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Whether you need shoes for work, play, walking, shopping, dates, home use, or casual wear, the Skechers Go Walk 3 could be exactly what you’re looking for; and exactly what your feet are begging for. Put less effort into lifting your feet and more effort into the task at hand with these shoes that are as light as foam. Expel less energy and avoid foot discomfort with the energy-returning insoles.

The sole is made of durable and comfortable rubber which will protect the bottoms of your feet from certain punctures and the elements. Keep in mind that the upper is made of mesh, so if the water is deeper than your outsole, your feet will get wet. The mesh upper will allow your feet to breathe and to move more freely. When you’re active, your feet tend to sweat, which leads to foot odor. With breathable shoes, this issue is minimized. 

There is memory foam incorporated into the vamp and heel of the shoe. A shoe vamp describes the front of the shoe where the top of the foot is covered. In this case, there are no laces, so the vamp extends from the toe to the heel. Imagine all of the comforts you will receive from memory foam stretching from toe to heel. 

With many color options, size availability, and a reasonable price, there isn’t anything to lose when purchasing the Skechers Go Walk 3. When purchased on Amazon, you can even buy with the confidence that, should they not work for you, you may return them.

Editor's Pros & Cons


Slip-On Comfort






No Laces


If you plan on being active and don’t need protection from rain, snow, nails, falling objects, or power tools, you may want to opt for a pair of shoes with an upper material made of mesh or a similarly breathable fabric. The mesh will offer more flexibility, breathability, and temperature control. With breathable upper material, your feet should sweat less, thus preventing odor-causing bacteria from flocking to your feet. However, you will still want to wear socks, as going without can cause feet to sweat more than normal.

The mesh used for this sneaker will help you to walk farther, run harder, and work longer without having to worry about your feet feeling like they’re trapped and suffocating. With maximum airflow, your feet will stay cooler, drier, and fresher. Mesh allows more flexibility as well, which will help you to navigate quick turns and stop with little notice, making work and exercise easier.

There are, of course, downfalls to everything, and that includes the mesh. Mesh material isn’t as durable as, say, leather is. If you’re going to be braving the elements, working in a dangerous environment, or simply want something more sturdy, you’ll want to choose leather. Mesh is also not waterproof, not even a little. Therefore, if you think you’re going to encounter fluids, you’ll want to choose a different material for the upper.


One of the most important components of the construction of shoes is the outsole. This is the part of the shoe that’s going to come in contact with the floor or ground, and it needs to be able to handle the job accordingly. It is up to your sole to protect your feet from punctures, chemicals, and the elements. If your shoes don’t do that for you, you may as well be in bare feet.

The sole of the Skechers Go Walk 3 is made of durable rubber. Rubber is a great choice for a shoe sole because it is durable and protective while still providing comfort with each stride. Because it is harder to pierce, your feet will be better protected on rough terrain. It’s also resistant to abrasions, which is great for walking on asphalt and concrete. Your feet will be protected from moisture, so long as it isn’t deep enough to touch the upper material. Have more control over your strides with a multi-directional design on the sole meant to provide a better grip.

There are, of course, negatives to rubber soles. Firstly, it is heavier than leather, silicone, and plastic soles. This will weigh your foot down more. However, this shoe is lightweight otherwise, so the rubber doesn’t make too much of a difference. Also, the rubber tends to squeak while it is wet, which can be awfully annoying.


Most people don’t think about the design of their shoes when it comes to foot discomfort/pain. They chalk it up to being on their feet too long, being on hard surfaces too long or being overweight. While all of those things can contribute to foot pain, your shoe design has a big influence as well. If your shoes are causing you pain, try finding a good pair of insoles before purchasing new shoes.

The height of your shoe heel can drastically change your gait. Even if it only changes a little, it’s a change you’ll notice a difference (if your feet aren’t used to that height). Depending on your stride, you may need a low heel and cushioned toe, or the other way around. Maybe you just need the force of each foot strike to be distributed equally. Many problems with the feet, legs, hips, and back can be alleviated with the correct heel height. These shoes have a heel height of 1.25”.

If you’re walking, running, or being active at all, your heel tends to hit the ground more forcefully. Because of this, you very well could benefit from these shoes that have a thicker, higher, more cushioned heel. When it comes to the toe of the shoe, it doesn’t need to be as cushioned. If it had too much cushioning, it would lessen the force of push-off, making the simple task of jogging take more effort than it needs to.


If you’re using these shoes for walking, working, or being on your feet for any amount of time, you’ll be happy to know that they are lightweight. Customers have claimed that they feel like lightweight foam on your feet, making walking more enjoyable. Nobody wants to be walking around the park wishing that they would have worn different shoes. Treat your feet to the Skechers Go Walk 3.

One benefit that comes from wearing lightweight shoes is that they provide more breathability. The more breathable your shoe is, the more airflow it will allow. More airflow means that your feet will stay cool and dry. When your feet stay cool and dry, odor-causing bacteria aren’t attracted to your feet. It’s a win-win.

Energy Return

These shoes provide energy return via the cushioning in the sole along with the full-length “Goga Mat” insole. Goga Max insole technology is able to provide you with much-needed comfort for sports, fitness, walking, and running. It also works to prevent sweating via a bamboo cover, which in turn prevents odor-causing bacteria and other issues that come with it.

What exactly is energy return though? It’s how much energy your shoe can retain when you’re making a stride. Ideally, the correct cushioning will be able to target the perfect area and pressure distribution to result in a springing effect. This will help drive you forward, faster and longer. There are other shoes on the market that work to provide you with the perfect formula for energy return.


One of the most important characteristics in a shoe is how comfortable it is for our feet and our bodies. The right amount of cushioning in the right places for your feet can help diminish discomfort and pain in your feet, ankles, legs, hips, and even your back. Everything is connected and affected by each heel strike. The shock waves from impact travel up your body.

The energy return Goga Mat insole that is in the Skechers Go Walk 3 provides it’s own cushioning and support where needed most, and the heel and vamp of the shoe are cushioned with memory foam. This will provide the top of your foot with a better experience and allow your feet to move more naturally, especially with the flexible mesh upper.


When it comes to shoes meant for activewear, people tend to envision shoes with laces. It only makes sense that laces help you achieve the right fit. However, laces can also put too much pressure on the top of your foot, causing unnecessary pain and discomfort. There are avenues that can be taken to get the fit you need without the tight laces.

These shoes don’t have laces. They don’t have a tongue, either. Many people can appreciate this detail because many people know the struggle of a shoe tongue falling off to one side or the other. It’s rather annoying and uncomfortable. You can find many slip-on shoes on the market today.

These sneakers are a slip-on style, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be so loose they slip off easily. They are actually designed to provide a snug fit. The cushioning throughout the camp and heel will hug your feet in all the right places, giving you support and stability at the same time. The specially designed insole will also help your feet to feel cozy in your shoes.


It can be tough to find shoes with the right sizes available. Especially if you are someone with wide feet. The good news is that these shoes are available in wide and medium widths, in both men and women’s sizes. While these don’t come in narrow widths, there are options for narrow-fitting shoes.

This sneaker is available in sizes 5 through 12 in both whole and half sizes. There are many color options. They include black, black/white, black/pink/grey, black/pink, stone, charcoal, grey, navy/blue, navy/white, white, hot pink, and grey/stone. There is a color for everyone. And they can easily be paired with workout clothes for a complete outfit.


The Skechers Go Walk 3 shoes are imported from places like China and Vietnam. Importing products is a controversial topic in America. The downside of importing includes trouble finding importers/exporters, obtaining the proper licenses and documents, waiting for payments, increasing unemployment rates, taking business from local manufacturers, paying taxes, difficulty returning incorrect/damaged orders, and reducing the country’s income.

There are also some advantages to importing goods, though. Importing goods allows you to obtain them at a cheaper cost, access some goods can only be found in other parts of the world, find higher quality products, help adopt cultures from other countries, find new technologies to bring to the US, have traveling opportunities, make more profit by selling goods for more than you purchase them for, provide employment opportunities despite causing the loss of other jobs, and it is supported by the government.

Bottom Line

There are many reasons to consider purchasing these sneakers. If they suit your needs, they could end up being your favorite, go-to pair. Wear them casually around the house, at work, on a stroll through the park, or on your evening jog. Wherever you go, they will provide you with the cushioning and energy return you’re looking for.

They have touches like memory foam in the vamp and Goga Max technology in the insoles to provide you with the most comfort possible. The sole is rubber and has great traction to help you navigate turns and stops more sharply. The upper material is mesh, which allows the shoe to be more flexible, breathable, and comfortable. The shoe itself is very lightweight, allowing you to go farther, faster.

The Skechers Go Walk 3 is designed so that you can easily slip them on and off. Although there is this convenient feature, it does not mean that your shoes won’t be secure on your feet. They are cushioned enough that they will hug the contours of your feet. Some customers even claim that it feels like they’re only wearing socks.