Allen Edmonds Porter Derby Review

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A fresh take on the classic tennis sneaker silhouette, the Porter Derby from Allen Edmonds will add an air of sophistication and elegance to any plain outfit. Featuring a durable rubber cupsole with an attractive leather welt and premium full-grain leather or suede upper, this sneaker will keep you comfortable and stylish all day.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Durable rubber cupsole
  • Contrast-colored leather welt
  • Premium full-grain leather or suede upper
  • Soft leather lining for a breathable fit
  • Comfortable
  • Lightly cushioned removable footbed
  • Classic tennis shoe silhouette
  • Runs a little narrow and long
  • Lacks support


Allen Edmonds is a well-known American brand founded in 1922, but they gained wide popularity after WWII when they were making shoes for the soldiers, after which they have become part of the classic American style. Their collection boasts with many different styles of footwear from dress shoes to casual footwear, including classic casual sneakers like the Porter Derby. Renowned for their high-quality durable products, Allen Edmonds shoes are in high demand. The Porter Derby casual sneaker has a durable rubber cupsole, which makes walking in them very comfortable, as they hug the contours of your feet, unlike regular rubber outsoles. The rubber cupsole is attached to the upper with a contrast-colored leather welt, which not only adds to the classic style but makes the shoe last that much longer as well. The outsole features a tread pattern covered with a multi-directional design, that grips to the ground and keeps the wearer steady in their steps. This tread pattern delivers decent traction even on wet terrain, preventing slipping induced injuries. The Allen Edmonds Porter Derby is an excellent everyday, casual sneaker, but it also makes a great vacation sneaker, according to reviewers. Not only will it keep you feeling comfortable all day, but you will look great while wearing it.


Allen Edmonds makes their shoes exclusively out of premium full-grain leather or suede and in the case of the Porter Derby casual sneaker, it is available in both materials. It features a durable construction, with a round toe box for a roomy fit, that allows a natural toe splay for a comfortable in-shoe fit. There is stitching on the heel, collar, and around the eyelets for additional durability, as well as a touch of classic elegance, that Allen Edmonds is famous for. Another feature that sets this sneaker apart from the majority, are the seven pairs of metal eyelets on each shoe for a fully customizable fit, from the toe box all the way up to the tip of the tongue. This ensures, that the feet are properly locked down throughout use and will not slide inside the sneakers. Furthermore, the tongue and collar come with light padding, for a comfortable fit around the ankles, that allows a full range of motion without restrictions. Inside the shoe, Allen Edmonds included a soft leather lining for a breathable and comfortable in-shoe environment, as well as a lightly cushioned, likewise leather-lined footbed for additional support. This footbed is fully removable, allowing for a wider fit or custom orthotics, whichever option the wearer needs. While there is a break-in period with the Porter Derby sneaker, as with any other leather shoe, after a few wears, the leather or suede will stretch out to accommodate the wearer’s foot shape and deliver a custom fit. This casual tennis-style sneaker will make for the perfect everyday sneaker, that you can just slip into and be out the door. Additionally, it also doubles as a more sophisticated vacation shoe, that you can walk around in for hours on end, looking and feeling fabulous.


Both the suede and leather versions of the Porter Derby are lined with soft leather, for a comfortable and breathable in-shoe environment. The Porter Derby also comes with a removable, cushioned footbed, featuring the same soft leather lining as the rest of the shoe, for instant comfort and moisture-wicking. Leather, although it may seem otherwise, is quite breathable and it has the ability to turn moisture into vapor, leaving your feet dry and odor-free. If you want even more breathability, then opt for the suede version, as suede is more breathable than full-grain leather.


One of the most prominent features Allen Edmonds shoes have in common, besides top-notch quality, is their high comfort level. The Porter Derby tennis sneaker comes with a durable rubber cupsole, that delivers cushioned footfalls and hugs the heels for superior comfort with every step. Additionally, the upper is made of premium full-grain leather or suede and features a lightly padded tongue and collar for a comfortable, yet supportive fit. With the extended eyelets, which go from the toe box all the way to the tip of the tongue, the wearer can easily adjust the snugness of the shoes by tightening or loosening the laces. Furthermore, the lining is made of soft leather with a removable leather-lined footbed, which is also lightly cushioned, for a dry and comfortable in-shoe environment. This also makes the Porter Derby orthotic-friendly, as the wearer can choose to exchange the footbed for their own custom orthotics. The Porter Derby is an excellent everyday sneaker or even a vacation shoe, according to reviewers, that goes with every outfit and will keep you comfortable all day long. While there is a break-in period, after a few times of wearing them, the leather conforms to the wearer’s foot shape and delivers a comfortable ride. One reviewer was utterly fascinated with the level of comfort, that this tennis sneaker delivered, as he wore them for 27 hours straight, while traveling, without experiencing any foot pain or discomfort whatsoever. Another reviewer went as far as to say, that the Porter Derby was comfortable straight out of the box. That said, there were a handful of customers, who found them uncomfortable and the break-in period too long. Some even reported painful blisters on their heels after only a few hours of wearing the shoes. However, that all depends on your feet’s sensitivity, so you might want to avoid taking them straight to the streets and wear them just around the house until they are nicely broken in.


Made of only the highest quality materials, Allen Edmonds’ footwear is widely respected for its durable construction, that was made to last. Everything from the outsole to the material of the upper is carefully chosen and manufactured to ensure a long lifespan. The Porter Derby tennis sneaker features a durable rubber cupsole with an equally durable leather welt, that will stand the test of time. The multi-directional tread pattern is also abrasion-resistant and will keep its tread design safe from wear and tear, so the wearer will have a firm footing at all times. The premium full-grain leather or suede upper is likewise very durable, however, special care needs to go into the preservation of these materials to ensure, that they last a long time. For example, leather requires special care against wrinkles and scuff marks, so it needs to be moisturized from time to time, while suede is notorious for getting stained easily, so it is advised to invest in a suede eraser to keep them looking clean and fresh. Suede is also not waterproof, so some kind of water-repellent is recommended.


The general consensus is, that Allen Edmonds shoes tend to fit a little narrow. According to customer reviews, the Porter Derby tennis sneaker fits a little too narrow and too long. However, the brand does offer different widths and sizes, so it is possible to keep the length and go up on the width to get the perfect fit. Although one has to have in mind, that leather, especially suede will stretch out over time to conform to the wearer’s foot shape. That said, it is always better to go and try the shoes on at a retail store, where the employees can help you find the best fit.


Allen Edmonds is renowned for its high-quality, durable footwear, that requires a careful selection of materials and excellent craftsmanship. The brand uses only real leather of the highest quality, which is what was used for the Porter Derby tennis sneaker. The leather is carefully processed and goes through a 212 step procedure before it is ready to hit the shelves. The main goal of Allen Edmonds is to create timeless designs, that will last a long time and age well, which is why they only collaborate with the most reputable tanneries. They offer a bunch of different types of leather with different finishes, from woven and grainy, to smooth and shiny. When it comes to the Porter Derby, the upper is either made of full-grain leather or suede, both of which have their own perks, as well as drawbacks, when it comes to upkeep, since leather requires certain care. But if you put a little time into taking care of your shoes, they will last a lifetime and only look better as they age.


Allen Edmonds has been around since 1922 but became the quintessential American shoe brand after WWII, when they were making shoes for the American soldiers. Today, the brand has become somewhat of a part of their national identity and is the image of classic American elegance. Most known for their beautiful dress shoes, Allen Edmonds certainly has a lot more to offer. The Porter Derby tennis sneaker, while very minimalistic without any visible logos on the upper, breathes elegance and features a timeless classic design with a few innovative features to accommodate the modern man. First off, it has a rubber cupsole with a contrast-colored leather welt, that looks sophisticated and adds to the shoe’s overall durability. The premium full-grain leather or suede upper adds a touch of luxury to the standard canvas tennis sneaker silhouette. Featuring seven pairs of metal eyelets and wide, flat laces, the Porter Derby will make any plain outfit instantly look more put together and polished. Available in attractive neutral colors with either a leather or a suede upper, this tennis sneaker will easily blend into any wardrobe and style, and goes just as well with jeans and a T-shirt, as it does with dressier trousers and a blazer. The Porter Derby makes an excellent everyday shoe, when you want to look more put together, or if you do not want to be pegged as the obvious tourist while on vacation, this sneaker will give you an air of sophistication.


The Allen Edmonds Porter Derby is by no means your average tennis sneaker. For starters, it has a rubber cupsole, instead of a regular rubber outsole, which amps up the comfort and support levels of this shoe, as it cups the heels for a secure fit, furthermore, the cupsole is attached to the upper by a durable leather welt, ensuring its longevity. The upper is either made of premium full-grain leather or suede, both of which deliver a structured and secure foot lockdown to the wearer. The Porter Derby’s lacing system is also something to take note of. It features seven pairs of metal eyelets on each shoe, going from the toe box all the way up to the tip of the tongue, for an even more customizable fit. The footbed is only lightly cushioned, however, it is removable, so the wearer can insert their own custom orthotics if needed. Additionally, the tongue and collar are lightly padded, for a comfortable, yet supportive fit around the ankles.


Thanks to its durable rubber cupsole with a multi-directional tread pattern, the Porter Derby has quite a firm grip on the ground and will keep the wearer steady in their steps on both dry and wet surfaces. These tennis sneakers are the perfect go-to for your day-to-day life, running errands or going out, and they are great vacation shoes, as they will keep you comfortable and secure for all the sightseeing tours you want.

Bottom Line

Allen Edmonds is a well-known and respected U.S. based shoe company, that makes its footwear out of only high-quality premium leather. Their main line consists of beautiful, high-quality dress shoes, however, they have a casual line of footwear as well. The Porter Derby tennis sneaker is one of their casual styles and it features a durable rubber cupsole with a premium full-grain leather or suede upper. The upper has no visible logos and sports a standard lace-up closure, that loops through 7 pairs of metal eyelets, giving the shoe an air of elegance and sophistication. The lining is made of soft leather for a breathable fit and a removable leather-lined footbed offers a comfortable stride. Since the Porter Derby is orthotic-friendly, one can insert one’s own custom insoles for more support, if needed. While there is a break-in period with this shoe, as with all leather shoes in general, the leather, that Allen Edmonds uses is of the highest quality and will only improve with age. Its simple, timeless design and high-quality materials make the Porter Derby the perfect addition to any wardrobe and will make you look instantly more elegant and put together.