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Starting in Kobe, Japan, the Asics shoe company started with a small investment and only four employees. The same ASICS is an acronym for the companies motto "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano" which means, in Japanese, "If you pray to God, you should pray for a sound mind and healthy body." It is a good motto for the company, who strives to bring you exceptional quality products to promote a healthy body for all those who wear their gear. They aim to foster their customers through sports and lead them into a healthier lifestyle. They are a big name in shoes in Japan, but they seem to have a cult following in some of the major cities in the United States and Europe.

The ASICS Gel-Lique sneakers are just one of their many great shoes that they have designed for customers. They are a throwback to their classic sneaker from the 90s, giving you a retro look with a modern flare. They feature an extremely comfortable midsole thanks to their Gel Cushioning technology as well as a thick and flexible midsole and an upper that hugs your foot. You will get an all-around great feeling while running around in them. They are highly durable and have a great price tag, so you are sure to get your monies worth out of them. All and all, they are a great pair of sneakers for those who do a lot of running or are merely looking for something that you can wear casually.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Fun colorways

Affordable price tag

All day comfort

Highly durable

Excellent flexibility


Runs slightly narrow

Gets warm in the toe box


The outsole of the ASICS Gel-Lique's are made out of rubber which is designed to not only be highly durable, but it will also be able to give you a decent amount of flexibility so you will get a more natural movement to your feet with each step that you take. The sole is thick and slightly inclined, although it is unclear on what the exact heel to toe drop in of the sneakers. Having a pair of shoes with a slight drop, or incline can be beneficial because it can help reduce the risk of some minimal injuries, according to some experts, because it can help prevent some more excessive heel striking while you are running, keeping some impact off of your joints. These sneakers are not considered minimalist shoes, as they do have a slight incline, but what they do offer is a low drop which is more akin to running barefoot than those with a higher heel to toe drop.

The outsole is also going to provide you with a decent grip to give you excellent traction while you are out running. The sticky rubber combined with the tread design on the bottom of the soles helps you dig your feet in and keep your grip on a variety of surfaces. The sneakers are considered to be more of a road running shoe, and as such should probably be worn when you are venturing out on roads or even if you are staying indoors and running on a treadmill. If you are planning on walking the dirt trails or trekking up gravel roads, then something else might be better suited for your needs. As long as you are running on relatively flat and non-abrasive surfaces, then you should have no problems with the traction of these sneakers.


The midsole of the ASICS's that features a Gel sole cushioning to give you a highly comfortable underfoot feeling that your feet can appreciate. The Gel Cushioning is created by injecting soft silicone-based pods into the EVA sole at the forefront and the heel to help give you a decent amount of shock absorption to help reduce the risk of injury and discomfort in your joints while you are pounding your feet into the pavement.

Not only will it help absorb some of the impacts from your steps but it is also highly responsive so you will get a decent energy return while you are out on the run. This foam will allow your feet to sink deep down into the sole with you hit the ground, and then it will bounce back up and push your forward, keeping you going and saving just a little bit of energy while you run. This will help you be able to push yourself a little more while you are out, giving you a slight edge against opponents in a race, or help you achieve your personal best time.


The Gel-Lique's have an upper that is mainly constructed on mesh materials to help give you a breathable experience, but they also feature suede overlays for added support and to increase the overall durability of the shoes. Yes, the sneakers will give you a decent amount of air flowing into the shoes which can help keep you cool, but there are some customers who have mentioned that if you are wearing them for extended periods of time they can start to feel a bit warm in the front, near your toes, which can cause some discomfort after a while.


You are going to get a retro throwback design with the ASICS Gel-Lique sneakers, with a touch of modern design thrown in make them more relevant for today's fashion. They are showing off their classic 90s style with a combination of mesh and suede uppers that feature embroidered branding details that are highlighted by ASICS's asymmetrical silhouette and their iconic stripes.

They are available in a large variety of fun colorways so you can be sure that you can find something that will work best with your own personal style. Among the many available options, you can choose from rose taupe and feather grey, burgundy and birch, peacoat and latte, dark forest and birch, latte and creme, black and dark grey, Indian ink and glacier grey, Indian ink and cockatoo, black on black, light grey and black, or Indian ink and grey. No matter what color you choose to wear you will both look and feel great running around in them.


They are some versatility to them, but not a whole lot. Falling into the category of athleisure, the sound can be worn for some physical activities, such as running, or just worn around all day as a casual pair of sneakers. If you are wearing them for your workout routine, it is best to be worn for running, as they might not hold up well and offer enough support for other sports such as basketball or tennis.

As they can easily transition into a more casual setting, you might be happy to know that they will look great with just about anything you want to wear. Whether wanting to wear a pair of blue jeans you opt for a pair of Asics Cool shorts, and these sneakers will look great.


As a pair of running shoes, you would expect to have a decent amount of support, and thankfully these can provide you with an adequate amount. They are going to keep you locked into place thanks to the traditional lacing system and padded tongue and collar. Additionally, they have overlays that sit over the top of the mesh uppers to give you some extra support while you are running, keeping you from wobbling around in the foot chamber and giving you a better all-around experience while you are running.

You are also going to get some moderate arch support thanks to the Gel Cushion midsole. If you have flat feet or high arches then you can consider swapping out the insole for something better suited for your needs, but a majority of the customers are content with what they get right out of the box.


It can be essential to make sure that your running sneakers are designed to be durable. After all, if you're going to be hitting the pavement frequently, you want to make sure that you have a product that is going to be able to keep up with you and not fall apart. The ASICS Gel-Lique's offers a high level of durability so you can make sure that they will be part of your routine for some time to come. The thick sole will not wear down on your too quickly while you are out day after day and the cushioned midsole will be able to continue taking on that impact without losing its springiness that you have grown to love. The uppers are also designed to take quite the beating. They may be made predominantly out of mesh, but they have suede overlays in all of the right places to give you not only support but also protection from wear and tear. All and all, they will last you a while and will not need to be replaced for some time.


When you are going to on your feet for long periods or running any kind of distances, you want to have something on your feet that are going to provide you with a high comfort level. The Gel Cushioning in the midsole of this product will help keep you comfortable all day long. Your feet will sink right in and give you the padding that you need where you need it. The uppers, assuming you get the correct fit, will hug your feet snuggly for the all-around pleasant in-shoe experience.

Additionally, they have a padded tongue and collar which can help prevent the discomfort that may occur from rubbing and chafing. Some people might choose to forgo the socks when they are wearing them, and that is the case you should have no problems with blister prevention thanks to the soft interior lining and the padded collar and tongue.


The ASICS Gel-Lique sneakers are available in men's sizes but can work well for women's feet as well, and you will just have to reduce the size by about one and a half to get the correct women's size. They are available in men's sizes 4-13 and, unfortunately, only in medium widths. If you are looking for a pair of wide sneakers, you might want to consider a different option.


Customers have stated that these shoes are running pretty true to size, so that is going to help you out a lot when you are trying to decide what you want to order. When getting sneakers online it can be a bit difficult to determine what size you need for the perfect fit, and this just makes that problem a bit on the easier side for you. Even though they are true to size when it comes to the length of them, some consumers have stated that they are on the narrow side which can become problematic since you can not purchase them in wide sizes.


When hitting the streets, you will be happy to know that the ASICS Gel-Lique sneakers will give you a decent amount of flexibility. The sole may be thick and durable, but it will bend and move with ease, following the natural movements of your feet while you are running. You can run around all day without feeling like the movements of your steps are being restricted. Getting a soft feel while still experiencing the support you need is always a bonus in your footwear.

Bottom Line

For the most part, customers can really appreciate the ASICS Gel-Lique shoes. They have a retro design with a touch of a modern look so they can fit in with today's fashion. Not only do you get a throwback to the 90s in the way they look, but you will also get that classic feel that consumers have grown to love from the brand. They feature the Gel Cushioning midsole that allows you extreme comfort, a responsive ride, and excellent impact control. The thick outsole has a short incline and can provide you with a soft feel as well as fantastic traction on a variety of surfaces. They run true to size for the most part, but some reviewers are warning that they are a little more narrow than average if you have wide feet you might want to use caution when ordering. Additionally, even though the uppers are pretty well-ventilated and can allow for excellent airflow into the foot chamber, some customers have complained that after extended use they can get a bit warm in the toe box, which is something that you might want to keep in mind when deciding if you're going to buy these sneakers or not. Overall, however, they are a great pair of sneakers that most customers adore.