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If you are somebody who has neutral arches (neither flat feet nor high arches), the Spenco Total Support Original insoles could be what you’re looking for. It doesn’t only give you generalized support for your arch; you get support in all three of your arches. That’s right - three. They support your medial and lateral arches as well as your metatarsal dome arch, which runs from your big toe to your pinky toe.

The cushioning system that consists of three interchangeable pods will help to absorb the shock of each foot strike and even help to counteract overpronation. The Spenco Total Support Original insole is constructed so that it literally is cradling your foot to provide you with extra support and stability for your arches, forefoot, and heel. The deep heel cup also provides your heel and ankle with extra protection/support/stability.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Supports Forefoot

Interchangeable Pods

Shock Absorption


Odor Control

Neutral Arch Support


Bad For Flat Feet/High Arches



The Spenco brand was started by Dr. Wayman Spence in 1967. This healthcare company uses the most innovative technology to help as many people as possible; so that they may be able to achieve their goals more easily. Spenco’s focus is on providing high-quality products for foot care, including insoles like the Spenco Total Support Original. They also offer some of the most advanced sports medicine and first aid products.

Customer satisfaction and premium customer service are also important to this company. They’re dedicated to making sure that you’re able to find the products and services that will best fit your needs and provide solutions for your health and foot care needs.

The company has been successfully running for over fifty years. It is now under the ownership of Implus LLC. This company is focused on fitness lifestyle products, including foot care. Spenco brand products are available for purchase in about eighty-five countries.

If you’re somebody who happens to struggle with the symptoms that come with pressure sores, blisters, foot fatigue, arch pain, heel pain, and many other conditions; you’re sure to be able to find a Spenco product to help you feel better. If the Spenco Total Support Original insoles don’t have what you need, you can find other insoles here.


The area of your foot that doesn’t get the attention it deserves happens to be your forefoot. When designers create shoes, socks, and insoles, they most often put the focus on your heels and arches. Those areas definitely need attention, but your forefoot does as well.

If your forefoot is lacking the proper amount of cushioning and support, you could be susceptible to experiencing burning, itching, pain, blisters, and/or cracks on the ball of your foot. You can find tips for blisters here.

The Spenco Total Support Original insoles have a crash pad built into the forefoot that will work to cushion your foot strikes, allow your foot to move naturally, and provide you with energy return. The crash pad reduces the pressure that is put on your forefoot every time you take a step. It comes in handy to help reduce the pain that is experienced with Morton’s neuroma and metatarsalgia.

Morton’s neuroma is a condition which means that there is a nerve in your third intermetatarsal space that has become inflamed. The third intermetatarsal space is also known as the ball of your foot. This condition typically happens due to consistent compression on a certain area of your plantar nerve. This condition is known to cause a lot of pain, but the Spenco Total Support Original can help.

Another condition that can be alleviated by Spenco Total Support Original insoles is metatarsalgia; which refers to a condition in which the ball of your foot experiences pain. This condition is also known as a stone bruise. This painful condition affects the metatarsal region of your foot and is a common condition that affects your bones and joints in that region. The crash pad integrated into the forefoot of the Spenco Total Support Original can alleviate the pain that comes with this condition.


If you have any foot conditions, it’s important to pay attention to the shape of the insoles you’re shopping for. The shape of the Spenco Total Support Original insoles is considered to be full-contact. Full-contact insoles can be used to reduce pain and pressure for those with conditions like plantar fasciitis.

The idea of full-contact insoles is to evenly distribute the stress of each foot strike across the entire foot to help you have a more natural stride to reduce pain. The footbed is made from EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate). The EVA material used in the construction of the Speco Total Support Original helps by offering durability, a contoured fit in the heel and arch, and support for your whole foot.

Studies have been conducted, and have shown, that total contact insoles can be implemented to decrease pain from walking and even increase how far you’re able to walk. Total contact insoles are especially helpful for those with plantar fasciitis. Here are some other products that can help plantar fasciitis symptoms.

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that means your plantar fascia is inflamed. This inflammation causes stiffness in your ankle and arch, having a large effect on how you perform your typical day-to-day activities. One of the most used methods to treat plantar fasciitis is insoles. Specifically, full contact insoles like the Spenco Total Support Original. Full contact works best because it distributes the weight and stress of each foot strike throughout the whole sole of your foot.

Heel Cup

The Spenco Total Support Original insoles include a deep heel cup which is integrated in order to reduce the pressure your heel is exposed to, cushion the heel from impact, guide the foot through each stride (for a more natural stride), and provide supreme stability (especially for over-pronation).

Overpronation is something that many people struggle with. If you overpronate, it means that your arches tend to roll inward when you’re walking. People who struggle with this condition can experience a great deal of pain. This condition can happen naturally or it can be a result of pregnancy or obesity. No matter how your condition began, it can be helped by the Spenco Total Support Original insoles.

Overpronation makes the likelihood of sustaining injuries higher than the risk in those with “normal” strides. Because of this, it’s important that your feet are stabilized as well as possible via your shoes and insoles. If your shoes aren’t giving you enough stability, the Spenco Total Support Original can give you the extra stability you need.

Before you purchase any items with the intent of treating symptoms of a condition, consult your Dr. The last thing any of us wants is for your condition to be made worse because you’ve gotten the wrong kind of insole. Here you can find heel cups to put in your shoes.

Modulation System

A great feature of the Spenco Total Support Original insoles is the 3-Pod Modulation System (patent-pending), which uses targeted impact zones with varying densities in order to maximize comfort. What’s more, the pods are interchangeable so that you can put the pods where you need them most.

The red pod is stiffer and counteracts overpronation. The blue pods are softer and guide the stride while also providing shock absorption during heel strike. On the heel of the Spenco Total Support Original insoles, the red and blue pods can be switched around. The blue pod that runs along the arch cannot be switched because it is a different shape. For more customizable insoles, check here.

Arch Support

Arch support is an important aspect of your shoes, socks, and insoles. It is something you want to pay close attention to. If you choose a product with the wrong arch support, you could cause yourself pain. None of us want that to happen.

You can choose arch support that’s geared toward people with flat feet. If that’s what you need, check here. Or, you can choose neutral arch support if you’re just looking for a little extra support and spring in your step. You can also choose arch support geared toward high arches. If you need shoes for high arches, check here.

The arch support that you can expect from the Spenco Total Support Original insoles would fall into the neutral category. This means that if you have either flat foot or high arches, they may either be too supportive or not supportive enough, and end up causing you pain.

The Spenco Total Support Original insole doesn’t just provide regular arch support. It supports both your medial (inner) and lateral (outer) arches. Because both arches are being supported, you will feel as though your foot is cradled in the insole. It will give you extra support when your heel strikes the ground and provide comfort while you’re walking.

Metatarsal Dome

The medial and lateral arches aren’t the only two arches in your feet, though. There is a third arch that most don’t even know exists. It is called the transverse arch, and it runs across the forefoot from the first metatarsal head to the fifth.

If this arch isn’t supported, unnecessary pressure can be put on your first metatarsal head. There’s also a chance that it can become essentially flattened, causing your toes’ sensory nerves to become pinched. This not only leads to toe pain but also Morton’s neuroma.

Morton’s neuroma refers to a nerve in your third intermetatarsal space, or ball of your foot, becoming inflamed. This condition can be very painful. Thankfully, the Spenco Total Support Original insoles have support for your metatarsal dome. Here are some foot cushions that can help the ball of your foot.

Drop Zone

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the forefoot deserves attention. The “first ray drop zone” that has been incorporated into the design of the Spenco Total Support Original insoles is just one of the ways they succeeded in supporting your toes.

This drop zone will create extra space under your big toe (or first metatarsal head), which will help to relieve pressure and give you a more efficient “toe-off”. It will also promote a neutral stride, relieve pain, and prevent future pain that you’d experience if you didn’t have the drop zone provided by the Spenco Total Support Original insoles. You can find other products to relieve foot pain here.

Top Cloth

What the top of your insole is made of is important. It may not seem like a very important component compared to support, stability, and comfort; however, it’s good to know what it’s made of. If you have trouble with sliding around inside of your shoes or you are prone to foot odor, the top cloth of the Spenco Total Support Original insoles could help you. Find other odor-eating products here.

The top cloth of this insole is made from nylon which is engineered with a four-way stretch and is weaved specifically for low-friction. Reducing the friction between your sock and your insole will help to prevent blisters.

Spenco Total Support Original insoles are treated with silver antimicrobial technology from Silpure. This technology works by releasing (when needed) tiny silver ions that will fight the bacterial growth. Silpure avoids discoloration in the nylon fabric by being very precise in the size and shape of the silver crystals.


Spenco will accept returns of any of their products, gladly, so long as they are purchased directly from their website. You must submit your return request no later than thirty days from your original date of purchase.

The address you need to ship your package to can be found on the website. Be sure to include the original transaction information with a note that includes your contact information. This will help the process go quickly and smoothly.

You may request an exchange up to a year after your date of purchase. The Spenco Total Support Original insoles have a one year warranty against manufacturer defects. If the company deems your product defective, you will be eligible for a replacement only, not a refund.

Bottom Line

Before you purchase any product that you plan to use for a condition, be sure to consult your Dr. If you have flat feet, or high arches, then this product will not give you the correct support, and you may cause yourself unnecessary pain. If you’re not sure what kind of arches you have, then you definitely want to be sure to consult your Dr. first. If the Spenco Total Support Original insole doesn't have what you need, you can check here for other options.

The Spenco Total Support Original insoles are great for support, stability, pressure relief, pain relief, shock absorption, odor control, and preventing blisters. The 3-pod modulation system includes (3) pods with varying densities so that you can enjoy a customized feel with the right support where you need it most.

The Spenco Total Support Original insoles may come at a higher cost, but if you consult with your Dr. and come to the conclusion that they may be the right fit for you, they will end up being worth the money.