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Leather, combat-style boots have never looked so good! Known as the European comfort shoe, Josef Siebel has the perfect shoes for both work and play and, being one of Europe’s longest established shoe manufacturers makes their options pretty amazing - and the Josef Siebel Sienna is no exception. Between the leather uppers, TR sole and fabric linings, this boot is your new go-to when it comes to cooler weather… and let’s not forget that front, lace-up closure for solid ankle fit and the amazing colorways that are available. If you need a new pair of boots for your skinny jeans, look no further, the Josef Siebel Sienna is here to stay.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Fashionable boot style

Quality leather uppers

Removable leather footbed

Warm fabric linings

Front lace-up closure


Run a size smaller

Scratches easily


When it is starting to creep into the colder months, comfort is a big issue when it comes to a lot of boot styles…. but the Josef Siebel Sienna is not one of them! Josef Siebel have an exclusive patented footbed, which results in all day comfort for all of their shoes. The fabric linings offer comfort and warmth to the wearer across their whole foot, and the front lace-up closure adds extra support around the ankle for a level of coziness offered by few other styles. The laces keep your foot securely in place, yet the soft, quality leather allows flexibility in ankle movement at all times and doesn’t make your foot feels claustrophobic. The boot toe is also a rounded shape, offering plenty of room for a sneaky toe wriggle or two, and they don’t have any break-in time required. All crucial components when it comes to testing the comfort of a new shoe!

Granted, they are not a ‘waterproof’ shoe, however, the added element of a rubber outsole gives you some piece of mind knowing your feet will stay that little bit drier when it starts to get a little damp. That, combined with the warmth and comfort already offered by this stylish shoe, make the Josef Siebel Sienna a pretty solid cooler-weather boot choice in the comfort stakes!


If a cold-weather boot is claiming to be an all-day, every-day shoe, then stability is going to be one of the most important components most people will consider. The Josef Siebel Sienna offers a front closure lace-up style, which means your own personalized level of ankle support for any day of the year. A lovely addition is that the leather lining is so flexible and soft, meaning that any ankle movement is comfortable and secure, not abrasive and confining.

The Josef Siebel Sienna also offers moderate arch support, which is more than suffice for most everyday activities. It is a welcome change to have a combat boot with such a level of arch support, as many have little or no signs of it which can cause sore feet at the end of a long day. Not the case in these beauties!

It should also be noted that there is a slight heel to these boots, however, this is a perfect size for everyday use. It is not overbearing and extreme, meaning it offers just the right amount of stylish sophistication without being a burden on the shoe or its stability, which is a balance that can sometimes be hard to achieve.


A big aspect that should be considered when looking at the Josef Seibel Sienna is its breathability and air flow. Why you make ask? Well, just because it is cold does not mean your foot doesn’t sweat. So, when your foot sweats it becomes wet and, if that sweat has nowhere to go, your foot can get cold… the exact opposite of what your boot is trying to achieve! Therefore, if your winter shoe has sufficient breathability, your foot has a lower likelihood of getting cold, which is what we want. Now, when it comes to this combat boot, it has the perfect balance of warm linings, namely leather and cozy malivelour, as well as adequate space around your foot throughout to ensure a little bit of breathing room. This is accentuated by the rounded toe, which allows a little more room without being extreme, and good width suitable to most foot types.

To add to the breathability of the shoe, the Josef Seibel Sienna’s leather footbed is removable, allowing it to be aired and/or washed at your convenience. This is such a big aspect when it comes to winter boots, as a lot of the time the construction of the shoe does not allow for you to ‘take the shoe apart’ and let is breathe as, let’s be real, everyone’s feet sweat in winter.


The versatility and flexibility of the Josef Seibel Sienna combat boot is pretty amazing. Despite the fact they are comfortable and offer extensive, all-around foot support, which can lead to a bulky and unflattering shoe, they are still stylish, sophisticated and a welcome addition to many cold-weather outfits. It doesn’t matter if it’s chilly or damp (or both!), these boots can be worn throughout the day and night for the ultimate versatile winter look. And this is a pretty big feat, considering the fact that many combat boots aren’t that multi-faceted, but thanks to the quality leather upper and contemporary colorways the Josef Seibel Sienna should have a place front and center in your wardrobe.


The Josef Seibel Sienna has a TR outsole, meaning it is made of thermoplastic rubber. The use of TR for the outsole means that it is lightweight and flexible, as well as being abrasion-resistant. The use of TR is common in women's shoes which have heels, just like the Josef Seibel Sienna, as it offers the best support network to a sole when it is under constant pressure. This results in a need for a durable outsole material, and TR ticks all the boxes. It is also waterproof and commonly used for walking shoe outsoles, showing this combat boot is more than just a pretty face.
This kind of outsole also offers a level of traction, ensuring that you won’t slip and slide down the street whilst grabbing your morning coffee. Granted, you wouldn’t go trekking in the Amazon with these babies but, let’s be real, that’s not what they are designed for, so use them for what they are supposed to be used for - trendy everyday wear!


Cold weather boots should offer terrain protection - it is as simple as that. And the Josef Seibel Sienna does just that, by building a little fortress around your feet for everyday safety. The TR outsole means your feet are shielded from most common nasties, including damp winter mornings and cold evening walks, and help avoid that awkward slippery stumble you make across the sidewalk when running for the bus.

Given that these combat boots are suitable for lots of walking, it is imperative that they offer high levels of protection for your feet… and from what you can see above, they do just that (and check out the Outsole section below for more on this topic). An added bonus is that, although they have high levels of protection, they aren’t too chunky or bulky. Perfect for any cool weather outfit and they transition perfectly from day to night, offering protection to the wearer at all times, which is perfect considering their versatility in transitioning from day to nightwear. Just because the sun is going down, doesn’t mean you don’t need a little foot protection.

Shoe Uppers

Now, shoe uppers are a really important component when it comes to boots, especially combat boots, which people do not give enough credit. Sure a shoe upper may look good, but does it make the shoe a better choice than others on the market? In the case of the Josef Seibel Sienna, one of the best parts of the shoe is its uppers. They are made of genuine, soft, amazing leather and are pliable and comfortable, offering a robust upper that is supple and breathable and the perfect balance to keep your foot in the boot. They are not waterproof however, but their outsole offers some level of protection in colder, damp weather.

There is also some super cute stitching across the top of the boot, which adds a little character and life to them when the weather turns a bit grey and dreary. Just because it’s dull outside, doesn’t mean your footwear has to be!


The quality and longevity of the Josef Seibel Sienna is pretty amazing - they are beautifully made and built to last. Between the soft, genuine leather upper and the removable leather footbed, the quality and construction of this combat boot are quite enviable. Additionally, the leather & cozy malivelour lining add a level of luxury to this shoe, which is a welcome addition when it comes to any shoe used in the colder winter months. There is a slight catch though - these boots scratch. Now, not everyone may view this as a negative, as ‘scratching’ is otherwise known as the ‘worn’ look and this suits this style of combat boot perfectly, but it is worth noting for those who wish to maintain a more polished boot look. The boot already comes with a ‘worn in’ appeal, so a little scratching will likely just add to its character, but it is a component which affects the appearance of the shoe - you decide if for the better or for the worse!


When you are looking for a combat boot for the cooler months, you generally have a color in mind - whether it be black, brown or something a little different like green. Well, if those are the only colors you are considering, the Josef Seibel Sienna has not got you covered. The boot comes in at least seven colors, including graphite, olive green, royal blue, and camel, however, they do not come in black. This may be a little off-putting to some, however, the collection of other colors more than makes up for the lack of black. These boots are definitely still a worthwhile investment, and don’t be put off by the color appearance online… the colors look much better in person and they are so nice, you’ll want to buy more than one pair!


Now, this boot runs small, I am not going to lie. To ensure your foot is comfortable, you are likely going to have to buy a size larger than normal - especially keep this in mind if you are buying these boots online. In saying this, the Josef Seibel Sienna is a great fit for most foot types, once you get the correct size. It has good width which, combined with moderate arch support, provides a suitable fit for the majority of the population. It is also suitable for a lot of walking, which many combat boots can generally not be praised for, which is an added bonus… as well as being super cozy for the cooler months. It is also worth noting that those with larger sized feet will likely find these boots a welcome change, as they are especially flattering to the foot in larger sizes.

Bottom Line

Despite the fact the Josef Seibel Sienna may run a little small and scratch easily, these boots are still definitely worth the cash. They are a stylish, comfortable and versatile addition to any cooler weather wardrobe, offering a plethora of positives to the wearer. From the ankle support offered by the front closure laces to the warm, breathable linings, you need these boots for the colder months when it comes to everyday wear. The Josef Seibel Sienna are a quality addition to any colder-weather outfit (especially skinny jeans!) and will continue to be stylish for years to come, meaning you’ll get heaps of use out of any pair you purchase… however, given the cute colorways, you should definitely consider buying more than one pair. Sounds like a worthwhile investment to me!