Cole Haan Zerogrand Wingtip Review

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What term best describes a shoe that’s crafted with an innovative approach to both fashion and design? Cole Haan calls it, ‘Grand.’ The Zerogrand products are a part of what Haan refers to as the Grand.OS ⎯” A thoroughly modern operating system for your feet.” These pairs are made to offer an agile and lightweight ride that brings a whole new meaning to flexibility. There are two styles to choose from, the Boot Chukka and Oxford Sneaker, but today is all about the Oxford. I mean does it get any better than this?! A perfect combination of the aesthetic side of Oxford footwear and the athletic aspects of long distance running shoes. Zerogrand offers an innovative outsole and gorgeous upper that help to set it a step above the rest which is why it’s a must-have for the modern gentlemen.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Leather Material
  • Oxford Design
  • Athletic Sole
  • Breathable
  • Rear Pull-Tab
  • Pricey
  • Prone To Squeaking


When you think Coal Haan you probably envision a finally tailored pair of dress shoes but their athletically-inspired Zerogrand designs are anything but just another one for the office. This Oxford sneaker has a truly unique sole that's agile and effortless to wear. It's styled after the classic notched sole of running shoes and provides better movability and a featherlight feel. Having a flexible sole is an important aspect that will keep you comfortable and help you to get the most enjoyment from the shoes on your feet. The overall weight is another powerful aspect it can make or break any pair. If your shoes are too heavy it's going to cause fatigue, affect your overall performance, and of course slow you down. This is why it’s so important to have a lighter design like the one that this shoe offers.


When it comes to casual footwear the Zerogrand Wingtip is one aesthetically pleasing pair! It offers leather construction and high-end laser treated pinking that adds beautiful decorative stitched details. It seamlessly combines the visual appeal of a brogue dress shoe with the functionality and athletic features of a long distance running shoe. A leather upper makes for a smooth finish that will keep you looking as good as you feel, while its multitude of available colorways makes this pair an effortless choice that will look incredible with nearly anything in your wardrobe. Wingtips of the past were reserved for formal and professional wear but Cole Haan has injected them with a modernized design which has transcended this classic style into a casual everyday kind of shoe.


Zerogrand's unique sole was designed with notches similar to running shoes for better traction and more athletic wear. It's important that the sole of the shoe offers good traction in order to keep you from slipping and falling while you're on the move and also to help keep you more comfortable as opposed to other shoes of this style. The notched sole also makes the shoe more flexible and is extremely lightweight so you won't feel bogged down with a bulky sole. This contemporary design offers the same benefits that long distance running shoes include but with the stylish upper of a brogue.


This pair comes in the selection of colorways which is a nice aspect because you're able to pick and choose ones that best suits your sense of style. You can opt for colors like Magnet leather/Black canyon sunset, Denim blue suede/Sunset gold, Denim gray suede/Red with Brazilian sand, and Ironstone leather/Skyline blue just to name a few. These colorways are extremely versatile and look good with practically any kind of clothing or accessory.


The versatility that these shoes offer is undeniable. Its dressier wingtip upper was made for life in the fast lane, while it's innovative sole offers an athletic kind of ride. Go ahead and wear these with a pantsuit, blue jeans, or even a pair of casual slacks because you will look your best no matter what you’re wearing. Its unique design was made to wear for practically any occasion. If you enjoy being the center of attention then this is the best choice of footwear for you! The athletic sole offsets the dressy vibe for a carefree and fun finish that is sure to have you feeling good about yourself all day and night.


Anyone who is searching for a long lasting pair of footwear will love Zerogrand! It’s crafted from the finest quality leather so it is able to withstand tough wear and tear daily with ease. Its storm welt build is tough as nails so you won’t have to take it easy while you’re on the move. The built-in flex and break grooves allow for a more flexible sole so it isn’t as easily stressed with the natural movements of our feet which means that it will last much longer than a less movable design would.


Who doesn’t like to have several variations of something to choose from?! Luckily, Zerogrand comes in your choice of medium or width widths which makes them fit all the better. Depending on the size and shape of your feet you might find that your average sized shoes just don’t fit right. They’re usually too tight or downright loose which can really get uncomfortable. But having the option to pick whichever width best suits your feet eliminates this issue entirely. The wide width is perfect for those who have a broad shaped foot, while the medium is more for those with your average foot shape. If you have narrow feet the medium might still be a little roomy so you might consider opting for a half size down from what you normally wear. Speaking of sizes, Zerogrand comes in both half and full sizes which really helps them to fit even more perfectly.


Most men found these to be quite comfortable to wear. They're made from a breathable and cooling leather material that helps to control moisture so your feet don’t end up feeling hot and sweaty even after long periods of wear. This combined with their lightweight build makes for a great feeling shoe that won’t make you uncomfortable or fatigued. Walking in heavy footwear can quickly tire you out because it over exerts your lower limbs with each step you take. This is why Zerogrand’s feather-like build is ideal for ensuring an enjoyable ride. Cole Haan’s proprietary Grand.OS technology, these sneakers will leave your feet feeling rejuvenated once you slip them off and provide enhanced protection for the delicate underside of the foot.


One thing that’s a little offputting with this pair is its price tag. If you're comfortable purchasing a higher-priced shoe then this is an excellent choice for you. It delivers high-quality design and detailed craftsmanship that certainly make it worth the higher cost. Though, if you're looking for something that's relatively inexpensive this may not be the best one to consider. It's important to weigh all of the variables when you're considering any pair of shoes and despite having to pay more initially these ones will save you money in the long run. That’s due to its quality design features that help to extend its lifespan so you won't have to replace your shoes quite as quickly as you would with other pairs. Over time this saves you money and ends up making Zerogrand a fairly affordable option.


Some wearers noted a squeaking noise while wearing the Zerogrand Wingtip. While most people did not have any trouble with this issue, there were several who did which is why it's worth mentioning. Squeaky shoes can be a sore spot for many people and some won't wear a pair if there's even the slightest noise. So, before you decide on this option take a moment to consider this aspect because it is a possibility. While it's not clear if this was caused by a defect with certain pairs or if it's just an issue with the design itself.

Bottom Line

Cole Haan is notorious for its dressy footwear that’s perfect for office attire though their Zerogrand Wingtip has beautifully transcended this brand from professional-only to the casual everyday kind. This shoe offers the best of both worlds - an oxford-inspired appearance and an athletic outsole that makes them just so darn comfortable to wear. This is an ideal choice of footwear for trendy and youthful crowds who enjoy the fashion trends of the past but with an added twist of modernized detailing. A unique sole inspired by long-distance running shoes makes Zerogrand one of the more comforting options available. It allows for greater flexibility and an all-around winning kind of foot feel. This innovative structure is super lightweight so you won’t get weighed down and allows for a breathable ride. Most men found this option to be fairly comfy thanks to its availability in both half and full sizes, as well as its bouncy and featherlight silhouette. If you're looking for a versatile choice than look no further! These look great with practically any style of clothing or accessory and come in tons of stunning colorways.