Fila Disruptor 2

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 Fila Disruptor 2 Reviewed

When Fila was first founded in 1911, the two brothers objective was to take the best components and ingredients to create the best end product. This is exactly what they did when they came out with their first athletic pair. The Fila Disruptor 2 is a tribute to that shoe. Fila has taken the best of the original shoe and has presented you with the updated and best new version of that shoe. It is the kind of shoe which appeals to the active person who needs a comfortable shoe to engage in multiple sports and activities, like running, jogging, and even wearing all day at work. It is one of the best workout shoes on the market.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Easy to clean
  • True to size
  • Economically priced
  • Many styles available
  • Great traction
  • May run narrow for some
  • Chunkier style


The Fila Disruptor is designed with a molded super thick rubber outsole. This offers you unparalleled wear, tear, water, and debris resistance. It is quite pliable although it is on the chunkier side. This is due to the special flex grooves integrated into the outsole. Debris won’t overly be attracted to these sneakers either, although you might not want to venture onto uneven, overly rocky, loose gravel surfaces. This is not designed to be an outsole for trail running, but you do get a good amount of grip. You will also notice the Fila emblem embroidered on the bottom. Fila delivered a durable, lightweight sole which packs a lot of traction, performance deliverability, and shock absorbance.


The midsole is constructed using a lightweight, but durable ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) foam. It is relatively thick so that it can rise to the occasion and provide optimal shock absorbency and solidity to you as an athlete. It also provides a durable wall between the upper and the outsole which delivers the exceptional fortitude and firmness you need in a multipurpose athletic shoe.


The upper comes in several styles and colors, so there is most likely something to satisfy most palettes. The Disruptor 2 features a soft perforated Nubuck and synthetic leather blend which is easy to clean and makes it considerably lighter and breathable. The Nubuck leather is what gives the upper its velvety texture. Fila decided to embroider the logo into the shoe in multiple spots. For those of you who hate that irritating spot left when logos eventually fall off will love the embroidered option. It also features a cushiony collar and tongue for both protection and comfort. A lacing closure allows you to make adjustments for personal and perfect fit. You also have a wide toe cap to compensate for toe splay and a removable insole that can be washed.


No specific weight was found to secure a specific weight. A visual inspection does seem to scream "heavy", but reviews from users would heavily suggest otherwise. Most reviews reported it as being comfortable, and therefore excellent for running and jogging. Nobody enjoys running in heavy shoes, after all. It should also be taken into consideration that the blended upper and lightweight, EVA midsole would subtract from the weight. The outsole’s construction and grooves would also make this lean towards being lightweight.


Fila designed the Fila Disruptor to be extremely breathable. Your feet are able to enjoy a constant flow of air courtesy of the perforated upper. The material work together to keep your feet cool in various climates and workout conditions. Another feature to thank for the supreme breathability is the textile lining which keeps moisture away from your feet. Customers who are prone to excessive foot moisture will appreciate this feature and be ensured a more comfortable workout.


Many design elements work together to make this an incredibly comfortable athletic sneaker. First, it is lightweight and breathable so you won’t feel weighted down and stuffy. A removable and washable insole not only keeps your feet comfy but feeling refreshed while you take on an active life. The midsole grants you added stability and adds to the reduced weight of the Disruptor 2. Based on several reviews, you also won’t have to worry about your feet moving around and heel slippage. Your feet can definitely grip the ground with ease while you're wearing these. Fila chose to use a lacing closure which puts optimizing the tightness of the fit in your hands. After all, no two athletes are the same. Of course, the extra thick outsole oozes with responsiveness, stability, flexibility, and added protection. They are true to size, but may run a little narrow for some wearers. As an added treat, you have a wide toe box so your toes can have plenty of room for toe splay.


For the most part, people are on one accord when it comes to the Fila Disruptor 2’s functionality. It does deliver what it is intended to do. However, Fila’s Old School sneaker has mixed reactions when it comes to some of its cosmetic features. The most significant point of division is its chunky silhouette. Some feel it has a “granddaddy” feel and needs to be modernized, while the other camp think this adds to the appeal. It looks like more people are in the latter camp and treasure the fashion aesthetics. It really just boils down to personal tastes. Overall, many wearers enjoy the various styles and colors and find the shoe to be appealing when sported with the right outfit.


The Disruptor 2 is an athletic shoe you are most likely going to use for multiple sports and activities. This could include running, jogging, all day wear, and even shooting hoops on the court. That was Fila’s intent for this shoe. Therefore, Fila designed it with durable materials and technologies which would extend its wear. A blended material for the upper creates pliability, which aids in avoiding cracking. Yu also have a strong bond between the upper, midsole, and outsole. The Nubuck material, in particular, is known to create strong, yet supple structure for the upper. Fila also used a thick rubber outsole to which is resilient to expedited wear and tear.


The Disruptor 2 definitely goes all out to make sure you have the protection you need to be confident in them. Due to the outsole, you can feel assured on all types of surfaces, even wet ones. The thick hardy nature of the outsole also protects your feet from debris and other items your feet may encounter. Another added benefit is your joints will be spared some of the beatings due to the thick responsive sole. Special grooves counteract the thickness and allow you the flexibility needed to encourage the foot’s natural movement. Padding keeps you Achilles protected and intentional designing keep your ankles and heels supported. The cherry on the top is the durable construction which eradicates worries pertaining to this falling apart during a workout.


Customers seem to be pleased with the responsiveness this shoe provides. This is confirmation that Fila accomplished its mission. The Disruptor 2 is engineered with an EVA midsole to add stability and comfort. More importantly, however, this closed cell foamed midsole works with the thick outsole to absorb the shock as you strike the ground and to give you that added bounce with each stride. As an orthopedic inspired shoe, it is intended to compensate for gait issues so that you can get the most out of your wear.


Part of what makes the Fila Disruptor 2 so likable is the support it offers. First, you have a flexible blended mesh which molds around the feet for support. The lacing system comes into play by locking the feet in. Then there is the outsole which allows you to grip your surfaces. Another consideration is the midsole which supports each stride with just the right amount of buoyancy and shock absorbency to take some of the edge off of your joints during heel strike and toe off.


Fila designed the Disruptor 2 to afford wearers versatility. As a running shoe, it takes on smooth even leveled, paved surfaces and treadmills with ease. When used as a walking shoe offers a comfortable experience on smooth and carpeted work floors. It really does offer you the opportunity to explore various terrains. Of course, you probably shouldn’t try to make this your trail shoe because they were not designed for rugged trail terrains. However, you are free to explore the world with these.


Depending on the style, the Fila Disruptor can range from inexpensive to moderate in terms of how much you can expect to pay. The price does fluctuate depending on where you make your purchase, so you might want to shop around for the best deals. This is a shoe which offers a lot of value. It is durable, super comfortable, flexible, lightweight, and accommodating. It is also stylish enough for you to wear to work and while you just tackle everyday life. The Fila Disruptor is a shoe you might want to consider investing in even if you want to start off on the lower end. In this case, a lower price does not equate to lesser quality.


As an athletic shoe it is important for the Fila Disruptor to have good traction. This is why Fila designed the outsole to give you the traction you need during your activities and routines. The rubber and thread pattern allow you to grip your surfaces and minimize the risk of you losing your footing due to a slippery sole. No complaints were found with the wearer having problems with traction on wet or smooth areas.


You would think because of the chunkiness of this shoe it would be quite rigid. Fila designed the Disruptor to work with your feet as your move. The upper is pliable and has a nice bendy feel that does not compromise stability. Grooves in the outsole add to this effect and provide that flexibility you especially need at the toe box during toe off. This makes it a great shoe for running, jogging, walking, and aerobic activities.


A great portion of the stability comes from the outsole. Fila gives you a strong outsole for a strong reliable foundation. Special grooves help you keep your footing on multiple surfaces. The adjustable lacing really works in conjunction with the other features, such as the extra cushioning to really lock your feet into place. You can probably attest that one of the irritating things is to have your feet sliding around. Well, Fila put some extra effort to help avoid this occurrence. Customers were also pleased that there was no heel slippage noticeable during their activities.


There was not any documentation found which indicated the actual heel to toe offset for the Fila Disruptor 2. A quick visual however, gives indication that the drop might be quite significant drop. It looks like it will cater to most running gaits, especially those where the wearer’s natural tendency is to strike first on the outer heel and naturally want to make it to the outer toe. Wearers did not have any complaints in terms of the drop causing them t feel awkward while they were in motion.

Key Features

● EVA midsole
● Blend of real and synthetic leather for lighter weight
● Removable and washable insole for freshness
● Nubuck upper
● Extra thick rubber outsole
● Retro inspired


Overall, Fila’s Disruptor 2 delivers a durable, lightweight flexible, and multiple purpose retro inspired athletic sneaker. You get much for your money including the backing of the Fila brand. Although the fashion decisions are not unanimously agreed upon, most would agree that it is a high functioning shoe which allows you to shine during workouts. You also don’t have to worry about abrasives and rougher surfaces speeding up the wear and tear process. If you are looking for a reasonably priced sneaker for your active lifestyle, then you might want to add the Disruptor 2 to your shoe collection.