Wigwam Ultimax Socks Review

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When you enjoy outdoor activities like hiking you need a quality pair of socks on your feet. That's where Wigwam Ultimax socks step up! They offer a combination of features that keep you comfortable and blister-free while you're on the go. With built-in moisture management and anti-odor technologies, these socks keep you fresh and dry for hours on end. Most pairs just don't have the kind of benefits you need for life on or off-trail which is why so many people turn to Wigwam Ultimax socks.

These socks are machine washable and you can even toss them in the drier for no-fuss care. They offer a lightweight structure and have additional padding in the places where you need it most. If you have smaller feet than you won't be able to find them in your size, but if you wear a size 8 or larger than they fit like a charm. If you're shopping on a budget then this is a great choice to consider because these socks sell for an affordable price. They offer incredible value and a ton of great features that make them a must-have for all your outdoor occasions.



Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Anti-Odor Technology
  • Moisture Controlling
  • Reinforced Toe
  • Crew Cut
  • Elastic Cuff
  • Limited Sizes


Wigwam Ultimax socks offer the perfect style for hiking and other outdoor athletics. A crew cut length is ideal for protecting your ankle and calf while you trek through tough terrain. This is a must for hiking off-trail, especially during the summer when you wear shorts. Otherwise, you end up with cuts and scrapes along your lower legs and that’s just no fun at all.

A ribbed neck and elasticized collar keep this pair from sliding down your leg which means you won’t have to stop constantly to pull them up. This is a real problem with some socks that just don’t stay up no matter what you do.

A reinforced toe and extra cushioning make the Wigwam Ultimax socks a must-have choice for outdoor enthusiasts. They’re more durable than your average pair and come in several colorways to suit every sense of style.


Believe it or not, the socks you wear just might be too heavy. Heavy socks have fabric that is too dense and smothers your skin. When your skin doesn’t get enough air circulation you start to excessively sweat and we all know how uncomfortable sweaty feet are!

That’s why your socks should be light enough to let plenty of air pass through the fibers. This way you won’t end up overheating inside your shoe and won’t sweat excessively. Heavy socks are just plain uncomfortable and you won’t get any enjoyment from walking around in them.

Luckily, Wigwam Ultimax socks offer a nice lightweight structure that won’t restrict or smother you. They’re perfect for athletic activities and outdoor adventures which is why hikers just can’t get enough.

The great thing about these socks is that they aren’t too heavy but they still offer enough warmth to wear in chilly weather. It’s tough finding a good balance between weight-warmth which makes this pair an excellent choice to consider.


When it comes time for hiking through tough terrain the last thing you want is a flimsy pair of socks. Wigwam Ultimax socks aren’t your average pair! They offer a durable abrasion-resistant finish that outlasts the competition. Most pairs tend to rip along the seams but these socks have a seamless toe which means they can withstand daily wear and tear with ease.

If you find yourself struggling to find a pair that won’t rip after only a few wears then this is an excellent choice to consider. Wigwam Ultimax socks have quality construction and top-grade materials that make them more resilient than most.

Wigwam is a trusted brand in outdoor apparel and delivers products built for life in the outdoors. With over a century of experience crafting every kind of gear including hats, scarves, gloves, socks, and more, Wigwam is a label you can trust to keep you satisfied.


Wigwam Ultimax socks don’t use just any materials, they offer the best combination of fabrics. With a blend of stretch nylon, Spandex, and X20 acrylic this pair is comforting to wear. Whether you enjoy hiking, walking, or climbing these socks will carry you where you want to go.

The Spandex and nylon materials ensure a snug fit and prevent any sliding down while you stride. The X20 acrylic contains Chitosan, a natural odor-repellent. This keeps your feet fresh for longer even while you engage in strenuous activities.

Poor quality materials make any pair of socks unwearable. They’re uncomfortable and don’t perform the way a performance sock should. If you enjoy outdoor athletics you need a solid pair that won’t let you down when you need it most.

Some people think their shoes are the only important thing, but that’s just not true. The socks you wear can make a world of difference and are what makes your adventure more enjoyable.

Without a comforting pair of socks, your feet will be sore and achy. This is exactly why so many hikers turn to the Wigwam Ultimax socks. Anyone who needs additional cushion and superior moisture control should consider this option because of its top-grade materials and overall incredible finish.

Blister Prevention

No one wants to end up with a painful blister which is why proper prevention is a must! The socks on your feet are the first line of defense against painful friction spots and protect you from the irritation of your shoe. Some pairs just don’t offer the kind of barrier you need to stop painful blisters in their tracks and keep your feet pain-free. Wigwam Ultimax socks offer just what you need to stave off sore spots and will prevent the formation of blisters.

Too often, your shoe rubs against your skin repeatedly and irritates the area. This happens when your skin touches the fabric because it causes friction when it connects with your delicate flesh.

Two main areas where blisters form are on the heel and toes. That’s because these are the areas most prone to rub inside your shoe. Wigwam Ultimax socks offer additional cushioning in these high-impact areas to protect them from constant irritation.

This prevents blisters and keeps you on your feet without having to worry about painful feet once the day has ended. The cushioning extends to the sole and even the leg which means it protects you in all of the most essential spots.

If you already have a blister and need some advice on how to properly treat it have a peek at our guide to blister prevention and treatment. This article has tons of helpful information that will help you recover faster.

Moisture Control

As I’ve already mentioned, having sweaty feet is no fun at all! That’s why you want a pair of socks that offer moisture-controlling technologies. Most pairs lack in terms of moisture-management but not Wigwam Ultimax socks!

This pair has built-in patented Ultimax® moisture technology that controls from the bottom-up. This innovative wicking process eliminates pools of sweat inside the fabric and keeps you nice and dry for hours on end.

Anyone who enjoys hiking or other physical activities will need a pair of socks that eliminates sweaty shoes and feet. Otherwise, odors will creep in and ruin your footwear. Wigwam Ultimax socks offer just the technology you need to prevent a build-up of sweat and odor-causing bacteria so you have fresher feet all day long.


No one likes to have smelly feet which are why choosing the right pair of socks is so important! The wrong ones will make your feet sweat and odor-causing bacteria thrive in moist environments.

Wigwam Ultimax socks offer built-in anti-odor technology that prevents unpleasant smells before they occur. This innovative design feature ensures your socks and shoes stay smelling fresh and clean without the need for any additional products.

Though, if you want to be extra proactive you could always invest in some sneaker balls. They’re excellent at freshening your sneakers and are super easy to use.


Don’t you hate it when you’re socks have all those special washing instructions?! I know I do! Thankfully, Wigwam Ultimax socks aren’t the kind with a million specialized care instructions. Instead, they’re nice and easy to launder.

Go ahead and wash them on a gentle cycle and they are just fine. You can even toss them in the drier without having to concern over shrinking! This is such a great aspect because it’s too time-consuming having to wash your socks separate from the rest of your clothing.

It is best to avoid fabric softeners and of course bleach. Otherwise, you don’t have any restrictions on how to wash them.


While the Wigwam Ultimax socks are comfortable to wear the fit is an issue for some people. They aren’t available any smaller than a size 8 which means anyone with smaller feet won’t find the perfect fit.

You can always roll down the neck to accommodate for any extra material but the fit just won’t be the same. Though, if you wear a size 8 or larger these socks will be a good fit and run true-to-size.

Wearing socks that are well-proportioned to your feet makes a world of difference. If they’re too small they smother you and may even cut off your circulation. Whereas, if they’re too big the material will bunch and be uncomfortable.

This is why it’s so important that you choose the right size for your feet. Otherwise, you will end up with a whole bunch of problems.


I’m sure we’ve all had a pair of socks that just weren’t comfortable! More often than not, socks just don’t feel good when you wear them. Wigwam Ultimax socks are an enjoyable choice that offers extra cushioning in all the right places.

With additional padding on the underside and a ribbed neck, these socks offer something special over the rest. They have the kind of comfort you will need for long hours of activity and are well-made for hiking.

The way they wick-moisture makes the Wigwam Ultimax socks even more enjoyable because your feet don’t end up soaked inside of your shoes. Sweaty feet are a problem and will lead to blisters from all of the rubbings.

Bottom Line

Overall, Wigwam Ultimax socks are a great choice for athletic lifestyles. If you enjoy hiking, climbing, or even walking then these offer the design you need to feel your best. A comforting blend of materials and crew-length fit make these socks desirable for all your outdoor activities.

Having the longer crew-length protects your calves from the brush while hiking off-trail so you don’t end up with cuts and scrapes. This is a must otherwise you end up with sore and even bloodied legs once your hike comes to an end.

Built-in moisture management and anti-odor technologies set these socks a step above the rest. These two features combine to keep your feet nice and dry while ensuring that they never smell. This is tough to achieve and most pairs just don’t offer these kinds of features.

While the Wigwam Ultimax fits nicely you won’t find them any smaller than a size 8. This is an issue for anyone who wears smaller sized socks, though you can roll down the neck to accommodate for the excess material. They are flexible enough that you can even wear a size smaller and still have room. This is a nice feature because some socks just smother your feet and make it uncomfortable walking around.

These are an affordable option that offers an excellent array of features. They make life on and off-trail that much easier and are the perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures.