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Are you having difficulties finding the perfect pair of boots? It can be tough to come across a pair that deliver solid performance in a stylish package. Well, the Palladium Pampa Hi might just be the answer to your prayers! This fashionable pair offers a versatile design that is ready to take on whatever may come your way. They’re made from a comforting and breathable combination of materials and look incredible when worn with practically any style of clothing. Palladium is a high-end brand that retails for less and who crafts reliably stylish pairs time after time.

The Pampa Hi comes in several choices of upper materials including nubuck leather or canvas. These are both enjoyable and trendy fabrics that will have you walking with an attitude. This sneaker-inspired boot will give you the kind of performance needed to conquer just about anything and will have you looking smooth while you do it.


Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Rubber Sole/Toe Cap
  • Lace-Up
  • Lugged Tread
  • Sneaker-Inspired Boot
  • 5 1/2" Shaft
  • Sizes Run Small
  • Prone To Tears


No one likes to feel restricted in their boots which is why the Pampa Hi’s versatility is such a huge selling point. When you’re wearing this style of footwear you should be able to roam wherever you choose without feeling restricted by the limitations of your footwear and these boots live up to those expectations! Every step of the way, whether you’re walking through mud, grass, or gravel this pair will be there to carry you through with ease. Designed with unique comfort-enhancing features and an appearance that’s ready for any occasion, this boot is an adaptable choice. Its waterproof upper and grippy outsole let you travel across wet and slippery surfaces easily, while a lightweight build lets you go for hours without feeling fatigued.


Palladium is a high-class brand so who wouldn’t be proud to let everyone know they’re wearing them?! This well-branded boot offers a woven tongue and side labels which help it to stand out from the rest. Its rubber patch midway up the shaft proudly displays just who’s boot you’re wearing and makes for a distinctive design that is both simple and bold at the same time.

Palladium has been designing footwear inspired by explorers for over 70-years. Their designs were meant to challenge the perceived “norm” and to keep pace with the ever-changing style trends. What started out as a brand who made airplane tires and grew to become a trusted name in footwear, Palladium is truly a modern take on the classic styles.


The Pampa Hi is made with a nubuck leather upper unit that’s both water-resistant and breathable for all-day comfort. The leather material wicks excess moisture away from the skin which prevents a build-up of sweat and odor-causing bacteria. Its wool lining material is extra cozy while still allowing lots of breathability inside the shoe so you won’t overheat. This pair has a rubber sole and extra rubber toe cap that help to protect against water and provide solid traction on almost any surface. The laces are made from flat cotton which gives them a more stylish appearance and a microfiber inner flap helps to absorb even more moisture from the inside.


These boots are perfect for those chilly days thanks to their 100% wool lining. Wool is an excellent choice of lining material because it’s not only super cozy, but also very easy to clean and care for. It also absorbs moisture incredibly well which is very important for footwear. If moisture builds up inside of your shoes it leads to the growth of odor-causing bacteria and can quickly ruin your shoes when they start to smell. Not to mention, walking around in sweaty damp shoes is anything but comfortable! This lining material is ideal for cold weather because it offers incredible insulation against cold, but it’s also good for warmer days because it insulates against heat too, talk about a win-win!


This boot offers excellent traction on any surface thanks to its superior outsole that features a lugged tread for better grip. Lugs are deep grooves cut into the sole material that allows for better grip and handling despite the terrain. They hold better to wet surfaces and are superior to flat sole patterns. The Pampa Hi has an outsole that’s made from rubber which is a superior material for both waterproofing and traction because of its naturally grippy texture and waterproof qualities. When combined with the deep lug pattern, it makes for the best possible design for a sole and is far better than any other options when it comes to stability, grip, and waterproofing. This boot can be worn on almost any type of terrain thanks to its well-designed sole and top-of-the-line handling capabilities.


This sneaker-inspired boot offers a great design that’s both trendy and versatile. Its lace-up structure lets you adjust the fit so it feels just right and the rubber sole keeps you steady while you’re on your feet. The Pampa Hi comes in various upper materials including nubuck leather and canvas which are both comforting and enjoyable to wear. The great thing about this pair of boots is that they can be worn for so many different occasions whether it's for a night out with friends or a hike through nature. Their 5 ½-inch shaft sits nicely above the ankle while their low one-inch heel lets you walk with ease.


The Pampa Hi boot comes in several upper materials. One is nubuck leather, which is excellent for controlling water and keeps you nice and dry no matter the weather. While the canvas upper wouldn’t be the best choice for rainy days, its rubber sole would still offer superior waterproofing from the bottom so no liquid could seep in through the sole. Rubber is the best material to wear in wet conditions because it provides excellent traction and is completely waterproof.


Go ahead and choose from one of several colorways that help to make this an adaptable choice of footwear. It comes in mostly neutral shades which allows for effortless wear because they'll look good with practically any other color. When you start looking at bright or boldly colored footwear it gets a little more difficult to match with your everyday essentials, but this pair's modest shades are ideal for almost any kind of occasion. The darker options are best for hiking or other activities that might get you dirty while the lighter choices can be worn for those chill days spent on the city streets.


Despite the brand power behind this design, some wearers found issues with its durability. A few people had complaints that the shoe was prone to tears, while others noticed that the inner material wore away at the heel which left them more vulnerable to rubbing and blisters. It really depends on the kind of wear-and-tear you plan to put them through and how consistently you’re going to be wearing them. They certainly won’t fall apart after just a few times wearing them but might not last until next season if you’re too hard on them. There’s a couple of things you can do to help keep them in the best shape possible which I’ve highlighted below.
  • Be careful with how you take them off and put them on! If you don’t untie the laces and simply slide your foot into the already tied boot it will cause bending and pressure at the heel which can wear down the lining material faster causing it to tear or become too thin. Be sure to always untie your boots before taking them off to keep the heel in the best shape possible.

  • Don’t put them in the dryer! This might sound like a no-brainer, but believe it or not some people just might consider doing this! If you want to wash your boots it's easiest to wipe the outside clean with hot soapy water and a damp cloth. This shouldn’t get the inside wet so you won’t have any problems wearing them straight away without the need for drying them.


Unfortunately, with any great boot, there is always a downside too! This pair’s fault lies in the sizing and fit. A lot of wearers found that it ran quite a bit smaller than size and that the forefoot is too narrow. If you have wide feet, you should definitely consider opting for a half to full size larger than your normal size in order to have enough room in the toe and forefoot. Or, you can always try stretching out the narrow area yourself. This can easily be done by placing an item that’s wider than your foot inside the shoe and leaving for one to three days. This should stretch out the material just enough to make a bit of extra room but not so much so that the material distorts.

Bottom Line

Overall, I rated this boot fairly high based on its superior style and versatility. It’s so nice to have an option that can literally be worn for practically any occasion, especially one that’s so fashionable. The Pampa Hi is made from quality materials and offers an adaptable design thanks to its plethora of performance-geared features.

Whether you’re hiking, walking, or simply cruising with friends this boot has got you covered! Its lugged outsole provides superior traction and its lace-up design puts you in control of how well it fits. You can stay cozy during colder weather and cooler when it’s warm outside because of the wool lining material that allows for adequate airflow while also insulating from hot and cold temperatures.

Choose from one of several neutral colorways that look great with any color clothing and you can even pick your choice of upper material. There are canvas and nubuck options available with only adds to the customized feel that this pair delivers. Anyone who enjoys the outdoors and likes to look their best will find that this pair of boots are a great choice for them.