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Crocs production doesn’t end with the worldwide famous Crocs classic clog. We have all heard of the ugliest Croc shoe that feels like heaven to the feet. Well, we have good news for all you Crocs fans! Crocs have come up with another line of products called the Freesail collection.  This collection is designed just for women and includes rain boots and clogs. Part of this collection is the Freesail Chelsea model, a waterproof rain boot that combines all the best features from Crocs.

Starting from the comfort one would expect from Crocs comfort technology to the incredibly light Croslite material construction, the Freesail Chelsea design also sports a slimmer, sleeker shape to give the leg a feminine look. Furthermore, this rain boot is an easy slip on and off design that has a relaxed fit. Just so there is no confusion, the W on the bottom of the shoe stands for Women's and not Wide. If you want to be in the know about this perfect rain boot, remain alert as we delve deeper into more details.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Trendy ankle height

Waterproof style

Easy slip-on design

Dual Comfort technology

Long lasting outsole


Sizes run small

No insulation

Lack of support


It’s not hard to talk about comfort when it comes to Crocs footwear. There is no doubt about it. The Freesail Chelsea model is a fairly comfortable boot, and on top of that, it’s easy to slip on when the time comes for you to take your dog out on wet grass. Some buyers recommend wearing socks with them, since they may rub around the ankle at the beginning, but wearing socks will solve this issue. The reason behind the heavenly cushioned feel of this rain boot is the dual comfort from the Croslite foam footbed that lies on top of a Croslite foam outsole. Some customers said that after a few hours the model started feeling tight and it felt like they were walking on hard plastic.

Despite some reviews about the boot not having the same feel from the regular Croc sandals, we are talking about a deeply cushioned footbed here, that is also removable and easy to clean. They may be uncomfortable the first few days but are said to get better with time. If you need more cushioned feel than the one Freesail Chelsea has to offer, you may add an extra insole. However, have in mind that this will automatically make the fit tighter, so in order to do so, it’s recommended that you purchase one size up. Also, since this model keeps your feet dry in all conditions, you may rest assured you won’t have sweaty, nor smelly feet at the end of the day. The Freesail Chelsea is also waterproof up to the elastic panels and the non-slip sole works excellent on wet and slippery terrain.


According to Crocs, the Freesail Chelsea model has a relaxed fit. This means there is a little more room but still feels secure on the foot. On the other hand, as per customers reviews, the fit is small, and they may feel a bit snug. Although there is a lot of positive feedback about the right fit, there are some who disagreed with this. The Freesail Chelsea has a narrow profile, so, in order to help you get the right fit, you may want to consider getting one size up. Evidently, with models like this, it’s safer to make the purchase in a store, where you can try them on, but if you want to get them online, then we recommend purchasing one size up.


When it comes to rain boots, it’s hard to expect they will keep you as warm as snow boots. Insulated styles usually consist of separate insulating layer or materials that keep in warmth naturally. Rain boots are designed to withstand rain to keep your feet dry, and unlike winter and snow boots, they don’t provide much insulation. The whole upper of the Freesail Chelsea is made of synthetic material, and as per many reviewers, they do not feel warm at all, but they are waterproof. There is hardly any lining on the inside, and in order to keep your feet nice and warm, you may want to consider wearing a pair of warm, fuzzy socks. This will be made possible if you purchase one size up since they run a bit narrow and snug. If you want to wear them in the wintertime, we recommend wearing them with extremely thick socks to keep the heat inside the boot.


In order to keep your feet on the ground while walking with the Freesail Chelsea model in the rain, Crocs applied rubber outsole pods to improve traction. This means you would be able to walk through puddles and slippery terrain without having to worry of slipping. Crocs are known for the Comfort Croslite technology they use in all their models. This rain boot features the Dual Crocs Comfort, meaning you get a soft foam footbed for an extra cushioned feel that lies on a Croslite foam outsole. This high-density Croslite outsole is applied to provide maximum durability. As such, it will give long life to your boots while keeping your feet on the ground. When it comes to the heel height, we can say it’s only 1.1 inches tall.


When you first look at the Freesail Chelsea boot, you may get the impression that they will just feel stiff and awkward. On the contrary, many buyers were happy to say that they are comfortable enough and not only do they make a great rain boot, but they are perfect for walking too. However, walking in them for many hours may cause pain in your feet at the end of the day. With a sleek silhouette, the Freesail Chelsea will look super cute with jeans and leggings in basically any color.

The model can be found in few color selections such as black/black, berry/dots, navy/navy, tropical floral/light grey and garnet/floral just to mention a few. This variety in color combinations makes them easy to pair with any color in your wardrobe. The Freesail Chelsea rain boots are made from hard rubber. Because of the styling, this shouldn't be an issue, since they don’t come up higher on the shins. As a result of the elastic on the sides, it makes putting the boots on and off really easy. The ankle height is an on-trend design and gives the boot a feminine look. Many buyers loved the look with jeans and leggings that they even wore them on dry weather, simply for the fashion appearance.


Due to the Dual Comfort footbed, which is a deep cushioned insert, the Freesail Chelsea boot should provide all-day support. However, some customers agreed that there was little to no arch support and that they may be too wide for someone with medium width foot. Although Crocs footwear is known to do wonders for those with plantar fasciitis, many said that the pair of Chelsea are not the best for walking in them for hours. They are lightweight, and with the elasticated sides, they are easy to put on, but you may want to add special orthotics in order to get the support you want.


Most rain boots are made with rubber or EVA foam to ensure good traction. The Freesail Chelsea has a rubber outsole with rubber pods to improve traction. Even though this style does not feature special slip-resistant tread, many customers said that they felt safe while walking through puddles, mud and wet terrain. There are other styles in the Freesail collection that feature the CrocksLock tread, which ensures great grip on a variety of workspaces. As a matter of fact, this feature exceeds industry standards. When it comes to the Freesail Chelsea boot, many customers reported that they provided a good grip even in the snow. However, besides the positive feedback on the good traction of the outsole, it is wiser and safer to use general caution when walking on slippery terrain.


The Freesail Chelsea is an ankle height stylish boot perfect for women with thick calves. Moreover, they don’t even like rain boots! The entire upper is made of synthetic material that is waterproof all over. There is deep elastic goring on the sides, and once water gets to that height, the upper will no longer keep water at bay. You can find a pull tab at the back of the heel, that makes it easier to slide the foot in and out. The entire model is easily washable, and according to many customers, they looked brand new after they washed them.


Rain boots have one job; to keep your feet dry by keeping water at bay. If they fail to do so, then they are definitely not rain boots. Although the Crocs Freesail Chelsea design is made with waterproof material, it’s only waterproof up to the elastic panels. Which basically means, if you happen to step in a puddle that is deeper than you thought, you may have a problem. Other than that, this rain boot by Crocs is wonderfully waterproof. Crocs made sure they are! Once you get used to your new pair of Chelsea rain boots, you will realize that they are not only rainy weather must-have, but they are versatile and can be worn anywhere and at any time. It is the classic design of the Freesail Chelsea boot that makes it easy to include in your everyday wear. With a pair like the Freesail Chelsea, your least worry should be where to show them off.


Not all rain boots are light. Walking in the rain is hard enough, especially if you walk through puddles, and if the boot is heavy, then it will feel like you are stuck in the mud. Other rain boots seem really heavy when compared to the Freesail Chelsea style. This model is really light, which makes it comfortable enough to walk around for long periods of time. However, due to the lack of support, it is recommended not to wear them for too long if you don’t have orthotics inserted. Due to the Croslite material construction, the Crocs rain boot weighs only 1.5 lbs a pair.


When it comes to the width of the shoe, we came across mixed opinions and feedback. Some say that the fit is great all over, while the majority said that they are too narrow. According to them, the Freesail Chelsea rain boot is narrow in width and narrow in the opening, that some found annoying. This is where the elastic sides should come in handy, but they didn’t seem to work for all reviewers. Some buyers were happy with the fit when they wore thin socks, but with thicker socks for colder days, they had no chance even putting the boot on. It seems like the fitting by the ankle is quite narrow, therefore it may cause rubbing. Usually, rain boots look big, but they feel big too. It turned out that this was not the case with the Freesail Chelsea by Crocs.

Bottom Line

Crocs make very comfortable shoes. There is no doubt about that! When it comes to the Freesail Chelsea rain boot, the only downside is that they are a bit tight, making them harder to wear with thick socks. Some customers compared the rain boot with more expensive ones like Le Chameau, Hunter, and even Ugg rain boots, but they said that none compare with The Freesail Chelsea model, which are super light to wear and very comfortable. They are also easy to pull on and stylish enough to wear for coffee with friends. The upper is rubber with a Croslite cushioned footbed, and they are waterproof up until the elastic panels. The outsole is also Crocs invention, consisting of rubber pods for better traction. Some customers complained that there was hardly any arch support, but that is not an issue if you wear them for a few hours. These ankle boots are cute, stylish and can be matched with jeans or leggings for a casual look.