Hoka One One Carbon X 2

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Editor’s Conclusion
What would be the four main features you look for in any running shoe? Mine would be comfort, design, durability, and performance. I need to be sure that I'm going to get the best of the best in all these areas so that I can get the best out of my running.

I like to mix my running up, I suppose like most of us, I don’t like to stick to the same route constantly, I find it gets tedious and my body doesn’t feel challenged, so when I’m looking for running trainers, I’m looking for an all-rounder.

Wouldn't it be great to have a running shoe designed by runners? Well, let me introduce you to the brand Hoka. A brand created by runners, for runners with the hope of creating running shoes that will enhance performance and provide runners with the best comfort and most up-to-date ergonomic technology.
Interested? I thought so.

Bringing to the stage the Hoka Carbon X 2. Designed for the purpose of racing, the Carbon X 2 are unique in their innovative technology, they offer supreme comfort and a greater acceleration with every stride.

But are they worth that sky-high price tag? Let's find out …
Hoka One One Carbon X 2 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Made from the highest spec material


Extremely cushioned and responsive


Sky-high price tag

Key Features


If you’re looking for a racing trainer, then you’re looking at the right design and brand. The Hoka Carbon X 2's are engineered with a breathable mesh upper for maximum flexibility and breathability as you hit the track. The PROFLY midsole is the perfect cushioned inner for your feet and a springy push with every stride.

They are designed for maximum cushioning, not always for everyone but ideal for any track runs that require quick, exertive, and powerful steps. The rubberized EVA outsole is lightweight and brings further cushioning to this shoe. The generous outsole design provides further support along the sole and the heel.

They have a defined collar shape which gives a great amount of support to the ankle and yet again, more cushioning. Really the Carbon X 2 is a shoe designed for maximum cushioning. This is a great fit for some people but can be overbearing for others.


There is no denying that the Hoka Carbon X 2 is a really beautiful looking trainer, they are not only innovative in the technology used to make them but they are a versatile trainer that could be used as a nice casual trainer as well as a racing trainer. They are breathable, flexible, light, and comfortable so they offer a great number of features.

They have a removable, molded EVA sock liner, another added bit of cushioning, which should you feel you already have enough, you don’t need to have. The rubberized outsole is a great flexible material and will also be a durable sole for competitive running. You can be sure that they won't let you down on the road or track.

The 5mm drop will promote your midfoot strike but means your Achilles tendon shall have to work more, another reason why I wouldn’t suggest these running shoes for longer runs. The gusseted tongue is not only designed to keep debris out, but it will also conform to the foot making the shoe harder to simply come off, ideal for racers.


The Hoka Carbon X 2 are well built and the materials are durable and made to last. The rubberized outsole is a great slip-resistant material and will protect against the terrain you wear them on. Rubber is a great shock absorber as well so and will be flexible and comfortable. The mesh upper will provide easier airflow and offer a stylish and durable finish.

The molded EVA sock liner is a great add-on to this shoe, unlikely to happen but, should the midsole wear, you can always add these in for extra cushioning. The Carbon Fibre Plate also contributes to the lightness of this shoe as well as the smooth transition and increased energy return.


I’m not going to lie to you regarding the price, it’s a big one. There is no denying that the Hoka Carbon X 2 is extremely expensive and it's really a question of whether you feel that they are worth it. You can get great pairs of running shoes for much less than the Hoka Carbon X 2 and they will provide you with a great ride, but the Hoka’s do offer great quality and incredible performance.

The technology they use doesn’t come cheap, so I’m not surprised by the price, but I can honestly say I do find these running shoes to be one of the most expensive I have come across.

Similar Options

If, like me, the HOKA Carbon X 2 is slightly overpriced for your liking, then maybe the Saucony Endorphin Shift running shoes might be more appealing to you. They offer just as much cushioning and have a 4mm drop, ideal for the track. The FORMFIT surrounds the feet with comfort for a nice cushioned and springy run. At a slightly lower price than the Carbon X 2, they have several choices in color too.

Should you wish for a considerable price drop, then the Sketchers Go Run Razor 3 sneakers are another great option. They are another racing shoe, designed for a lightweight ride that will offer your feet extreme comfort.


I always like to be honest, and throughout this review, I have been. There is no denying that the Hoka Carbon X 2’s are designed with the best knowledge around running shoes. They provide the feet with an extremely comfortable ride and will undoubtedly add to your performance. It's crazy to think that a shoe can change the way you run, the tempo you run at, and the pace, but they all roll into one and the Hoka Carbon X 2 will be a great asset to you.

Having said that, I would only purchase these shoes for a specific running style as I don’t feel that they are an all-rounder. They have a specific purpose and that is racing. If you are looking for a running shoe that you can use for longer road runs, you may want to look elsewhere.