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Did you know that the first car seats for children were designed in the early ’30s?

Although they were eventually installed in the cars, their priority was not keeping the child safe. In fact, the original purpose of the car seat was to bring the child to the level of the front passenger seat so the parent that was driving could see the child much better; they were early and basic versions of the booster seats. The safety of the car seats became a priority much later. Back in 1962, Jean Ames created the first car seat that had one and only purpose.

To protect the child from injuries the car seat was designed so that the child faced the rear window and was fastened with a firm strap. This is actually very similar to modern day designs that we know today.

But let’s have a closer look at one of the best traveling systems on the market: The Trax Jogger by Graco. What does it contain? What are the specifics? What are the pros and cons? And is it a good purchase for you and your child?

Find out more in the post. Enjoy.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Includes a Car Seat

The storage lock is automated

Suspension on the tires

The front wheel is a swivel type 




What is there to be said for a travel system that includes both a jogging stroller and a car seat? Well, quite a lot actually, since it involves two different types of transportation devices. Each of them comes with their set of comfort levels, versatility offerings and a lot more, but let’s just take one thing at a time here. Let’s start with the comfort offered in the stroller.

The seat of the stroller features panels made out of mesh material. What are they for? Well, they inserted for the optimal comfort for your child. The mesh adds extra breathability when your child is reclined back on the seat, and they let not just the air to circulate, they help the drying of the seat to become much faster. Accidents like spilled bottle happen, but there’s no reason your child to lose comfort over a tiny accident. But what about the comfort for the parents that are actually in charge of the system?

Well, Graco got them covered as well. Like, for instance, the handlebar. Not only it’s adjustable to the height of the parent that’s actually in charge of the stroller, but it also has a nice and very practical tether that attaches on the parent’s wrist. It’s comfortable and practical at the same time, and it will really come in handy when the parents are jogging and controlling the stroller at the same time.


Much like with everything else, comfort is an important component of any purchase, but so is the fit of the item. If it doesn’t fit properly, then the use of the product will be diminished. But what determents the fit? Well, like with the comfort, the fit needs to apply for both the parents and the child. We’ll get into the dimensions much later in the post, but the design of the stroller suggests that it will be able to fit nicely through the narrowest and tight spaces.

You can thank the front wheel for that, and the fact that this is a stroller with three wheels, not your standard four wheels. The front wheel is very capable to go through the different terrains, harrow street corners and pretty much everything that it much comes your way, without jeopardizing the comfort. But what about the fit of the child inside the system? Yes, the dimensions and the design that was implemented in the car seat and in the stroller suggest that the fit will be more than sufficient to accommodate your child with ease and comfort.


All right now. The total weight of the car seat with the inclusion of the base is 10.7 lbs, and with the removal of the base, the total weight of the car seat reaches exactly 7 lbs. And in terms of the weight (or the load) that the car seat can actually carry, well… Graco advises that it’s used for children that are from for all the way up to 30 lbs in weight. It’s not recommended to place a child that is heavier than the maximum recommended weight, as it could render the car seat unusable and it could severely damage the functionality. The stroller’s maximum weight capacity is 50 lbs, and of course, is designed to fit one child perfectly.


The stroller in this particular travel system is trickier and it requires a lot more explaining in terms of the size and dimensions. So pay attention. The height of the stroller when is not folded is 44 inches, and when it is actually folded can reach 33.5 inches. However, it’s worth mentioning that the tires of the stroller can be easily removed in order to store the model properly, but you can also leave them on the item whether you feel like it, and of course if space allows it.

The width of the stroller is 25.5 inches, and the depth of the stroller reaches 40.25 inches. Just enough for a child to sit comfortably for a lengthily period of time. Hey, jogging requires time, effort and a lot of patience, and not that many children are willing to sit nice and quiet for an extended period of time. They’ll start fidgeting; they’ll get agitated if there’s not enough space in the stroller to move and well… You know what’s coming next. Thankfully the depth and the width are in line with the comfort and practicality so there will be none of that.


As the name suggests, the use of the two separate transportation devices is for two different transportation purposes. The car seat should be attached at the back of your car, while you can do whatever you please with the stroller. It’s perfect for almost every type of physical activity you can imagine. From shopping all the way to jogging.

Just place your child in the stroller, put on your favorite running shoes, and go for it. But how it’s used is just as important as what it’s used for. The stroller, in particular, has a very practical and adjustable handlebar that offers easy strolling regardless of the terrain. The adjustability is applied to the height of that handlebar and it can be easily adjusted to the height of both of the parents. And if you decide that it’s done its job and you’re looking for a way to fold it and store it, you can do it in two separate ways. With and without the tires. Yes. You can remove the tires, and store the stroller with ease.

There’s a nice big basket underneath the seat that is more than capable of carrying all your belongings and the baby’s essentials as well. Everything from diapers, wet naps, bottles and foot for the baby. It can fit perfectly without any restrictions.
That’s all great. But what does the stroller contain, for you and your child to use. What is useful on that particular object? Well, the model has two separate treys. One for the parent and one for the child. The trey for the parent has two fantastic cup holders, while the baby’s trey has enough space to store snacks, toys and everything else, and it actually pivots nicely for convenient no-fuss use.


The mere fact that you get two separate transport systems with just one purchase speaks volumes for the model’s versatility. Yes, you can actually use the system on several occasions, and on several terrains. The car seat is ideal for the car or course, but the stroller is ideal for just about anything. Thanks to the tether that’s attached to your wrist you can actually control the stroller with ease and high levels of precision, and the good news about it is that it’s a safety type of tether.

It will keep you and your child safe at all times. Oh, and this piece information doesn’t really fit in the versatility portion of this review, but why not… You can actually take your child to Disneyland with this item. Yup. The versatility even goes there. It meets all of the Disney requirements for safety and you can easily take your child to the happiest place on Earth.


Speaking of safety and protection, there’s a lot to be said about that as well. Other than the Disney requirements for safety (which are all met in this particular system), the aforementioned Safety tether and another source of protection is the canopy of course. The canopy is quite large in size, it has UV50 protection and it also has peek-a-boo window on top and a visor. The canopy is designed to offer protection to your child, but the small window on top of that canopy is for the parent. Through that window, the parent pushing the stroller can control the child’s movement and activity.


The durability doesn’t apply solely to the materials used in the making of the transportation system. Yes, the lightweight aluminum is also a very durable and sturdy material that’s responsible for the longevity of the stroller. But, let take the focus away from the frame and on the tires. Because the tires are the true test of the durability of products like this. The tires are filled with air, but the front wheel is the true star. It’s a swivel type of wheel, and although it may seem that it gets the most impact with the ground and other objects on the road, it’s, in fact, the most durable of them all.


Graco has some instructions about the maintenance of the system and the care of each of the models. First and foremost try and clean the stroller with warm water and mild soap. Do not use bleach or any type of abrasive detergent that could severely damage the construction. And when it comes to the maintenance of the wheels, a light oil brush will do the trick if they start to squeak. However, the cushion on the car seat is removable and easily washable in cold water. Mild soap is your best option as well and try not to expose it to any source of direct heat. Let it dry all on itself.

Bottom line

The transport system is a really compact and practical solution for every young parent. It offers a stroller and a car seat, and it comes with plenty of useful and practical features. It’d a safe, convenient, lightweight and very durable system that will come in handy when you’re in the mood of being active. Your baby will love the time spent with you, and you can do whatever you please. Got to the mall for a quick errand or jog in the nearest park. Yes, it’s an expensive purchase, but it’s one that’s worth getting.