Dr. Martens Shoreditch Greasy Review

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Doc Martens are one of the best boots for spring and autumn fashion. They have a classy style with a bit of a goth edge, and they are water-resistant enough to keep you dry from snow or rain while also being breathable enough to prevent your feet from overheating. Though the 1460 is the brand’s most popular model to date, the Shoreditch is another great option. With a slimmer and more lightweight design, this model is designed for everyday wear for women. It has a nice matte finish on the uppers, a durable sole construction, and is resistant to snow and salt. There are a few flaws to this model, but on the whole, we believe it’s a great bargain.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Resistant to salt
  • Water-resistant
  • Air-cushioned
  • Durable sole
  • Ambiguous sizing
  • Break-in time
  • Minimal insulation


Before getting into the specifics of this particular pair, it’s good to first get to know the brand that designed and manufactured it. Dr. Martens is a footwear and clothing brand with its headquarters in England. It is most well-known for its classy 1460 boot, and its footwear can be distinguished by their silhouettes and yellow stitching. In the 80s, they were popular among punks and goths in Britain, but now they have spread to all parts of the world and to people of all styles.


The Shoreditch looks pretty similar to the 1460 boots that Dr. Martens is so well known for. We can see, however, that the upper at the toe has a longer and less rounded look. Indeed, the brand describes them as a “slimmed-down, streamlined version” of the iconic Dr. Martens. They’ve got the same signature yellow stitching that contrasts the dark upper, and the loop at the heel. They also have the same grooved sides and 7-eye lacing design. Their simplicity and dark color make them suitable for all kinds of casual fall and winter outfits.


All footwear by this brand has the same signature air cushioning. This allows them to provide cushioning while staying lightweight, which is what this pair is all about. These particular boots also have extra cushioning in the insoles for additional comfort. It helps absorb the shock of your footfalls, reducing the likelihood of foot fatigue when you’re walking around or just on your feet for long durations of time.


Though style matters, it’s also important to stay at least somewhat comfortable. On the whole, these are designed to keep you comfortable. They’re cushioned, and they’re lightweight so you don’t feel clunky and clumsy in them. However, while researching, we saw that many reviewers found small flaws in their design that spoiled their experience. For one, the opening is stiff and could rub against the leg or cut into the skin, even when wearing tall socks. Though many said the break-in time was very short, some said it took them much longer. Sizing inaccuracies and lack of insulation, which we will touch on later, can also lead to discomfort.


Though it’s not apparent as comfort, sizing, or style, the durability of a pair of shoes is crucial to your experience with them. A pair might have everything you’re looking for, but if they can hardly last the season, then it’s not worth your money. To ensure sturdiness, the outsole of these boots are stitched and cemented to the insole and upper, preventing them from peeling off like in cheap ones with glued-on soles. The finish on their suede uppers also helps preserve them. In addition, reviewers have remarked that they are resistant to snow and salt, so they can keep you protected for longer.


If you live somewhere where winter just doesn’t hold back, you need to make sure your footwear keeps you warm enough. If not, you could get wet, cold, and even frostbitten feet and toes. After researching, we’ve found that Dr. Martens don’t actually provide the best insulation. These ones, in particular, are said to be warm enough for fall weather and cool winters, but insufficient for serious chills. You could probably make do wearing thick socks with them on occasion, but for serious winters, do your toes a favor and get a proper pair of snow boots.


Sizing is tricky when you’re online shopping, and to make it worse, most brands’ products don’t run true to size. The Shoreditch, for one, seems to run small in size. One reviewer remarked that though the length was alright, the width was narrow. Unfortunately, there is only one standard width offered. There are also no half-sizes, but the brand does offer size conversion guides to help guide you. It’s kind of ambiguous, however, because others reviewers claimed they fit large, and others said they were true to size. The uncertainty about sizing is sure to make the picking process a little tricky.


There are actually two different Shoreditch boots offered by Dr. Martens - the Shoreditch Canvas and the Shoreditch Greasy. The ones in the photos are the latter. The only difference between them is the upper material. The former is self-explanatory, and the latter is made of suede and reinforced by a matte finish that makes it sturdier and looks more leathery. The finish also makes it easier to clean - to get rid of dirt, use a damp cloth to wipe it clean. The brand says not to use any leather cleaners because it could damage the finish and make it look dull.

Water Resistance

Though not made for serious winters, it appears that they still work great against rain and snow. Though suede itself isn’t really waterproof, the finish in these boots makes them so. It is even resistant to salt, which can cause a lot of damage to lower-quality boots. This way, you don’t have to worry about side-stepping even puddle you encounter, and they are rain boots that are most stylish than the traditional Wellingtons.


Just by looking at them, the Shoreditch seems just a bit pricey. However, when you consider the fact that they are by Dr. Martens, a super popular brand known for stylish and high-quality products, the price seems reasonable and even inexpensive. Besides, as we mentioned already, this pair is pretty durable, so the money you spend now will keep serving you for many autumns to come. In terms of versatility, their simple look also makes them match with all kinds of outfits, and their not-too heavy-duty or insulated design makes them suitable for everyday wear in spring and autumn. As a result, we believe they are worth the money.

Bottom Line

The Shoreditch boots make for comfortable and fashionable everyday boots in spring and autumn. They’ve got a simple yet stylish design, and they provide the cushioning, durability, and protection needed for consistent streetwear. With that said, their sizing is quite ambiguous, with some reviewers claiming they run small while others say they’re large or true to size. The stiffness of the shaft and material might also lead to discomfort, and the insulation provided is insufficient for cold winters. However, most of these issues might not occur to you at all, as there were many reviewers who were completely satisfied with their pair. So if you’re in need of everyday boots and are willing to spend the money, you should definitely give this pair a chance.