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If you enjoy being outdoors at night then you need a reliable light source. Whether you like to run, walk, hike, or camp in the evening hours Knuckle Lights make the perfect companion to light your way. These bright LED handhelds offer 280 total lumens for a powerful and effective beam. They are comfortable to hold and have an adjustable strap. Soft silicone material makes them easy on the hands and won't cause any irritation even after long periods of wear.

Knuckle Lights sell in pairs so you get two for the price of one. The units connect magnetically which means you won't end up losing one or the other. A handy charging dock makes powering your Knuckle Lights a snap. The battery life is quite impressive and gives a full 4-hours on high power from one charge. Though, this can be extended from 4up to 12-hours depending on the chosen power setting.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 280 Lumen LED
  • Silicone Strap
  • Comfort Grips
  • Charging Dock
  • Dual Units
  • Closure Undoes


Knuckle Lights offer a rechargeable battery and ultra-bright light. Gear like this will guide you through the darkest conditions and keep you safe in dim lighting. This innovative pair straps to the front of your hand. This is ideal positioning to see the path ahead and help passersby see you as you approach.

Knuckle Lights are the shoes perfect for walking, hiking, or trail-running at night. Use this set while camping or even when you take your dog for a walk to feel safe and secure. High-visibility LED bulbs power this set making them a long-lasting and super-bright option.

I love the trendy look and comfortable feel that this light offers. It comes in several colorways to suit your sense of style and easily wipes clean after each use.


Knuckle Lights offer an ultra-bright beam and run off an impressive 280 total lumens. Lumens are a unit of luminous flux and tell you how much light emits per second. This gives you an idea of how intense the light coming from your equipment is. Typically, you judge the brightness while on the highest setting and with brand new batteries. Otherwise, you get less than accurate results.

There is a range of outputs available starting at a low-intensity 20 lumens and reaching a blazing 3500 lumens. The lower numbers are ideal for casual reading and other activities that don’t need much distance. The higher the number is the further the light will reach which is you want when you’re running or hiking.

Knuckle Lights have a great output range for most activities and will light your way while on or off-trail with ease. Most compact designs just don’t have the same level of power this one does and won’t perform the way you want in dark conditions.


Charging is a big aspect to consider when shopping for a light. You won’t want something that is a hassle to powerup and definitely won’t want poor battery life. If your gear runs out of steam halfway through your run you will find yourself caught in the dark with no way of seeing what lays ahead.

Knuckle Lights offer an innovative charging dock that makes it so easy to keep them fully-charged. Just return them to the dock after each use and your gear will always be ready to use. There’s no need to try and balance them while they charge or worry about them toppling over.

Some designs are tough to charge because of the shape and easily tip or roll while connected. The dock gives you a stable and secure surface which means your device won’t roll away while it charges. This is a handy feature that sets Knuckle Lights a step above the rest.

Battery Life

Battery life is a big aspect to consider when choosing a running light. The last thing you want is to end up in the dark because you ran out of power halfway through your run. Knuckle Lights offer a good amount of battery life per charge which means it’s a safer option for runners.

You get 4+ hours of high power use or 8+ hours of low power. This is great for this kind of equipment because most don’t offer as long of battery life. The handy charging dock makes it super easy to charge up your device and is an invaluable feature.


When you’re passionate about running a little rain won’t stop you! It will, however, ruin your light if it’s not waterproof. Knuckle Lights offer waterproof IPX-6 technology which means they’re usable in any weather conditions.

When you purchase something waterproof it will likely have an IPX rating which will range between IPX-0 and IPX-8. The lower the number is the less water-resistant the item is and the higher the rating the more waterproof it is. An IPX-6 rating refers to the following; “Protects from powerful water jets. So if you modified your super soaker with an air compressor and an aftermarket tip, your stuff is still safe. In reality, IPX6 is waterproof.”

Knowing this makes me feel a lot more confident in the waterproofing capabilities that these lights offer. This is one of the reasons that they’re so popular with athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.


You don’t want to use anything uncomfortable for you to hold! That’s why so many athletes turn to Knuckle Lights; because they offer a soft silicone strap. Silicone is a flexible material that won’t irritate even after hours of holding.

Silicone is a type of rubber that consists of converted sand. It holds up well in all weather conditions and is unaffected by extreme temperatures. Other rubbers don’t function nearly as well in these conditions which is why silicone is a more costly choice.

This material is easy on the hands and won’t irritate as others might. If the handle is too hard it will be uncomfortable to grip and may cause friction issues after a while. Whereas, if it’s too soft you won’t get a good enough grip and could drop your equipment. Knuckle Lights offer the perfect kind of grip that is enjoyable to hold.


As I’ve already mentioned, Knuckle Lights offer silicone straps. This material is ideal for all-weather and temperature conditions making it the perfect choice for outdoor athletics. It withstands temperatures as low as -60℃ and roughly as high as 230℃. This is pretty impressive for any material and makes silicone a great option for this type of equipment.

The lights come from high-power, energy-efficient LED bulbs. An LED (light-emitting diode) is a light source that works when current flows through it. In a process called electroluminescence energy in the form of photons release producing light.


Knuckle Lights aren’t short on great features! They offer three power settings: high, low, and blinking. Each one allows for a different battery life per charge and is appropriate for different levels of lighting. This is a handy feature because you don’t have to use unnecessary power when it’s not fully dark outside just yet.

I love the fact that Knuckle Lights come in pairs meaning you get two lights for the price of one. This makes them an excellent value! The units connect magnetically so you don’t end up losing one or other. If you don’t feel like using two at the same time, try leaving one to charge while using the other. This way you can alternate and always have at least one fully charged and ready to use.

Adjustable straps allow for a customized fit that feels better than your one-size-fits-all designs. Those options just aren’t realistic and end up being uncomfortable. Plus, if they don’t fit your hands they end up falling off or causing you discomfort.


Founded by Dan Hopkins, Knuckle Lights give runners a beam of brightness to guide their way. Dan Hopkins was never much of a runner. Then, one day in 2011 he set a goal for himself - he was going to run his first half marathon. While training one morning Dan realized just how dark it was outside. His hesitations affected his run and he found himself doing more of a slow walk.

That's when Dan went looking for the perfect lighting solution. To his disappointment, there was nothing besides your usual headlamps available. That's where his innovative idea took form and so came Knuckle Lights. Since then Knuckle Lights grew into a successful and much-loved piece of equipment used by runners, walkers, and more.

While Knuckle Brands isn't a 'big-name' brand, it's rooted in a place of real concern for the safety and wellbeing of athletes everywhere.


Despite having a well-designed structure Knuckle Lights tend to break or stop working. A big issue is with charging and many people report their charging dock stops working or doesn’t work correctly. If you have issues with charging be sure to fiddle around with positioning the units because they can be tricky to seat correctly.

The strap closures are another area of concern. Many people have issues with the closure system failing or not working at all. This is an issue because you don’t want to drop your unit mid-run and have it break. This leaves you with no source of light and can be dangerous depending on the terrain.

Lastly, a few people report issues with one unit not reaching full power. It continues to work fine on the lower settings but won’t light up when turned to full power. This isn’t too big of an issue but would be annoying after a while especially if you’re maneuvering on tough terrain.

Bottom Line

Runners and outdoor enthusiasts love Knuckle Lights because they’re super bright. You get two for the price of one which makes them an excellent value. I love the handy charging dock and magnetic connection between the two devices which ensures you won’t misplace one.

With 280 total lumens, the result is a pure bright beam that will light the way. This is ideal for both on and off-trail maneuvering, especially after dark. There’s no need to worry about battery life because you get up to 12-hours of light from a single charge. Knuckle Lights offer three power settings for dim to high light emission and each one allows for different battery life.

Knuckle Lights have an IPX-6 waterproof rating meaning they’re almost completely waterproof. This is important for athletes who want to train rain or shine because their equipment can withstand any weather conditions.

The quality need improvement and several users report having had issues with charging. Most likely, the device needs to sit properly in the dock which is why you need to fiddle around with it to make sure it connects. Another complaint is that the strap fastener comes loose sometimes which runs the risk of you dropping your light. If it were to break you would be without a source of light for the rest of your travels.