You may be thinking WHAT?!, but you read correctly. You can stretch your shoes using ice!

What you will need is a sandwich-sized plastic bag that seals. 

Now follow these steps… 

  1. Fill the bag about halfway with water
  2. Remove all excess air
  3. Seal the bag
  4. Place the bag in your shoe
  5. Put your shoe in the freezer overnight
  6. Let the shoe and bag thaw a little
  7. Remove the bag

Voila! Your shoes are stretched! 

You will want to inspect the bag to make sure it is sealed well and there are no leaks before placing the bag in your shoes. And be sure to place the bag in the area of your shoe that is tight. 

ice to stretch shoes

This method works because as the water freezes it expands and stretches your shoe. Using ice to stretch your shoes is most effective on non-leather shoes.

For shoe materials that can get wet without causing damage, you can wet the whole shoe and place it in the freezer with the bag of water inside. 

3. Using a Shoe stretcher

A shoe stretcher is a convenient device that can be paired with a shoe stretching spray to stretch your shoes in length, wide, and target specific areas of your shoe.

To stretch shoes, the shoe stretcher will need to be extended or expanded every 8 to 12 hours until your desired shape is obtained. 

using a shoe stretcher

The use of a shoe stretcher is best for leather shoes and sneakers. Although, the shoe stretching spray can be used on leather, fabric, and vinyl.

This product comes in either a liquid or a spray. You just put the product on the areas that are tight and wear your shoe or use the shoe stretcher. 

Other ways to stretch shoes

Wearing your shoes around the house at the end of the day is a helpful way to stretch your shoes over time. You will want to make sure you do this on carpeted floors so you can return the shoes if they remain uncomfortable. 

If you have tried stretching your shoes at home without any success and you do not want to return them. You may want to try taking them to a shoe cobbler or shoe repair shop.

They specialize in stretching and repairing shoes and take the pressure off of you.

Things to keep in mind

When you are going to buy a pair of shoes, it is useful to try shoes on later in the day because your feet are slightly swollen. This will help you avoid buying shoes that are too tight.

Also, if you are buying shoes online be sure to read the return policy carefully because you do not want to be stuck with a pair of shoes you cannot wear.

Lastly, be kind to your feet and make sure your shoes are right for you.

Happy stretching!


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