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Combining high quality materials and excellent craftsmanship with durability and versatility, the Thursday Boot Company is a breath of fresh air in the shoe industry. The Scout Chukka Boot will provide all day comfort and style to the wearer, year in, year out, without the need to break the bank.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Goodyear Welt Construction

Studded rubber sole

Cork midsole

Quality leather or WeatherSafe Suede upper

Full glove leather lining

Poron Antimicrobial Shock Absorbing Insole

Very comfortable

Durable with great traction



Sizes run big


Being the new kids on the block, nobody expected the Thursday Boot Co. to become as popular as they are, yet they are competing with some of the biggest names in the industry. Regardless of how new the company is, being founded in 2014, they really showed the boot industry, that you can combine quality, durability and versatility, without unnecessarily cranking up the price tag. They have especially outdone themselves when they designed their now iconic Thursday Boot Co. Scout Chukkas, a reinvention of classic British style, but with an American twist. Everybody is familiar with Clarks Chukka Boots, as they are the pioneer company, that first introduced the Chukka style to the world. However, instead of the classic crepe sole, that Clarks uses, the Thursday Boot Co. went with a different approach, in order to make their boots more durable and grippy. Namely, the sole on the Scout Chukka is made of durable studded rubber, which has excellent grip and traction on both dry and wet surfaces, providing the wearer with a good pair of boots all year round. The Thursday Boot Co. uses a Goodyear Welt Construction in their shoes, which makes them that more durable and supportive, as well as waterproof, making them appropriate for all weather conditions. Since they use a Stitchout construction, this means that their shoes are completely resoleable, including the Scout Chukkas. This, combined with the more than reasonable price tag, is what sold them off. People love how versatile the Scout Chukka is, since they do not have to buy two separate pairs of Chukkas for warm and cold weather. Most reviewers found, that their Scout Chukkas held up even better than some of their more expensive shoes, especially on wet and slippery surfaces. They also reported minimal signs of wear and tear in the rubber sole, even after a year of constant use. However, a couple of customers did complain about the soles separating too fast, but thanks to Thursday Boot Co.’s great Customer Service, these issues got resolved quickly.


The Thursday Boot Co. offers their Scout Chukka in both leather and suede uppers, so that their customers have more options, depending on their preferences. As mentioned above, the Scout Chukka closely resembles Clarks Chukkas, more precisely their Desert Boot, but, with a few improvements. Namely, the suede, that the Thursday Boot Co. uses is WeatherSafe Suede, meaning, that they are safe to wear even in harsher climate, as they are less likely to stain or let water inside the boots. That said, it is still advised to look after them, and spray them with some kind of protector, to make sure that they last. The leather Scout Chukka is made of quality, full-grain leather, with a nice sheen to it, making them look quite luxurious in comparison with the suede. Of course, regular conditioning is required with the leather upper, like with all leather shoes, to ensure longevity. The design is topped off with durable, round wax cotton laces, that lace through two sets of blind eyelets, for added elegance, and a raised collar, which adds more support to the ankles. Inside the boots, Thursday Boot Co. included a full glove leather lining, that is soft to the touch and provides comfort inside the shoe. The Scout Chukka features a Cork footbed, which molds to the shape of the feet, delivering custom support and cushioning to the wearer. Additionally, for all day comfort and support, a Poron Antimicrobial Shock Absorbing insole has been included, which helps relieve the feet from the stress of impact and provide a springy stride.


Since the Scout Chukka is meant to be worn year round, the Thursday Boot Co. made sure to include elements that promote good ventilation inside the shoe. This is why they used a full glove leather lining, which keeps the feet dry and cool during the warmer months, and warm and cozy in fall/winter. They also included a Poron Antimicrobial Shock Absorbing insole, which not only helps reduce the shock of impact, but also promotes a healthy in-shoe environment by wicking away excess moisture and keeping the feet fresh all day long. Reviewers who purchased this boot were all pleasantly surprised at the high quality and performance, that it comes with, and had no problems with it, regardless the weather.


Apart from being quality boots, the Scout Chukkas are known for their high comfort levels, which is another thing that sets them apart, since leather shoes usually come with either good looks or comfort. However, the Thursday Boot Co. did not sacrifice anything, when designing their shoes, of which the Scout Chukka is also not an exception. Made of quality leather or suede material, the upper of this Chukka Boot features a slightly raised collar, which when laced up, hugs the feet like a glove, and over time molds to the shape of the feet, to provide maximum comfort all day long. The Scout Chukka has a Cork midsole, which lasts considerably longer than a traditional EVA midsole would, and provides a comfortable ride, since it also conforms to the wearer’s foot shape. Inside the boots, there is a full glove leather lining, which is soft to the touch and very comfortable to wear for long hours. Additionally, a Poron Antimicrobial Shock Absorbing insole enhances the comfort levels inside the boots with its cushioning support and antimicrobial properties. As with all leather shoes, there is a break-in period, during which the boots might feel too snug or uncomfortable for longer wear. However, once the boots are broken in, they mold to the shape of the feet like gloves and deliver comfort that lasts all day long. Reviewers all raved about the comfortability of the Scout Chukkas, some even saying that they felt comfortable right out of the box, while others noted that the break-in period was very brief. Most customers wear their Scout Chukkas on a regular basis, throughout the year, thanks to their comfort and style.


While many people were skeptical when the Thursday Boot Co. first appeared, they have been converted by now. The main reason for the skepticism was the affordable price tag on the shoes that claimed to be made of the best materials. This, however, turned out to be true, as the Thursday Boot Co. makes their shoes using high quality materials and excellent workmanship, all for an affordable price tag, making their products available to everyone. When it comes to durability, they can compete with Red Wings and Clarks, with some reviewers saying that they are even better than most high end brands. Though essentially a Chukka Boot, the Scout Chukka features a studded rubber outsole, which is definitely a step-up from the crepe sole of Clarks. Not only will these soles last longer, but their traction on both wet and dry surfaces makes them suitable to wear all year round. The rest of the boot is not lagging behind either. The Scout has a Cork midsole, which lasts longer than the EVA material, and also molds to the foot shape beautifully, providing a custom fit. The upper is made of quality leather, and is also available in WeatherSafe Suede. The upper likewise conforms to the foot shape over time, and ages very well with proper care. The Scout features a Goodyear Welt construction, which means that they are very durable and completely resoleable. So, once you do wear down the soles, you can simply resole them, and they will be good to go. There were not many complaints from reviewers regarding durability, however, one customer had an issue with the sole separating from the upper. That said, the Thursday Boot Co. has very good Customer Service to help with any problems.


When purchasing the Scout Chukka, it is advised to size a a half or a full size down from your athletic shoe size, which the Thursday Boot Co. even states on their website, as the boots run bigger. While many reviewers found this to be true, a few suggested to buy the size according to what type of socks you would wear with them. If you would wear regular dress socks, sizing down is the way to go, but if you are planning to wear thicker socks with the boots, then getting your normal size will work the best. That said, these are leather boots, that will stretch out over time to conform to your feet, so have that in mind while purchasing.


Although being leather boots, they have decent flexibility, which can be attributed to the leather upper’s ability to mold to the wearer’s foot shape, thus moving and bending with the natural bending of the feet. While a few reviewers mentioned that the soles felt a tad stiff at first, most customers wear these boots all day long without issues.


Perhaps one of the best features of the Scout Chukka is how versatile it is. Taking the classic British Chukka design and making it its own, this boot can be worn both casually and formally, thanks to its refined, yet laid back look. The Scout Chukka comes in leather and suede uppers, both very stylish and luxurious. It is available in a variety of colors, each very easy to incorporate into any wardrobe. The Scout Chukka is perfect for both work and play, and you can easily wear it to the office, as well as a night out. It can be dressed down with a pair of jeans and a shirt, or dressed up with some khakis and a button down for a business casual look. Some even got away with wearing the boots to formal dinners, thanks to their sleek design.


The Scout Chukka does not lack in support whatsoever. It features a studded rubber outsole, that provides a firm grip on any surface, dry or wet, keeping the wearer steady on the ground. The heel is also higher than average, providing additional support. The Cork midsole molds to the wearer’s foot shape over time, creating a custom fit, while inside the boots, a Poron Antimicrobial Shock Absorbing insole ensures proper support. If all that is not enough, the leather upper also conforms to the wearer’s feet, and with the raised collar and tongue, helps support the ankles. Overall, reviewers were more than satisfied with the support these boots provided them with, and they could easily wear them all day long.


One thing where the Scout Chukka is different is its weight. Namely, this boot is heavier than some other Chukka Boots on the market. However, this is all due to the quality materials and lining used in its production. While it might take some time to get used to, reviewers in general did not find this feature of the boots to be an issue, especially compared to all the great qualities they have. That said, if you struggle with foot drop, you might experience some difficulty walking in these boots.

Bottom Line

Even though it is a new company, the Thursday Boot Co. has made a name for itself already. Making their footwear from high quality, durable materials, and not skimping on comfort or versatility, as well as selling them at an affordable price tag, is, what drew people to them. The Scout Chukka is one such boot, featuring a studded rubber outsole and Cork midsole, with a Goodyear Welt Construction and quality leather or WeatherSafe Suede uppers. Besides the stylish look of the Scout Chukka, it also provides all day comfort, thanks to its soft glove leather lining and Poron Antimicrobial Shock Absorbing Insole, as well as the midsole and upper's ability to mold to the wearer's foot shape. This Chukka Boot is appropriate for all weather types, and can easily be worn to work or casually. The Scout Chukka is an excellent boot, that will serve you well throughout the year, no matter the occasion. The only thing to remember, is, to size down when purchasing these boots, as they tend to run big.