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Hoka One One Bondi 5 Review Facts

As many runners are looking for a shoe that stands out from the pack, many are looking for a shoe that is supportive and also has the best cushioning in the industry. Hoka One One is a relatively new company founded by former Salomon employees named Nicholas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard. Mermoud and Diard wanted to develop a trail shoe that was better for runners. He wanted to build a shoe company that was also socially conscious. Hoka One One began building a trail shoe that looked like nothing the shoe industry had seen. With a cushioned outsole that looks almost cartoonish, and a breathable mesh upper, every Hoka One One shoe is designed for the ultimate support and comfort. The Bondi series Hoka One One released the Bondi one as a rocker bottom shoe that was geared towards runners. The Hoka One One Bondi Five are still rocker bottom running shoes, but the improvements can be felt in the more flexible outsole, as well as a much more breathable shoe. Hoka One One Bondi Five is a much more breathable shoe that gives the comfort right where it’s needed. In a very short time, Hoka One One has gone from new kid on the block, to an industry standard.

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Roomy Toe Box

Meta Rocker Outsole

Breathable Mesh Upper

Zonal Support System


Sizes Run Slightly Large

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  • No more pain in my metatarsal area when I started wearing these shoes. Did have to break them in but was really comfortable after that. So much so that I ordered a second pair.
  • I was looking for a shoe with stability and great cushioning as I am a 215 lb runner. After trying several, I tried the Bondi 5 and I was sold. Love the larger toe box. Great fit and I am thinking of buying a few more pairs in case changes are made.
  • Since switching to this shoe, I don't have Achilles tendinitis nor calluses on my heels. Wearing minimalist shoes was a disaster and I almost became cripple. Hoka does the best job of making maximalist shoes in my opinion.
  • My podiatrist recommended these shoes to me and they are awesome. Wide and fit great. No more bone spur pain after wearing these shoes. Awesome cushioning for walking.
  • These shoes were recommended by a co-worker and due to the hefty price, I was hesitant at first to buy. I am glad I did buy because I have no regrets. Great arch support and appreciate the wide options.
  • I have bad feet, 250 lbs and 6'3" and I go through running shoes in 4 months. I've been wearing these shoes, this is my third pair, for over two years. IMHO there isn't a better shoe out there. I stand for hours in these shoes at work also and they feel like clouds.
  • I feel like I am walking on air in these shoes. Great purchase!
  • No other shoes compare. I am so happy with this purchase, I can run again! If you are over 200 lbs this is the best shoe.
  • My dad has lots of issues with his feet and I got these shoes for him. He actually said these are the best shoes he has ever worn. His pain is reduced when he walks.
  • I purchased these because of the reviews which talked about the cushioning. Amazing! I haven't run in three years due to knee surgery. I am able to run a mile now without knee pain. Will purchase again.
  • I have yet to find a more comfortable shoe and with more cushion. I have owned three pairs. Love these running shoes.
  • The cushion in these shoes is superior to anything on the market. These are stable and like running with pillows on my feet. The toe box is snug compared to the previous version but not uncomfortable.
  • I switched to Hoka from Asics because I wanted a shoe with a lot of cushioning. Getting used to the color.
  • I am a lifer for Hoka. No more problems with arthritic toes. I was told not to run again but with these shoes, this being my 3rd pair, I completed my 13th half marathon.
  • Got these for work. I am on my feet most of the day and these shoes are so comfortable. Reduces wear and tear on my back and knees. Extreme cushioning justifies the clunky look. Well worth it.
  • The best shoes ever made. Learned about Hokas years ago. Thanks to the Bondi 5 I am able to referee again.
  • Double EE fits perfectly. I wear these mostly for hiking or trail walking. Never had better shoes.
  • Read the reviews and decided to purchase these and I am happy that I did.
  • Hands down Hoka One One Bondi 5 is the best shoes around. Pricey? Yes but well worth it. Protect your only hips and knees to the fullest. You won't regret buying maximum support and cushion.
  • I am on my 2nd pair of these shoes and I have never owned a more comfortable pair of shoes. These are my favorite.
  • Bad quality as the soles detached only after a few days for some buyers.
  • Some buyers reported that within less than 10 miles or so the tread feel apart.
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Hoka One One is a company that is in a state of motion, much like many of its customers who happen to be athletes. Hoka One One, has taken a good hard look at the way the foot moves during running and found a way to support the runner’s foot. Hoka One One developed in the Bondi 5 a three-dimensional puff frame which is not only built for support, they also designed for stability. The Bondi 5 is what’s known as a meta-rocker shoe which is designed to help the foot roll through the runner’s natural gait. The outsole of the Hoka One One Bondi 5 is made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), which flexes well through all the movements the foot can have. The Bondi 5 is designed for a firm pavement and for trail running.

The running community has long looked for a perfect shoe that would handle the punishing pavement with ease. The Bondi series is the perfect shoe for the runner that is serious about road running. Road running is extremely hard on a runner’s feet as well as shins. The term shin splints come from poorly cushioned shoes. The Bondi 5 is a shoe with a very plush cushioned outsole perfect for keeping a runner’s feet comfortable and well supported.


The midsole of any great shoe needs to be supportive. The support of the Bondi 5’s midsole comes from the Ortholite insole which molds and conforms to the runner’s foot. Many reviewers have stated that conditions such as Metatarsalgia (pain in the ball of the foot), are easily alleviated. The midsole is where the support is really felt and many have said that the cushioning in between the midsole and the outsole, is the most comfortable shoe they have ever experienced. The Meta-Rocker midsole design is designed to have a lower forefoot and heel to give the foot a more rocking chair feel. The midsole of the Bondi 5 is also designed to be durable as the midsole and the outsole are of a one-piece design. The avid runner will appreciate the high level of comfort they will feel when wearing them. The midsole of the Bondi 5 resembles the natural motion of the foot and it helps propel the runner faster.


The Hoka One One Bondi 5 takes the runner’s foot’s temperature very seriously. As the upper of the Bondi 5 was being designed Hoka One One looked at the previous edition of the Bondi series on how to improve. It was determined that the breathability needed to be a focus of the new Bondi 5. The Bondi 5 was built with a breathable mesh. The breathable mesh of the Bondi 5 can take the heat from the feet of the runner and dissipate it through the top of the upper. As many athletes will tell you, being hot while running or doing any activity is miserable. Many professional athletes have claimed that it can affect your performance. The breathability of any upper is how the shoe breathes. Previous Bondi’s in the series focused on the comfort of the foot and the support of the natural gait; the Bondi 5 took a harder look at the breathability of the shoe. Reviewers have really felt the difference and are enjoying a cooler work out. The Bondi 5 is all about support and the upper provides the runner’s feet with the high level of support a professional athlete has grown to demand from their pair of running shoes. The Bondi 5 keeps the forefoot of the runner less cramped with a slightly larger toe box that allows ample toe wiggle room.


From the onset of Hoka One One, the founders have put a strong emphasis on the weight of the shoe. This is why every one of Hoka One One’s shoes is lighter than comparable shoes from competitors. Athletes may not notice the weight of a shoe on mile one, but by the second, third, even the last mile, weight has become a very huge focus by professional and amateur alike. The Bondi 5 is slightly lighter than the Bondi 4. The EVA midsole is comprised of a three-dimensional print frame which was deliberately designed to be lightweight and give the wearer long-lasting support. The Bondi 5 also is designed with an open mesh upper that is designed of a lightweight synthetic material exclusive to Hoka One One. On the trail, which the Bondi 5 does fair well, the subtle lightweight material of the tongue of the Bondi 5 is a lightweight neoprene that provides comfort as well as reduces the weight that a normal athletic shoe would have was purposely designed that way. Weight may play a factor in many shoes, but the Bondi 5 definitely stands out as one of the lightest.


Hoka One One is a shoe company that puts runner’s comfort first. The Bondi 5 isn’t just a shoe that has a plush feel it’s a shoe that has taken a hard look at the natural gait and designing a shoe with that in mind. The Bondi 5 was designed with comfort from the outsole to the midsole. The outsole is a Meta-rocker is how Hoka One One addressed the runner’s natural gait. When the foot is allowed to stay in a natural form and maintain a natural gait, the foot can stay in a supported environment. The Bondi 5 also addresses the need for temperature control. The Bondi 5’s breathable mesh upper allows for high temperatures to dissipate out of the shoe leaving the foot cooler and dryer. The Bondi 5 was also designed with a larger toe box which is perfect for letting the toes of the wearer have a more open and comfortable feel. The general consensus from the many people that have purchased is that the Bondi 5 is one the most comfortable shoes that they have purchased. Hoka One One is one of the newest shoe companies that are under a decade old. Through keeping true to their ideals of putting runners’ comfort at the forefront of their business, Hoka One One is a company that will be here for a very long time.


Many runners say that what makes or breaks any shoe is the support it provides. When thinking about how important a shoe is at providing support think about the shoe being like the shock absorber on a car. A shock absorber does more than just provide the vehicle with comfort, it also provides support for the entire vehicle. The support of the Bondi 5 is both cushy as well as conforming. The Ortholite insole supports the most sensitive feet. One wearer with Metatarsalgia, a foot disorder that causes pain in the ball of the foot, said that his pain was completely gone after he purchased the Bondi 5. Support helps alleviate common foot ailments like Plan tar’s Fasciitis. Not saying that buying the Bondi 5 will cure every foot issue you personally may be having, but with the high level of support the Bondi 5 gives, there is a high likelihood that you just may become pain-free. Support of the Bondi 5 also comes from the Zonal support on the outsole. The zonal support is higher density EVA in different zones that give an athlete the most supportive run while still being stylish.


Hoka One One started as a trail shoe company. One of the founders is not only a brilliant designer, but is also a runner himself. With that in mind, he knew that a runner would want a shoe that not only had comfort, style, and support, but it also had to have traction. Many that have purchased the Bondi 5 are traditional runners that find their run taking them through city streets, still others find their runs taking them onto trails. The Hoka One One Bondi 5 is designed to satisfy whatever style of run and whatever terrain a runner can tackle. The cushioned outsole, as well as the EVA midsole ends themselves to be at home on a hard artificial surface such as a city street or a track. The tread on the Bondi 5 is a high abrasion rubber tread pattern designed to give perfect grip no matter the situation. The flexibility of the Meta-Rocker heel-to-toe outsole conforms to any situation giving the runner confidence with a much more stable and superior grip on the terrain. Hoka One One has a legacy of being a superior trail shoe, the Bondi 5 is the bridge between the track and the trail giving a much more diverse running shoe that can be appreciated by many different runners both professional or amateur.


As with many quality running shoes, the Bondi 5 is moderately priced. The runner will notice the many high-quality options that give a real sense of high value for a small amount of money. Compared with the industry leaders, the Bondi 5 is an averagely priced shoe.

Bottom Line

Started by former Solomon employees, Hoka One One is a running shoe company owned and operated by runners. Runners who not only understand the importance of a comfortable shoe, but also understand the necessity of having a long-lasting, durable shoe. The Bondi 5 comes from a long line of meta-rocker bottom shoes. The Bondi started as a shoe that was designed to be comfortable but it has morphed into a shoe that has bridged the gap between Hoka One One’s legendary trail shoe line with its up and coming road shoes. The Bondi 5 is a shoe that took all the good things that the Bondi series had, such as a rocker bottom outsole and improved the breathability. The Bondi 5 is also designed to accommodate a larger toe by increasing the toe box. The Bondi 5’s three-dimensional puff print frame upper is designed to be stylish, as well as provide comfort. The Comfort Frame as it’s called provides a snug but comfortable fit along with a neoprene tongue surround the runner’s foot in ultimate comfort. The outsole of the Bondi 5 is comprised of a zonal support system. The zonal rubber sole puts heavier density rubber in the areas where it’s needed most. Overall, the Bondi 5 is a shoe designed to keep a runner’s feet cooler and supported through whatever the average runner can throw at it. Hoka One One may be a company with only ten years of being in existence, but the founders have a combined experience of over fifty years of high-performance shoe knowledge. The Bondi 5 comes from a long line of historically comfortable shoes, and all we can do is wait to see what they will think of next.