UGG Feli Hyperweave 2.0 Review

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Ugg is a company primarily known for designing those Ugg boots that you see so often. Those are the ones that got the company famous, and they’re immediately associated with them.

But a lot has happened in the last 40 years or so. Ugg has since branched out to other endeavors. The company has expanded its merchandise. And now manufactures everything that you can think of. From Ugg boots, clothes, accessories, moccasins, loafers, sandals, socks, cold weather accessories sleepwear, robes and shoes for all types of weather.

The days of Ugg boot dominance are over and the new offerings are versatile and stylish as well. So, for that purpose precisely, let’s look at some of the lesser-known items of the Ugg long list of items.

Feli Hyperweave by Ugg. It’s the new and improved model from the company. And about what makes it a better and improved version of the predecessor, you can find out in the review below.

Hope you’ll like it. Just scroll down and enjoy.

Editor's Pros & Cons

HyperWeave type of technology in upper

Flexfit technology featured in a midsole

Treadlite technology featured in the outsole

enerG cushioned insole


Runs a size smaller


Rubber is the material and Treadlite is the technology that occupies the outsole of the Feli Hyperweave sneaker. Rubber is a flexible material all by itself, but the Treadlite technology that’s featured in the making of the Feli Hyperweave allows the outsole to have a lot more of that and more. The Treadlite technology in the upper allows the shoe to have more elasticity, durability, flexible cushioning and plenty more of a rebound.

Not to mention plenty of traction. The bottom part of the outsole, however, doesn’t contain more pronounced ridges and indentations, so the traction isn’t that satisfactory, but given the fact that this is a rubber outsole made with Treadlite technology, the traction will be at least present to some extent. Treadlite technology and all the good things that go with it will also add volumes to the comfort of the sneaker, and you will feel that comfort all day long. Since this is an everyday sneaker, you will definitely want to wear sneakers all day every day. And why shouldn’t you? Feli Hyperweave is an amazing versatile sneaker that will be there for you at all times.


If you thought that the outsole has an amazing technology written all over it, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the midsole. Why? Because the midsole has two.
EnerG is the name of the first and it occupies the insole for maximum comfort. The enerG insole has superior cushioning that allows your feet to feel more relaxed, rested even if you’re wearing the sneakers for a lengthy period of time.

Why? Because it has a great arch-support that's built in the insole. And the insole is composed form 2 individual fantastic layers. The first uses an open cell-style of foam for strong anti-microbial protection. The second uses polyurethane pods all around the surface of that layer. They’re resilient pods and they’re placed strategically in order to give you support, quick rebound and plenty of movement. And all that with your own feet flex points. Oh and that insole is lined with leather which provides maximum breathability to your feet. The other fantastic feature in the midsole is Flexfit technology. It’s the technology that ensures that the sneakers fit comfortably without any cramping, pinching, unpleasant feeling and without the fear of the sneakers losing their shape.


Ah, the wonderful upper. The Feli Hyperweave by Ugg has one of the finest examples of a great knit which offers great light feeling and enhanced motion. And it’s no ordinary knit that’s for sure. The upper has engineered knit that’s also constructed with the help of the famed HyperWeave technology. But this time in the 2.0 version, that technology is utilized better. It’s new and improved take of that technology, and the benefits are doubled because of that.

Why? Because it has the perfect combo of lightweight breathable materials and perforated design that allows the aeration to be present all the time. So the aeration and the breathability of the sneakers are allowed by two separate features in the upper, but more on that later. For now, let’s focus on different aspects of that upper. Like the lacing system. The closure of the sneakers is a classic lace-up style closure with 4 separate eyelets and synthetic polyester shoelaces that go through the eyelets. The lacing system ensures the feet are secured tightly within the structure of the upper, but another thing in the upper does that as well.

The sock-like opening in the collar of the sneaker. It’s secured with a nice pull tab and it’s gorgeous. This particular opening allows you to put on the sneakers easily and without any struggle, but the tab sure helps things along. The opening also fits nicely in the ankle area, hugs the ankle and allows it to be secured and in place at all times.


It’s hard to know which part of the sneakers provide the most amount of comfort. With a lifestyle sneaker like the Feli Hyperweave sneaker by Ugg, every inch of the shoes contributes to the comfy feeling. That’s right. The two layers that make the enerG insole are quite amazing and responsible for delivering comfort, where is most needed. All over your foot. Seriously. The polyurethane pods in the insole provide the support and much of that comfort without you even noticing it. There’s a reason why the enerG insole is called a comfort system. It brings comfort and does the heavy lifting in the shoe all with being barely noticeable.


Don’t knock the wonderful job of the Flexfit technology in the midsole, but also don’t forget about the Treadlite technology in the outsole. The support of the sneakers comes from various places and the outsole is one of those places. Because the outsole it the first thing that touches the ground, and the midsole is the buffer between the upper and the outsole, the support is much needed in these two areas.

Both areas of the shoe have different technologies that allow the support, flexibility and the comfort to be enhanced, but things would have been very different if the Flexfit technology in the midsole was omitted. It’s the technology that allows the midsole (and the sneaker for that matter) to retain the shape even after prolonged time on your feet. It’s what helps the support system in the sneakers, and all of them combined really add up in the delivery of the support.


If a combined effort from various places allowed the support and comfort, the durability of the Feli Hyperweave sneaker is primarily due to the fantastic Treadlite technology in the outsole. The rubber is satisfactory all by itself, but when it’s treated with the Treadlite technology, it makes the outsole a hell of a lot flexible and much more durable.

The traction properties are also enhanced thanks to the Treadlite technology, but there’s no denying that the durability would have been weaker if it wasn’t for this particular technology. Why? Well, let’s put it this way. If a lifestyle shoe isn’t flexible enough it will cause a multitude of problems not just to the person that’s wearing it, but also to the shoe itself. If the sneakers lack flexibility and quality they would break, tear down easily and their durability would be compromised. But when you have a technology like Treadlite technology, to take care of those things, that it’s one thing off your mind.


The durability and flexibility go hand in hand here in the Feli Hyperweave sneaker by Ugg. Why? Like mentioned before, the durability is allowed by the flexibility and vice versa. And both of these features have one thing in common. The Treadlite technology in the shoe’s outsole. The technology allows the outsole to bend easily, to amps up the traction, to provide lightweight feeling and to protect the overall quality of the shoe.

But luckily the flexibility isn’t allowed solely because of the outsole. The engineered knit in the upper is fantastic in providing flexibility as well. The type of knit that these sneakers have is called HyperWeave, and it’s ultra-breathable. It brings a more pronounced and enhanced motion, comfort and plenty of flexibility. Your entire foot is able to move freely in the shoe, thanks to the fantastic knitted upper.


The midsole it the true MVP here. It really is. Because the outsole and the upper are much more flexible, loose, they lack stability and the secured sturdy feeling that usually, the leather-made shoes have in abundance. Also, the outsole lacks ridging as well. This could mean that the outsole is less stable on smooth, wet and unable surfaces, so you’ll have to be careful about the terrain that you’re stepping on while wearing the Feli Hyperweave sneaker by Ugg.


But if there’s one thing that this sneaker has in abundance, that’s the airflow. It not only comes from the fantastic knitted engineered HyperWeave upper but also from the leather-lined insole. Both the upper and the lining of the insole are excellent airflow providers both in their own different ways. The knitted upper is a synthetic one, but the perforations that were the result of the knitting, the air allows fluctuate freely in and out of the shoe. Secondly, unlike the synthetic materials that compose the upper, the lining of the insole is made out of natural leather. Leather has natural moisture-wicking properties and gives the shoes their natural aeration.


You’re in luck. The Feli Hyperweave sneaker by Ugg has 6 color varieties that you can choose from. And the six color options that you pick and choose from, ranging from classic and neutral colors like black, white and grey, all the way through navy, olive, and Marino color. But the beauty of the color palette offered by Ugg is that all 6 options are uniformed in color and devoid of any type of patterns. So if you chose the color white, the entire upper will come in white as well. Shoelaces are also included in white. But the much darker tones like Marino and olive have an outsole that matches the color of the upper. Some of the models have white outsole, but in some of the cases, the outsole and the upper are matched in color.


The price tag of the Feli Hyperweave sneaker ranges from 34 dollars and can go all the way up to 140 dollars. For a sneaker that’s a lifestyle style of a sneaker, and that you can wear in practically every occasion, the price is not that high. Well, not when you consider the cost-per-wear of the sneaker and the lifetime of wearing that you’ll be having with this particular model.

Bottom line

The Feli Hyperweave sneaker by Ugg is one fantastic shoe. It doesn’t have the stability of the modern day lifestyle shoe, but it checks all the boxes in other areas of excellence. The flexibility and airflow are amazing, and the cushioning is exquisite thanks to the enerG insole. The leather lined insole in the Ugg model, allows the comfort to be present all day long and to never go away. The Flexfit technology in the midsole, however, brings out the flexibility of the sneaker, while the Treadlite helps with the traction properties in the outsole. The elements of the shoe and their accompanying technologies tersely work in order to provide you with a great, versatile and highly comfortable sneaker that will surprise you with durability and flexibility. This is a fantastic sneaker that will look fantastic with your yoga pants and with your favorite summer jeans.