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Cross Training is where the meat meets the pavement, so to speak. If you are a runner ready to incorporate an upper body routine into your workout, or someone who is about to begin running as part of their upper body regimen, then cross-training footwear is the combining element within the magical force of your new and steadily improving athletics’ scenario. Whether it’s a cross-training machine or a natural partaking of drills that is about to be lit up, the correct footwear always lends its hand to a successful outing. Conquering the day begins with sizing up our activities prior to unleashing our offense. The act of gearing up is part of this. Below, we are evaluating the ins and outs of the ASICS GEL-Quantum 180 TR. Will it stand up proudly with the same fierce determination we inspire? Or, will it fall short of the mark; falling away by the waste side before our surgical strike even begins? It is time to put it to the test. Let’s find out!

Editor's Pros & Cons

AHAR® Plus Outsole

Solyte® Midsole

GEL® Cushioning System

Mesh Upper

Athletic Style


Not for Heavy Weights

Better for Narrow Feet

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  • Great shoe, very breathable and very supportive.
  • Great running shoe, I haven’t found any cons with these. I would definitely purchase again
  • These are my first pair of Asics, these cross-trainers are excellent for everyday wear!
  • Great shoe for those who walk around a lot, they’re a great fit and very comfortable.
  • Great durability, very solidly built. I love how comfy they’re and super supportive.
  • Very comfortable, added some extra inexpensive insoles for some extra comfort and my feet feel amazing.
  • Shoe is a little narrow, but very comfortable. They dry super quickly and allow your feet to breathe.
  • These fit like a glove and I’m very happy with my purchase.
  • Great for a crossfit athlete, super lightweight shoe and provides a ton of cushion.
  • Ordered a half size bigger for more room. They feel great and I love the style of this shoe.
  • Perfect right out of the box, easy to break in!
  • Perfect casual shoe for everyday wear or a great shoe for working out! Very versatile.
  • These have to be the most comfortable trainers I’ve worn.
  • I love the gel technology in these, makes a variety of exercises a lot more comfortable
  • Great shoe for at home workouts or jogging.
  • I own three pairs of these, that’s how awesome they are!
  • My husband is a diabetic and says his feet feel amazing in these shoes.
  • New Asics fan now because of these, the gel does an amazing job.
  • Great stylish shoe, fits great for me and the width is perfect.
  • Great shoe for gym, helps with balance. I found it way easier to do lifts and stretches.
  • Some customers needed to size up a half size.
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In high-intense workout scenarios, breathability is a must-have element to any cross-trainer. We find that this particular model carries materials utilized which are specifically geared toward high breathability rates. This allows heat to escape with each subsequent step and, also, allows a greater amount of airflow within; surrounding your foot with an almost air-conditioned environment, so to speak. The mesh in the upper and the perforated holes promote cooling and, thereby, decrease the potential of discomfort associated with overheating feet. At the end of the day, breathability factors allow us to wear these at a gym or take to the road during the warmer days of the year. In other words, this model excels in this area with flying colors and does so within a grand fashion.


With cross-trainer footwear, color does matter; that is, it holds greater value than just matching to our favorite exercise clothing. For those who take to the road as part of the routine, loud and contrasting color variations are a must. Thankfully, ASICS addresses this issue in the form of striping from the outsole to the upper. Whether you are ready for a neon green or a vibrant yellow, the GEL-Quantum 180 TR announces your arrival loud and proud. Safety measures within the world of fast-pacing routines lead the way. With it, we can be certain that motorists have a better chance of seeing us. And for that, this model does a marvelous job at improving our well-being.


Durability factors are decent with this product. Depending on the routine, these can last through many workout sessions. We have no way of knowing how much running or lifting someone may do during their cross-training event. Also, there is the factor of the types of events, such as light weightlifting or heavy. But, what we can do, is to generalize the overall durability against the materials themselves. For instance, the upper is made of synthetic leather and mesh. Mesh, by default, is much weaker than leather; or at the very least, leather can handle a lot more abuse. Mesh ratings, however, can differ; thereby, the durability factor can raise or lower, accordingly. With this product, we find engineered mesh. Basically, this means that the fabric is tightly woven and structured to maximize durability, flexibility, and so on. So, if we are to compare mesh against leather, mesh fails the durability test. If, however, we compare the mesh found in this product against other mesh items, this product passes with absoluteness. When it is all said and done, the GEL-Quantum 180 TR is built for performance. Furthermore, the durability test passes, as a result. After all, if performance in any of the technologies fails, so has the durability.


For those with narrow feet, these are probably going to be a godsend, as it were. The toe box is narrow. Although there is some stretching over time, it does not stretch enough for those having wider feet. This brings us to the downside of this particular item. The fit is not neutral enough to accommodate the best of both worlds, as it were. In addition, the wide width availability is not what we come to expect. That is, even in the wider sizing, the cross-trainer is still too narrow for some. So, for those of us who have wider feet, we are left to view from the distance a product which could have been but will never be; at least, not for us, anyway. For everyone else, however, the fit is quite remarkable in that it snugs well and adds to comfort in the way of its available features and overall structuring. Furthermore, this fit tends to last and works well at holding its value from workout to workout. In a nutshell, the fit passes for those with narrow feet and not so much for those having the wider range.

Key Features

These cross-trainers hold a plethora of features. Everything from the outsole to the no-sew lining under the vamp plays its part well. These technologies include the AHAR® Plus Outsole, Trusstic System®, Solyte® midsole, rearfoot and forefoot GEL® cushioning system, and reinforced vamp. Without becoming a technological over-the-head speech, as it were, these can be explained as separate units with one goal in mind. And that goal involves providing the correct amount of structuring, comfort, and performance as a cross-training solution. The features really are legitimate and not a selling point from a company attempting to use big words to confuse us. Each technology is ideal for its respective area of expertise, and at the end of the day, each element works in synch with the others to maximize the footwear’s potential as a whole. In the long run, these systems perform well enough that we are able to concentrate on our workout without thinking about the item on our feet, per se. This implies that comfort, performance, and overall fit are high enough to meet the demands of a good product. Moreover, these demands are met while we rock our routine with aggressive delight.


The Solyte® midsoles are a lightweight technology with cross-training in mind. It is lighter than ASICS other technologies, such as the EVA and SpEVA® midsoles. This helps to reduce fatigue during your workouts. If there was going to be an issue with utilizing a lighter weight of midsole, we would find it in the realm of lacking in structure. With this footwear, however, the opposite is true. Structural integrity is still present, and when we combine the rearfoot and forefoot GEL® cushioning system along with it, we receive good shock absorption during impact and a decent amount of energy return during toe-off phases. Furthermore, durability is not compromised, and with the two systems working as one, transitions through the gait cycle are improved. All in all, this midsole does its job with an impressive output. Moreover, it does so with its lightweight characteristic, yet still remains durable.


This product utilizes the AHAR® Plus Outsole. In layman’s terms, this item is a strategically-placed compound within areas of the outsole. Having a design to increase performance, hold grip, and to minimize imbalanced wear and tear, the compound is 50% more durable than the high-abrasion rubber ASICS typically employs. In addition, this outsole does do a fine job at handling high-impact areas. This, in turn, raises the overall durability and longevity of the product. Moreover, with key areas of high impact being addressed, the outsole works well with the other technologies, in general. For example, this decreases the amount of work and abuse the midsole must carry, as is true for the rest of the technologies. We always enjoy it when we find footwear which harnesses technologies akin to artful sincerity. In this, the outsole does a fine job at bringing us closer.


The style is modern and athletic. Although it is specific to cross-training, it can be worn casually when we are discussing fashion. Of course, these may not suffice while wearing a business suit, but a good pair of jeans will be just fine. What we found was that this particular model carries color schemes that are not so loud as the ones we would need during a road run. This increases our wardrobe choices and the places we can go, without standing out and screaming at those around us, as it were. Also, these can be, technically, utilized as everyday footwear during those warmer months; even though, we recommend these as cross-trainers only. The reason is that there are better choices for everyday wear and it’s kind of a waste to utilize this outside of its expected class. After all, the design reflects a workout session and we do respect this.


This item has both minimal and maximum support. Normally, this is a contrasting and impossible scenario. But with these, it is true. For instance, for heavy weightlifting, these carry minimal support, They will not hold up under the intense duress; nor, can they support your feet correctly while tackling heavier weights. There is too much cushioning, the toe box is too narrow (hinders toe splay), and support levels are just too low, overall. If, however, we are not lifting maximum weights, then these support just fine. In fact, the support is correct in where we need it to be for a cross-training session. Another example can be the running part of our regimen. If we are to run extremely long distances, then these will fall short; especially, after we compare these to actual long-distance running shoes. There is too much lateral movement allowed. These have a design which attempts to find the balance between linear and lateral movement. In essence, they are great for cross-training and not so much for pure running, per se. So, the lesson we take away from this design is that it is very supportive for what it is meant to be supportive of. But if we utilize this product outside of its expected norm, it falls short and does so rapidly.


The upper is synthetic leather and mesh; more specifically, we have engineered mesh. It is tightly woven to provide an increase in support and structuring. Furthermore, the mesh design provides high breathability and promotes better foot health, overall. With the overlays, we gain a decent amount of lateral stability while, also, remaining minimal enough to strengthen our muscles, tendons, and so on. And even though the supportive feel seems light, it is present, nonetheless. This upper has some strength to it and durability rates are decent, as a result. The upper is perfect for what it needs to do, in order to perform correctly, and as such, this upper passes the test.

Bottom Line

Overall, we find that this item performs well, has wonderful comfort levels, and supports within the areas of concern during a cross-training workout. Longevity factors are decent, and the value versus the cost is great. It should be noted, however, that these have a design for a generalized cross-training session and do not take into account those who would push the limits to the extremes (i.e. heavy weightlifting, long-distance running, and etc.). With that being stated, these excel in the scope for which they are created for. They are a great investment for those looking to add to their base routines; inviting a new world into their domain. That is, these are perfect for the runner to find the weights and the weightlifter looking for the run; a seamless transition into both worlds.