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The Tali Bow ballet flat is another great shoe from the renowned Cole Haan company. Featuring a premium leather upper with a simple bow and gold hardware detail, as well as a micro-wedge sole, this ballet flat looks elegant and sophisticated. Coupled with their Grand.OS technology, the Tali Bow will keep you comfortable and supported all day long, no matter the occasion.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Premium leather upper
  • Slip-on design with an elasticized opening
  • Leather lining
  • Leather-lined padded footbed
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • PU midsole
  • Grand.OS technology
  • Flexible
  • Attractive colorways
  • Runs on the smaller side
  • Lacks arch support


The Cole Haan Tali Bow ballet flat features a durable, yet highly flexible rubber outsole with a grippy tread pattern for enhanced traction on both dry and wet surfaces, providing a stable and secure footing for the wearer. It has a PU midsole, which is lightweight and very elastic and is part of Cole Haan’s Grand.OS technology, that was created to make shoes more comfortable and flexible for everyday wear. The Tali Bow also has a slight wedge heel, making these flats stand out from the crowd in terms of support and comfort. Additionally, Cole Haan included a lightly padded footbed in their Tali Bow ballet flat for even more cushioning and support for the underfoot. Thanks to its Grand.OS technology, this ballet flat is perfect for everyday wear, walking long distances or standing for long hours without causing discomfort or foot pain, and many reviewers wear them to work every day or take them on vacations with a lot of sightseeing.


The upper of the Cole Haan Tali Bow ballet flat features a simple slip-on design and is made of premium leather for a touch of luxury. However, it is available in other materials as well, such as velvet or a flannel-like fabric. It has a slightly narrow fit with a toe box, that is a mix between a round and pointed, giving this ballet flat a more sophisticated and elegant look. The opening is elasticized for a comfortable fit around the foot and it makes slipping into the shoe much easier as well. For additional detailing and interest, Cole Haan added a simple bow with a gold hardware logo in the middle, making the Tali Bow flat both casual and formal-appropriate. The lining of the Tali Bow is made of smooth and soft leather, ensuring, that the feet are well-ventilated, while the leather-lined, padded footbed provides a good amount of cushioning for all-day comfort.


Meant to be worn without any socks and in warmer weather, the Tali Bow ballet flat needed to be both comfortable and breathable to keep the wearer feeling fresh and blister-free. Thankfully, this ballet flat has it all. Featuring a soft and smooth leather lining, the Tali Bow keeps the feet dry and well-ventilated all day long. Leather has a special quality, that turns moisture into vapor, which leaves the foot chamber moisture-free, and the feet cool and dry. This makes these flats ideal for long walks through the city, traveling or standing for long hours, as the wearer will stay comfortable and fresh all day.


The Tali Bow ballet flat is regarded as a highly comfortable slip-on shoe by hundreds of satisfied reviewers. It features Cole Haan’s innovative Grand.OS technology, that combines flexibility, lightness, cushioning, and breathability for maximized comfort, that lasts all day long. The slip-on leather upper has an elasticized opening, for a comfortable fit around the foot, that helps the shoe stay on without digging into the skin and causing discomfort. There is little to no break-in time for these shoes and the premium leather will conform to the shape of the feet over time, creating a custom fit for each wearer. The micro-wedge sole gives better support than a fully flat sole, that a lot of other ballet flats have, making walking in the Tali Bow more comfortable and pain-free. Ensuring that the feet can breathe properly, Cole Haan included a soft leather lining, while for a cushioned underfoot, they incorporated a padded, leather-lined footbed. The Tali Bow is perfect for everyday wear, long walks or standing for prolonged periods of time, as well as traveling, since the wearer will stay comfortable and supported throughout use.
Many reviewers who struggle with arthritis, plantar fasciitis, bunions or hammer toes, as well as those who had foot surgeries in the past, all agree, that the Tali Bow is one of the most comfortable shoes they own. Some even wear these flats to work for 10+ hours without experiencing any foot pain or soreness by the end of the day. That said, a few reviewers did complain about the elasticized opening being too tight on their feet, however, with some wear, the shoes did stretch out to fit them better.


Cole Haan has been around since the 1920s and is a renowned brand in the footwear industry, that produces high-quality, durable shoes for both men and women. The Tali Bow ballet flat is made of premium leather with a durable rubber sole and is highly abrasion resistant. Many reviewers had these flats for several years of daily wear before they needed to be replaced, which is a testament to the durability of the brand itself.


It is always hard to find stylish, yet comfortable flats in wide widths, however, the Tali Bow ballet flat caters to a wide audience with their sizing. This ballet flat is available in women’s sizes from 5 to 11, from narrow to wide widths, making these shoes perfect for women with all foot shapes. The elasticized upper also comes up higher on the foot than most ballet flats, creating the illusion of slimmer feet, which was a big hit with customers. That said, this ballet flat runs on the smaller side, so sizing up at least half a size is recommended to get the best fit.


The Tali Bow ballet flat is highly flexible, thanks to its upper’s construction and Grand.OS technology. Namely, the upper, which is made of premium smooth leather, features an elasticized opening, that helps to get the shoe on and off easily and fuss-free, as well as creates a comfortable fit around the foot, almost like a sock, making walking in these flats feel like going barefoot. The Grand.OS technology is Cole Haan’s innovative sole system, that mimics the natural bending and flexing of the feet while reducing the overall weight and enhancing cushioning and comfort for the ultimate walking experience. The leather upper also conforms to the wearer’s foot shape over time, creating a custom fit for each individual. This ballet flat is perfect for both casual wear, as well as traveling, as it will not weigh the feet down or cause discomfort of any kind. Thanks to its flexibility, it can easily be folded and stored in a bag, even a purse, so it is always at hand when it is needed.


This ballet flat is made of premium leather and features a slight wedge with a simple elasticized slip-on upper for easy on and off. The classic, minimalist design is topped off with a simple bow and gold hardware logo on the toe box, adding a touch of style and elegance to every outfit. The Tali Bow ballet flat is available in a multitude of attractive colors, from neutrals, like black and nude, to more eye-catching colors and prints, such as a rich pink or snake print, as well as different upper materials, from sleek and shiny leather to flannel, velvet or glitter. The Tali Bow ballet flat is perfect for every occasion, as it can be dressed up or down. It looks great with casual clothes, like jeans and a shirt but it looks equally stylish with a skirt or a dress. Its versatile nature makes it excellent for everyday wear, as well as formal or work-appropriate attire. No matter where you go or what the occasion is, you will always look put together and stylish with these ballet flats.


The Tali Bow ballet flat is different than regular ballet flats in that it has a slight wedge heel, which gives this shoe moderate arch support. Not only that but the midsole features PU or polyurethane foam, which gives it flexibility and support. Additionally, the footbed is padded for all-day comfort and support. Be it for your everyday walks, work or traveling, the Tali Bow will keep you comfortable on your feet on every occasion.


Being essentially a leather shoe, the Cole Haan Tali Bow ballet flat is surprisingly lightweight, weighing only 12 ounces. This is due to Cole Haan’s Grand.OS technology, which is their innovative sole technology, that makes the shoe lightweight, super flexible and comfortable to wear for long hours. Additionally, the Tali Bow ballet flat features a lightweight PU or polyurethane midsole, enhancing its lightness even more. Many reviewers wear these ballet flats on a daily basis, either as casual, everyday shoes, vacation shoes or for work, and all praise the Tali Bow as one of the most comfortable, lightweight shoes they own. Some even went as far as saying, that they felt like a second skin. All in all, the Tali Bow ballet flat is a super lightweight shoe with above average cushioning, that is perfect for walking or standing in for long hours without causing any foot pain or soreness by the end of the day.

Bottom Line

Cole Haan has been creating beautiful and high-quality footwear since the 1920s and the Tali Bow ballet flat is a great addition to their heritage. Featuring a premium leather slip-on upper on a micro-wedge sole, this is not your typical ballet flat. The Tali Bow is equipped with Cole Haan’s Grand.OS technology, making these shoes lightweight, flexible, and incredibly comfortable to wear. The design is minimalist, yet timeless and elegant with a slightly pointed toe, making the Tali Bow look more sophisticated and work/formal-appropriate. The shoe is topped off with a simple bow and gold hardware logo, creating a modest but very effective touch. This ballet flat comes in a wide variety of colors, ranging from neutrals to vibrant colors or even animal prints for the more daring, and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. One thing to note though, is, that these ballet flats fit smaller, so it is advised to size up at least half a size when purchasing. While it is on the expensive side, many consider the Tali Bow an investment worth making, as they last a long time and are highly comfortable.