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Dansko is a brand that made far-reaching changes in the world of shoes. Founded in 1990, by former horse trainers Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup, Dansko’s quest was very obvious to many. Their journey started with a trip to Denmark, in search of a “barn shoe” that will have two qualities combined: fashion and function for their equestrian needs. After filling their suitcases with traditional clogs, they returned to Pennsylvania, where they started selling them from the back of their wagon. The satisfied customers reacted quickly and spread the word about the “Danish shoe” that felt incredibly comfortable, hence the era of the Dansko clog began.

The couple’s achievement was greatly appreciated by many professionals, mostly medical staff, but also by chefs, waiters, flight attendants, and by all those whose job required standing on their feet for most of the day. Dansko clogs were designed with comfort in mind in order to improve the quality of people’s lives. This led to the production of different styles, such as shoes, sandals and clogs, all famous for the all-day comfort they provide. The majority of the models feature high-quality leather uppers, decent arch support, ample airflow, and footbeds that promote good foot health. Another great feature worth mentioning is that most Dansko shoes are accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association, which means they have been awarded for their remarkable quality, comfort, and safety.

One of Dansko’s best sellers from the Stapled Clog collection is the Dansko Marcelle model. They are similar to the standard clog regarding comfort and footbed, with the only difference being in the low profile top. With a more feminine look than the rest of the collection, the Dansko Marcelle delivers comfort and functional styles to many professionals and to others, comfortable everyday wear.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Very durable

Extremely comfortable all day long

Provides great arch support

Highly breathable



Requires minimum break-in period


Dansko shoes are designed to alleviate feet and back pain. The rubber outsole is made of polyurethane foam (PU), which is light but extremely abrasion and slip-resistant. This type of foam is generally used in the production of hard wearing shoes, such as safety shoes, trekking, and sports models. Due to its flexible properties, it makes the style very comfortable and easy to wear. The PU material also helps extend the life of the shoe itself, and in this case, it features a rocker bottom to propel the foot forward and at the same time provides excellent shock absorption.

In addition to that, the foot is supported by a wide, protective, 2 inches tall TPU heel counter, which allows for freer movement of the heel while simultaneously providing lateral stability. The height of the heel is perfect to keep the wearer out of the water, and as reported by many customers, it offers excellent support to the back. Unlike other Dansko clogs, the Dansko Marcelle is less slip-resistant but has a sturdy enough outsole for wet and slippery surfaces.


The midsole of the Dansko Marcelle is a contoured PU midsole that provides excellent cushioning every time your foot hits the ground. Unlike the Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) foam incorporated in many midsoles, the PU material is a bit heavier but holds up better than the EVA. While the EVA midsoles may be more bouncy, the PU midsole has longer-lasting bouncing properties.


The design of the Dansko Marcelle clogs is dressed in high-quality patent leather with a polycoat finish. This polycoat finish is scratch-resistant and delivers great shine to the entire model. According to some customers, the leather is very stiff and sturdy, but it takes minimum break-in period. Unlike most Dansko clogs, the Dansko Marcelle has a Mary Jane strap, which is sewn on the sides and can not rotate back. While this strap is elastic and adjustable, it is not meant to swivel back. Some customers reported that they can quickly step in and out of the clog without having to buckle it up each time. According to them, the reason for this is because the strap is set on the second to the tightest hole, but this depends on the size of the foot.


Comfort is possibly one of the best features of the Dansko Marcelle design and Dansko clogs in general. They were designed with comfort in mind, and their number one customers are medical professionals, chefs, flight attendants, teachers and most people who stand on their feet for the majority of the time. In order to help improve the quality of people’s lives, Dansko clogs combine all possible attributes that create a great clog, and as a result are one of the best clogs on the market when it comes to comfort.

First, the leather sock liner is designed for long-wearing comfort, and it is highly breathable, helping your feet to stay dry and odor free while wearing them for long periods of time. In addition to that, the Dansko Marcelle features an open-cell PU footbed, meaning the air and water can quickly enter and exit the foam, acting like a sponge. It is generally soft and in the case of Dansko Marcelle clogs the footbed is not removable, and there is no need to be taken out.
They are also comfortable enough to wear without socks or tights, but they can also be worn with thin or thick socks depending on the taste of the wearer. Another attribute contributing to the overall comfort is the collar, which is nicely padded for comfort while walking or standing on your feet.

The Dansko Marcelle style is not explicitly made for wide feet. However, they feature an ample toe box for those with wider feet. The toe is reinforced and has plenty of room to allow your toes to move freely and comfortably, while the exceptional arch support delivers all-day comfort. Unlike most other clogs, Dansko Marcelle has a low profile, which according to customer’s reviews is an excellent feature, since they don’t rub on the upper portion of the foot.


Featuring an adjustable strap that helps keep your foot snug and secured and at the same time allows you to be able to slide the foot in and out very quickly, Dansko Marcelle ensures stable posture. The buckle has seven adjustments which make it adjustable to the wearer’s desire. While the sole may be hard and it may take some time to adjust to it, it is worth for the great support in the long run. Many buyers reported that after the break-in period, they were wearing these clogs with ease on different terrain such as the beach, walking on muddy surfaces and walking through pebbles and rocks. The Dansko Marcelle clogs have been praised for the excellent shock absorption and the ability to retain original shape after spills from grease, chlorine or other enemies of the leather.

The footbed is said to provide excellent arch support, and many customers were happy to say that they actually helped with their plantar fasciitis. Unlike other shoes that only look stylish and provide minimum comfort, the Dansko Marcelle design does not require orthotics or any other inserts. Although they are not created as an orthopedic shoe, they were indeed designed with great arch support. Their high level of comfort makes it easy for customers to wear them all day long without feeling any foot or back pain. According to a number of buyers, the Dansko Marcelle helped them reduce exhaustion during long hours of standing or walking.

Another important feature regarding support and comfort for those who have bunions is the Mary-Jane style vamp, that is high enough on the foot, and does not cut across bunions.


As long as the strap is snug on the forefoot, rest assured the Dansko Marcelle will work great for you and keep your feet from wobbling. The one thing that is great about buckles is that they are adjustable and help the wearer get the fit they want. In addition to that, the heel counter is wide enough and provides excellent lateral stability.


Dansko Marcelle clogs are designed for professionals or people whose job requires standing or walking for most of the day. With this in mind, Dansko created a clog to protect the feet of the wearer while walking or standing. The rubber outsole is slip-resistant and helps promote safer movement on slippery and wet ground. Even though they do not have a steel toe, the toe is reinforced and helps protect your feet from various hazards on your worksite.


As a result of the high-quality materials used to make the Dansko Marcelle clog, they tend to last a long time. According to a number of buyers, they last about an average of two years, but some wearers who work in the service industry reported that they have made their feet happy for 10 years! Despite the time it takes to break into these shoes, they are worth in the long run. They are highly recommended for people working in the service industry, as well as nurses, waiters, and chefs. Dansko Marcelle clogs are easy to clean too, requiring only gentle wipe with a soft and dry cloth. If you take good care of them, they will make your feet happy for a long time, leaving your feet, back and legs pain-free even after long hours of working, standing or walking.


Despite the sturdy, solid look, the polyurethane outsole is reported to absorb shock and provide good flexibility. The company made sure people have the right shoe to provide them with comfort and stability, but if the design is not flexible enough, it may hurt your ankle and your shin muscles. So far, a number of customers were satisfied with the levels of flexibility the Dansko Marcelle model provided them with, allowing them to have better control and agility on different types of terrain.


All Dansko styles have been tested on dry, wet, and oily ground to ensure safety. The main culprit in charge of traction in this model is the outsole. In this case, the rubber outsole is non-slip, which means it is safe for buyers to wear the Dansko Marcelle clog on slippery and wet surfaces.


As mentioned above, the Dansko Marcelle clog is safe to wear on oily or wet surfaces. They are sturdy enough and feature a slip-resistant sole, which makes them great for oil kitchen floors, wet patios or hospital hallways.


The leather-lined sock liner helps promote ample airflow to keep your feet dry and odor-free. In addition to that, the single-density open-cell PU footbed, which is known to be very light and breathable, adds to the overall comfort regarding good air circulation inside the Dansko Clog Marcelle.


When it comes to fashion, there have been mixed comments from customers. The Dansko Marcelle clog is a clog after all, but it is the upper design and the colors that may make it more versatile and better appealing to customers. They can be easily matched with jeans or pants, but they can look good with tights and skirts. Some customers said that they also look and feel great without socks and capri pants in the summertime. The Dansko Marcelle style comes available in a variety of colors and styles including Black Cabrio, Cordovan Cabrio, Chicory, Antique Brown Oiled, Red Oiled, Teal Oiled, and Black Patent just to name a few.


Despite the sturdy, solid look, many customers reported that the Dansko Marcelle style feels very comfortable and light even after wearing it for just a little less than 12 hours. There is no actual number to describe the weight of the clog, but according to many buyers they are super light and can be worn throughout the whole day, while still managing to provide great comfort during that time.

Key Features

*Premium leather or fabric uppers
*Adjustable Mary-Jane buckled instep strap for optimal fit
*Breathable leather footbed
*Padded instep collar for comfort
*TPU heel counter
*Wide heel strike for stability
*Polyurethane non-slip outsole absorbs shock and provides flexibility
*Accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association
*Roomy reinforced toe box for protection
*Heel Height: 2"

Bottom Line

With qualities like the Dansko Marcelle clog, you can walk and work with confidence all day long. Dansko’s commitment to helping improve the wearer’s quality of life and make them look and feel good during the day has been highly rewarded by their fans. Not only does the Dansko Marcelle clog feature a sturdy and slip-resistant outsole, but it also provides excellent support for your toes and arches as well as your back. They are designed for all those who need support and comfort while standing, walking and working on their feet. They can also be worn by people for everyday wear. The Dansko Marcelle style features high-quality leather uppers, breathable leather sock liners and provides the wearer with decent arch support. The outsole has many features including shock absorbance, slip-resistance, as well as promoting stability and support. Accepted by the APMA, maybe it’s time to treat your feet with the comfort they deserve.