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Pumps have different names in different parts of the world. In Great Britain, they’re called court shoes. However, in the US and Canada, they go by the name of pumps. Whichever the way you choose the call them, there’s no denying that the pumps are a great staple in every wardrobe.

Once upon a time, in the so-called Regency period of Britain, pumps were also worn mostly by men. By the Victorian area, they were replaced by the Oxford style of shoes. And since then the pumps are favored mostly by the ladies. They can be made with a variety of materials, but the leather continues to be (to this very day) one of the favorite materials in the making of the pumps.

Leather seems to be the favorite material in the Eriin model, made by the one and only Ted Baker. It’s a classic pump made with elegance and plenty of timeless styles. But you can read more about the pros and the cons of the shoe in the post below. Hope you like this review.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Leather upper

Ortholite cushioning

Rubber outsole

8 cm high heel



No vegan version


Deviating from the regular synthetic outsole, the Eriin model by Ted Baker has a distinct and sturdy rubber outsole. And of course, you can really feel the difference between the two materials, rather than see it. Yes, it’s a pattern, but at first glance, the outsole looks just like any other Ted Baker pump outsole. One half is covered with the well-loved gold paint, while the other half is nude.

And of course, the monogrammed logo of Ted Baker is imprinted at the very point of the outsole. Very sexy 8 cm high stiletto heel sits on the back of that outsole and speaking of that feel, the rubber outsole is a flexible, and enough to withstand the weight of the body. However, in terms of durability, the outsole won’t prove to be as durable as the synthetic one. While highly lauded and respected for the flexibility and the balance that it gives to the shoe, the rubber outsole is not the most durable. It will, however, be quite pleased with the aeration and the traction that the rubber outsole will provide. It’s not about what you’ll see; it’s more about what you’ll feel.


The midsole has something that not that many high heels have. A very special Ortholite cushioning in the footbed. Yes, plenty of flat shoes, the sneakers, and the men’s shoes have the Ortholite cushioning, but not the pumps. What is the Ortholite cushioning you might ask? Well, it’s both eco-friendly and long term type of cushioning. The real benefits of the Ortholite cushioning are that it’s very lightweight nature, the fact that it offers plenty of breathability to the foot, that it takes good care of the moisture management within the shoe, and most important of all it’s washable.

So, not only it will give you the comfort that you’ll need, but it will also keep your feet very dry, very odor free and you’ll be able to use it as much as you please. Just wash it and it will be as good as new. Amazing right? In keeping with the pointy toe style of silhouette, the midsole also follows the pointy toe style nicely. However, it’s worth mentioning that your foot and most importantly your toes won’t feel so cramped and jammed in the shoe. The midsole offers plenty of space for the foot to step on, and the cushioning eases things along.


It’s beautiful as it is simple. Just look at that beautiful upper. The Eriin model is proud of the simplicity and the quality that’s easily found here. Made entirely out of fine and high-quality leather, the upper is a sight for sore eyes. If you’re looking for a simple yet elegant shoe which exurbs with style and effortless beauty than this is your shoe. But aside from the presence of fine leather what makes this shoe sight to behold? It’s the little embellishments that complete the look, and give the finished polished look of completion. Like metallic detailing on the toe and the heel area.

They’re tiny, but they add so much to the overall style. Of course, when we look at the heel there is no way of not noticing two important things in that area. First, the cute little bow that sits on the back of the upper, and the collar at the Achilles heel. You’ll notice that the back of the heel, just at the Achilles heel has a pronounced collar that goes a little higher than with the rest of the upper. This provides not just a visual touch; the practicality of that collar is present as always. The detailing at the back adds a lot of balance to the shoe, and support when you least expect it. That’s especially true if you consider the fact that there’s not only 8 cm high heel in the back, but a pointy toe style of a silhouette in the front. So every act of support and balance counts.


Yes, there’s a primary source of comfort in the Eriin model, and that’s the Ortholite cushioning, tucked away nicely in the midsole. The cushioning in the footbed is sufficient enough to give you the best possible comfort, without taking away the balance. And as any woman would tell, you the balance is crucial when you have stiletto heal that so high. But don’t worry about the cushioning performance in this particular model. It’s equipped enough to give you the best comfort, while the other features are there just to lend a helping hand. Features like the leather collar in the back of the upper really help with the comfort but form separate areas.


You’d think that a small and insignificant feature like extra inches of leather at the back of the shoe couldn’t do as much, but you’d be wrong. It really packs a great deal of punch in the support of the shoe, since this particular model doesn’t have any buckles, straps or any other types of closing systems. Yes, the collar in the back of the pump really means a lot to the support of the entire shoe, and it’s up to you to find out just how much.


You have real rubber, real leather and Ortholite cushioning in the middle. What’s not to like? Seriously. All of the materials and features in the Eriin model are responsible for the durability of the shoe. Most notably the used of high-quality leather and high-quality rubber in the two key areas of the shoe. The outsole and the upper. But don’t knock the fantastic Ortholite cushioning in the midsole, because it’s because of that you’ll get the much-needed improvement in the walking, and the much higher amount of comfort while you’re walking in these shoes.

Walking in 8 cm high pumps isn’t easy, but why not prolong the life of the shoes by walking properly in them. Yes, the materials used in the making of the shoe count, and so does the craftsmanship, but having a great cushioning that can help you feel less pain will reflect significantly on the durability as well. When you’re walking properly you won’t have the constant fear of damaging the shoes, and they’ll last much longer.


The leather and the rubber used in the making of the shoe, are not known for their high levels of flexibility, but thanks to the Ortholite cushioning in the middle the flexibility is much improved. The Ortholite cushioning is very lightweight and flexible, and besides the usual comfort, it offers a great deal of flexibility to the shoe. When you have a stiletto style of heel, and an 8 cm high heel of that, every bit counts.


Having a sturdy and quality materials in the making of the shoe is always a shoo-in way of getting the stability that you need. But sometimes the use of the best materials isn’t enough, and support is needed. Especially when you have a high heel like the Erin Model, that has an easy and stress-free slip-on design in the upper. Yes, the pointy toe style of a silhouette is always tricky to navigate, but the fact that there’s an Ortholite cushioning in the midsole helps tremendously.

The cushioning is centered in the middle of the footbed, and with the balance that it gives to the foot, it also gives support to the arches, and allow you to distribute the weight of your body much easily. The stability of the midsole will be responsible for feeling less pain as you walk in these shoes, and it’s something that you shouldn’t take for granted.


Frankly, the airflow shouldn’t be a concern in the Eriin model. Why? Because not only it has rubber in the outsole, leather in the upper, it has the highly breathable Ortholite cushioning in the middle of the shoe. The leather has natural moisture-wicking properties, but those same properties are provided by the Ortholite cushioning in the footbed. Amazing right?


Sadly, the traction is less satisfactory in the Eriin model. Although the outsole is made with natural rubber the outsole is completely flat and devoid from any indentations, or any other ridging that could signal the high traction properties of this pump. And when you add to that the fact that this is a stiletto style of a heel with an 8 cm high heel at the back of the shoe, the traction is needed here, but it’s not that much provided.


Although the Eriin model by Ted Baker is offered solely in 2 separate color options (the pink and the nude) both of them are slightly different in the details that accompany those colors. For instance, the nude has very delicate flowers painted on the upper’s lining, while the pink version has not only paintings on the lining, on the upper’s surface as well. The painted detailing is located at the back of the shoe, and it adds a nice elegant touch to the entire shoe. The detailing looks amazing don’t you think?.


With a price tag of 195 dollars, the Erin model isn’t cheap. However, it’s a great investment to be made because with the purchasing you’ll get a high-quality shoe, that not only has great and very quality materials in the core, but also a fantastic detailing that will elevate any boring outfit that you might have in your closet.

Bottom line

The Erin model by Ted Baker is the floral touch that you’ve always needed. It’s like having a spring garden on your shoe, but with a little less effort. Made with fantastic materials, and with great delicate care, the Eriin model is a pride and joy in Ted Baker’s long list of fashionable pumps. The Eriin is an effortlessly stylish option that will work wonders for you and your closet.

The detailing on the surface of the shoe ranges from flowery printed detail to metallic hardware additions. Both of the detailing options look amazing, and both of them are done with much taste and stylish vigor. The spring feeling will never end. Not as long as you’re wearing the Eriin model. The pumps are an excellent choice if you’re looking to revive your boring wardrobe, without going overboard with your Visa. Yes, they’re a bit pricey, but when you think of the endless possibilities that away from you with these pumps, that bill will seem like a joke. They’re versatile and timeless, and they’ll be with you for many seasons to come.