Running Clubs

Finding a running club means finding your flock. There is nothing more important when it comes to exercise than using social interaction as a tool. Group classes and personal trainers exist for a reason- and it’s mostly because the motivation that other people bring can skyrocket performance. Camaraderie is real!

So, maybe you’re looking to polish up your running, shave a few seconds, or just for some new buds. No matter the reason, running clubs offer the perfect solution!

There are a seemingly endless amount of clubs, groups, and boot camps out there dedicated solely to bringing runners together for the common goal of… well, running!

Let’s go over some tips on finding one, things to keep in mind when finding your fit, and some other cool resources you may not have thought of before!


What Is A Running Club?

Great question! We should probably start this off with explaining what, exactly, we’re talking about. We’ll go over a few other terms we’ll use along the way, too. We’re big believers in beginner-friendly content while still being welcoming to the pros.


So, pros, feel free to skip over this next part! Fresh faces, keep following WalkJogRun tips along.

  • Running Club: Feel like you need an extra boost? Motivation is hard to master, but when you’re being held to a standard by others it becomes easier. Clubs offer you this while giving you multiple other incentives. There are often opportunities to travel to races as a group. Membership fees are also common, which means you’d better show up and get your money’s worth!
  • Group Sessions: Don’t want to risk the yearly membership? Feeling a little wishy-washy, NYE-resolution-ie? Try out some group sessions, then. These are a smaller commitment and you can decide to not show up for a class without feeling terrible. Group training sessions at your local gym or park are a great introduction to the style of workout you’ll experience in a club.
  • Boot Camp: You know those people in the park that are going hardcore nonstop? Those are probably people in “boot camp”, and it’s as harsh as it sounds. Beginners beware of these types of workouts- they can be highly damaging if you aren’t up for it. There are boot camps that beginner athletes can do, but we recommend taking it a little slower to avoid long-term damage.


What Should I Look For in a Running Club?

Are They Birds of a Feather? As with any group, you need to make sure you fit in. Being a good fit isn’t just important professionally- it’s important on the pavement, too. Knowing that you’re in good hands with people you respect and trust are crucial when you’re trying to do well. Positive mentality and thought-hacking go a long way! It’s impossible to be mindful during a run if you’re surrounded by people who make your skin crawl.