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Rag & Bone has successfully managed to distinguish itself from many other clothing and shoe brands since its inception in New York in 2002, by fusing its British heritage with modern design and urban style. And in the current day, they manage to incorporate timeless tailoring with that New York aesthetic, looking edgy yet subtle with quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. They are little pricier than a lot of brands, however, the quality of their products more than makes up for it. With this in mind, the Rag & Bone Ellis fits perfectly within this definition - the classic boots offer a clean silhouette with classy colorways and leather uppers, helping to redefine downtown style for any setting. And let’s not forget those gorgeous half-moon heels or practical back pull tab (that still looks super cute!)! With all this in mind, the characteristics that the Rag & Bone Ellis offer to a wearer are so awesome, they just need to be laid out for everyone to see and appreciate – don’t be frightened by the price tag, they are absolutely worth it!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Smooth leather uppers

Half-moon heel

Padded footbed

Back pull tab

Side zip enclosure


Varying sizing

High heel height


The comfort of a boot is important - you want a shoe that offers comfort and support whilst still being stylish and classic, not bulky and outdated. Additionally, when a boot has a heel, comfort is even more important as you don’t want your feet feeling like they are going to fall off 1 hour into the night. When it comes to the Rag & Bone Ellis, considering the heel height they are actually really comfy. They have a padded footbed, which allows for the ball of your feet to get some extra help in supporting your weight and the rest of your foot a little cushion to rest on. The leather lining also offers a nice quality touch, meaning you feel mighty classy and a little fancier when you walk around in these stylish boots, and the inside zip ensures your foot in nice and secure. Extra points for the cute angled square toe, which isn’t just cute but it offers your toes a little extra wiggle room for some added comfort.


As many of you know, boots can be heavy… like really heavy. You can feel like you’re carrying around extra luggage on your feet when you take every step and when you take them off at the end of the day, you are pounds lighter. For a boot like the Rag & Bone Ellis, it could easily get quite heavy, but at a mere 11 ounces these boots are pretty damn lightweight and super cute whilst they do it. The combination of quality materials and great craftsmanship means the construction of the boot allows for the lightest weight options, which benefits the wearer in so many ways and allows for all-day comfort without the baggage. Seems like a great option!


When it comes to the aesthetics of boots, people look for different things. Heels, leather uppers, wedges, zips, straps, buckles, colorways or no heels at all – everyone has a preference and a purpose when it comes to buying a pair of boots. Sure, the Rag & Bone Ellis isn’t your obvious pick if you are looking for a boot with a wedge or no heel at all, but you should seriously consider changing your filters because these boots are so gorgeous, they are worth buying anyway. The amazing colorways offered (check out the navy pair with red and white stripes, they are amazing) are just the beginning – then you look at the quality leather upper made of soft leather, the leather outsole, the inside zip, and the half-moon heel and the back pull tab (which is functional and stylish) and you have a pair of boots that are hitting goals across the board. And let’s not forget their timeless structure which allows them to be worn with almost anything… classic never looked so good!


When you buy a pair of shoes, especially an expensive pair of shoes, you want them to have some versatility and flexibility. You want them to be able to be worn for more than one occasion and, if possible, across seasons and even from day to night. Well, the Rag & Bone Ellis heard your thoughts and it can do exactly that. Sure, it is a dressier boot with a heel, however, you can wear them in summer with a cute dress for evening cocktails, in winter with a warm coat for a work lunch and in autumn when you want to try those new pair of jeans to drinks after work. And let’s not forget spring in a gorgeous little skirt and blouse combo! The options are endless, as is the versatility of these boots, and will offer you lots of wear across the seasons and over the years, as they are a timeless style and won’t date.


The outsole of a boot such as the Rag & Bone Ellis can be a tricky one – you want the boot to be comfortable and stylish, but you want it to still be practical and suitable for walking whilst looking amazing. Rag & Bone chose an all leather outsole for this boot, and it was a pretty good choice. The leather gives a timeless style and sharp and flawless finish to the shoe, something a many other classic women’s boots struggle with. It also adds to the feminine silhouette, along with the angled square toe for a little bit of character to its profile. Leather really makes this boot an amazing choice for your wardrobe.

Heel Height

The heel of a boot can be a make or break component to some people when it comes to considering their next pair. Some people are looking for a small or non-existent heel, whereas others prefer a sky-high option or a chunky wedge. The Rag & Bone Ellis has a little bit of everything – a half moon, chunky heel with a circumference of around 10 inches and a shaft that sits around 5”. For some people, that may be just too high and uncomfortable and not a practical option for use on a regular basis. For others, that size heel, combined with the chunky, half-moon style made an appealing boot even better – so really, it is a personal choice. If a boot with a heel is what you are after, the Rag & Bone Ellis should definitely be around the top of your list to consider, as it is a timeless boot that offers a touch of class to any outfit, however, if heels aren’t your thing, it may be worthwhile steering clear and trying something with a little less heel to maneuver.

Shoe Uppers

The shoe uppers of a boot are super important - not only is it a huge aesthetic component, but it also ensures the wearer’s foot stays within the shoe properly and offers all the right support (whilst looking good at the same time!). The Rag & Bone Ellis has a smooth leather upper, offering a soft and flexible material to a classic and timeless looking boot. The uppers come in a plethora of colors including red, forest green suede and silver, meaning you have so many wonderful options to choose from and cover the whole foot and up the ankle. The inside zip is silver, offering another support system to ensure your foot stays where it needs to be, and did I mention how soft and supple the leather was? Just thought I’d add it in there again, as it is one of the best features these boots have to offer along with the quality of the materials. Definitely worth the price tag.


The quality of a boot can be a big component when choosing the right pair for you, irrelevant of the season or time of year you purchase them. Given the price of the Rag & Bone Ellis, one would expect the quality of the boots to be pretty high and they definitely deliver. They are made in Italy with quality products, including leather uppers and a leather outsole, and some versions are even waterproof (think patent black leather!). Also, given the quality of the product, these boots will last for many years to come, meaning you more than get your money's worth out of them. They are also suitable for any season and any weather, as well as transitioning from day to night wear and everything in between. They are also perfect for a girls night out or that date night you’ve been looking forward to all week… treat yourself!


Now, the Rag & Bone Ellis is stylish - there’s no denying it - and a major part to this is the colorways on offer. Now, if you think you only need a black or brown boot in your wardrobe, think again! How about ivory, red, silver, mahogany, forest green suede and black patent leather… and, the best option, navy with red and white stripes. These are just some of the amazing colors that Rag & Bone have on offer when it comes to the Ellis boot, and this makes it one of the most versatile options you’ll see around. Whether you are a looking for a day boot, night boot or something that fits in between, all the available options make this shoe the perfect option. The availability of colors just adds another positive aspect to these already amazing shoes and will make you consider buying more than one pair… all the colors are divine!


The Rag & Bone Ellis are marketed as true to size, medium width boots but this seems to be a little bit of a sore spot when it comes to the shoe itself. Some have suggested buying up half a size, as they run a little small, whereas others have suggested buying half a size down, as they run a little big. Another group of people has even suggested buying true to size and you will be fine - so it’s all a little confusing to maneuver for someone looking to buy a pair. In saying this, it appears that ‘medium width’ may actually be the overarching incorrect component, as many who have bought true to size boots are suggesting that although the boots are a little long (but not unbearable), they are the correct width and going down in sizing will likely make them too tight. So, after all that, what does it all really mean? Realistically, sizing may be a little tricky, to begin with, but stick it out because once you have a pair that fits, you won’t want to take them off.

Bottom Line

Now comes the crucial question… are these boots worth the money? Considering the fact they are not cheap, this question is a little weightier than other brands of boots. Given the style, quality, and colorways that the Rag & Bone Ellis offers, it is a resounding yes that these boots are worth it. They offer a smooth, supple leather upper which offers comfort and, in some cases, water resistance to the wearer during both day and night activities. Sure the heel is seen as a little high for some, but the classic silhouette that these boots offer more than makes up for it, as well as the gorgeous half-moon heel and cute inside zipping to ensure your feet stay exactly where they are supposed to be. They are also very reasonable in the weight department and won’t act as anchors as you strut around town, meaning your feet won’t feel like they’ve finished weight training at the end of a night out. Let’s also not forget the gorgeous leather outsole, ensuring a feminine profile but an appealing product and quality craftsmanship. So, throw out some of your old, worn out boots and replace them with a pair of these, and you won’t regret it!