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Keen Utility Flint Reviewed Review Facts

If you haven’t heard about Keen Utility footwear, then you don’t know what you've been missing. This American footwear and accessories company invented their first Keen shoes in 2003 to feature a signature black toe bumper. After discovering great opportunity in sailing and other outdoor and water activities, Keen started manufacturing products for various outdoors jobs as well as lifestyle shoes. As the company was climbing up the ladder, they began making additions to their product line with many different styles of footwear, clothing, and even accessories.  In 2009, Keen expanded their line with making safety work footwear, introducing the Keen Utility Tacoma work boots. Since then, Keen Utility has helped put veterans back on their feet, produced safety footwear for those in need, and supported conservation corps work across the country.

There is always the possibility of a danger hazard when working in construction, mining, heavy industry or even gardening.  For those who work on the field or industrial floor, safety, comfort, and protection are their most important priorities. Therefore, for a worker that is standing and walking on tough and rough terrain, it is essential he/she gets the right boot with all the right features. What Keen have tried to accomplish with Keen Utility Flint is to design a dynamic shoe in the world of men’s and women’s footwear industry and redefine our perception of what a work boot is. This safety work shoe features qualities that will not only help you feel safe while at your job site, but they will also make your shoes your best friends for a long time since they are one of the most durable, protective work boots and a comfortable, high-performance outdoor shoe.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Very comfortable

Great arch support

A spacious and durable toe box

Great durability

Very flexible


Not really waterproof

Limited color selection


The design of the Keen Utility Flint is a pretty good looking hiker-inspired working shoe while still delivering superb quality and first-class performance. The outsole is enhanced with contoured heel locks for extra comfort while being oil and slip resistant as well as non-marking. Not only is the outsole of this shoe durable and feels firm underneath, but it is also very flexible, designed to make sure that your feet rotate well with no problem.

Another important thing about work boots is that they need to have a heavy grip outsole to help you keep your feet secure no matter the circumstances. That is why this boot features a high-quality rubber that provides excellent grip and traction on both wet and dry surface. People who work on slippery surfaces on a daily basis or have to work on heights and tricky trails need a work boot that will keep their feet on the ground. The Keen Utility Flint work shoe features a non-marking rubber, slip, and oil resistant outsole that provides you with that much needed firm grip on the surface.


The Keen Utility Flint midsole presents a compression molded EVA foam, known for its cushioning qualities to provide your feet with much-needed flexibility for those long working hours. The EVA midsole is made out of several layers of materials to ensure that the wearer has what he/she needs regarding not only support and cushioning but also flexibility and shock absorption.


The upper of Keen Utility Flint model gives a sturdy look and a sense of safety straightaway. At first, you can immediately notice the upper portions are made from water-resistant Nubuck leather, to help keep your feet dry on that long shift in a wet environment. In addition to the leather, a soft and breathable material is included at the tip for free air flow. For a safety work boot, this is an excellent feature because it helps for better air circulation in the shoe, keeping the feet nice and dry all day long.

Convenient loops at the heel and tongue provide for rapid on-and-off. This model uses the traditional lacing system to keep your feet locked into place and a padded collar and a tongue for a snug fit and ankle support. The oil- and slip-resistant rubber non-marking outsoles will ensure your feet stay on the ground whether in dry or wet conditions.

The way they constructed the asymmetrical steel toe, left plenty of room for your toe and regardless of it being a steel toe, Keen Utility Flint is still regarded as a very comfortable work shoe. Inside the upper, there is a removable Metatomical dual density EVA footbed that not only offers extra cushioning but it also allows for free air flow.


There is nothing better than a lightweight shoe that protects your feet entirely, especially on your working place and more so if you are standing on your feet for very long hours. The entire design of the Keen Utility Flint ensures that the wearer gets all necessary qualities that a work shoe should have. For that purpose, Keen placed various technologies into the design of this shoe to make sure that wearers had the comfort that they would need from a working boot.

The layered cushioning of the metatomical footbed and dual density compression molded EVA midsole provides your feet with additional support. The upper is also designed in such a way as to keep your foot locked into place and at the same time helps with airflow to keep your feet dry and odor free. With that said, when your job requires working in an environment where there is a possibility of dangerous hazards, most especially places where heavy construction takes place, Keen Utility Fling makes an excellent selection. These boots have been designed with comfort in mind, which is why they promote left and right asymmetrical steel toes. It also has a Tensional stability shank (TSS) providing for even more comfort.


The internal support of the Keen Utility Flint comes from the Metatomical footbed design created to give you perfect arch support. Other main support features are the padded collar and tongue that wrap around your ankles and lock your feet in place coupled with the traditional, self-adjustable lacing system for added security. In addition to that, the technology used in the midsole adapts to the natural contours of the foot allowing for extra comfort. Keen Utility Flint offers advanced support and steel toe protection meld with flexibility and performance for a perfect day at work, whether it is on a construction site or just working on your house.


To optimize the levels of durability and flexibility, Keen designed the upper part of the shoe using a combination of leather and fabric. Considering the fact Keen Utility Flint is a steel toe, it is still a pretty flexible shoe providing natural movement of the foot. As a result of the combination of soft material on the upper, the compression molded EVA midsole, as well as the rubber outsole, rest assured your feet in this safety boot will flex and extend and follow the natural movement of your feet with no effort.


Keen Utility Flint safety toe work boots meet ASTM F2412-11 and F2413-11 I/75 and C/75 EH (electrical hazard) standards which means you can walk on the job with confidence and security. Most of the safety work boots you will find out there usually have a steel toe because it is a requirement for workers in construction sites, manufacturing, and heavy industry. Keen Protect is the company’s patented toe protection where the shoe's outsole wraps up and over the toes for ultimate protection. Besides, the asymmetrically designed steel toes for your left and right toes not only provides a roomier toe box but maximum comfort too.


The outsole of the Keen Utility Flint is meant to provide the wearer with the necessary grip while working on slippery, oily or uneven surfaces. It is made in a way that allows the shoe to perfectly dig into floors that are being stripped or waxed, wet or dry due to the aggressive tread. The outsole of Keen Utility Flint has multiple functions. It enhances durability, it is oil and slip resistant and provides superior traction. Because of these features, this safety work shoe is an excellent choice for working on many different surfaces at home or on the job.


Keen is a company renowned for making durable footwear, and Keen Utility Flint safety shoe is no exception. Users have noted that not only does the shoe offer comfort, protection, and support, but it also sticks with you for a very long time. Almost all components are made of durable materials starting with the leather upper, the dual density footbed and EVA midsole to the slip and oil resistant rubber outsole.


Because Keen Utility Flint was initially designed as a safety work boot, it makes it an excellent choice for the constructor, carpenter, industrial worker, or someone who does repairments on the house, basically, anyone who needs their toes protected while doing some work. Another great feature that can help in choosing the right work boot is water-resistant qualities. This boot features water-resistant Nubuck leather which means you can wear them in the rain or wet terrain, but because of the mesh, some users have noted that their feet got wet when walking in puddles, snow or heavy rain. Despite this, provided you take proper care of the leather these Keen Utility Flint boots will have a long life.
The rubber sole with its slip and oil resistant properties coupled with the electrical hazard safe feature makes it easy when selecting your work boot. With all this said, you can rely on Keen Utility Flint to keep your feet locked and secured while making your way up in your career, whether it’s in steelmaking, mining, architecture, chemical industry, or just climbing ladders and crawling houses.


The design of Keen Utility Flint makes it look like a serious but not heavy and clunky work boot even though it was inspired from a hiking boot. It is a steel toe shoe with the comfort of an athletic shoe. The company didn’t go overboard with the color of the shoes, making the low cut available only in two colors, and the mid one just in one color. The good thing about it is that they come available in both men’s and women’s style, as well as low and mid-height running from 7 to 15 in sizes, medium to wide and according to customer’s reviews they run true to size. Besides being a steel toe, safety work boot, some customers reported they liked the versatility. It meets the wearer’s employment requirements, but yet can still be worn with most anything on her/his off time.


Customers had no complaints about the breathability of Keen Utility Flint. They have reported that even on hot days their feet remained cool, due to the mesh panels that significantly improve the breathability of these shoes. The side cutouts ensure the wearer regarding ventilation, providing a good level of air flow when wearing this versatile, work boot for a long time.


This boot weighs around 23 ounces measuring a men’s size 9. The lightness of this hiker inspired work boot is as a result of the materials used. Due to the Nubuck leather, the minimal but sufficient enough for free air flow mesh upper, and the rubber outsole that is on the thicker side but is an overall lightweight material, this steel toe work boot has been regarded as really light in weight.

Key Features

  • Water-resistant Nubuck leather upper

  • Asymmetrical Steel Toe

  • Oil and Slip Resistant Rubber Outsole

  • Electrical Hazard (EH) Rated

  • Removable Metatomical Dual Density EVA Footbed

  • Contoured Heel Lock

  • Tensional Stability Shank (TSS)

  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Bottom Line

    Keen Utility Flint shoe is a steel toe work shoe with great support and a breathable upper. It features left, and right asymmetrical steel toes and are EH rated. For someone who walks a lot at work, this is a versatile hiker style work boot built for comfort and durability. It is flexible, lightweight and meets all ASTM standards. The cushioned Metatomical EVA footbed makes it feel good right out of the box, and the stability shank gives additional support. This steel-toe performer is a durable, protective work boot with the comfort of an outdoor shoe. You get the comfort of a shoe, the support of a boot, and the safety of a steel toe. Once you own a pair, you will keep buying these as long as they make them.