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The Saige from Nine West is a gorgeous pair of slip-on flats! It offers an elegant pointed toe and smooth d’Orsay silhouette that’s perfect for nearly any occasion. Whether you’re planning on wearing them to the office or the after party, this pair will look stunning with practically anything in your wardrobe! The Saige is made from 100% genuine leather and offers a non-slip rubber sole so you can forget about accidental slips or falls. This shoe is as comfortable to wear as it is appealing to look at and will make an excellent addition to any stylish ladies collection.

I’ve carefully researched and read through hundreds of reviews to bring you this detailed look at Nine West’s Saige. Keep reading for a detailed breakdown of ten of the best and worst aspects of this pair so you can feel confident in knowing whether, or not this is the choice for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Elegant silhouette

Multiple choices for material

All-Night comfort

Professionally pointed toe


Poor fit for wide feet

Built narrow



This slip-on shoe has that edgy vibe that bad girls love! But, the best part is that it also doubles as a totally professional pair with some added sizzle. Go ahead and wear these to the office, after party, or just about any other occasion you can think of because they’re going to look great with practically any outfit. A pointed toe topped with their half d’Orsay shape makes this a must-have for fashionista’s at heart and gives off a super feminine vibe. The Saige’s barely their heel allows for effortless strides and won’t cause you any discomfort even after long hours of wear. This is the kind of shoe that will fast become your go-to favorite thanks to its adaptable design and on-trend appearance that makes this such a hot number.


This American fashion company hails from White Plains, New York and first broke onto the fashion scene back in 1983. They’re notorious for their vast assortment of fashion apparel and accessories, while they’re much loved for the edgy vibe that each piece brings to the table. Whether you’re shopping for handbags, sunglasses, or footwear, this is a line that has it all and isn’t afraid to step outside of the traditional scene status quo.

Despite announcing that the company was filing for bankruptcy and closing its stores in April of 2018, the label has just recently announced that they’re planning to emerge from the filing on top and will be reprising their rightful place atop the ranks of fashions most infamous brands.


When it comes to wearability no one likes a shoe that’s complicated! Well, the Saige is just the opposite and offers an easy-wearing slip-on style. No more fussing with shoelaces or buckle closures that can be time-consuming and a real pain when you’re in a hurry. Its low ¾ inch heel is an ideal choice for long days spent on your feet because it lets you walk naturally. High heels can cause all sorts of aches and pains, especially after working for hours at the office. Whereas, a flat shoe is way more practical and won’t kill your legs, feet, and back just trying to walk in them. The heel is a wedge shape to boot which only makes it that much more enjoyable to wear and lessens the chance of being uncomfortable.


As I mentioned previously, this pair boasts a wickedly wearable heel that’s only ¾ inches high. This means no more sore and tired tootsies when the day is done and helps to ensure that you always look your best while you’re on the job. Employers might view a high heel as being slightly less appropriate than a flat depending on the type of job you have which is why you might want to think twice about wearing those sky-high stilettos you’ve been drooling over.


Nine West’s Saige is made from a comforting combination of materials which include a genuine 100% leather upper unit that’s ultra-luxurious. A shoe made from leather is more breathable than ones made from other fabrics. The leather wicks excess moisture away from your skin which helps to prevent a build-up of sweat and odor-causing bacteria so you can feel fresher for longer.

Its rubber sole offers superior traction even on wet and slippery surfaces which means you can feel more secure on your feet. This is perfect for rainy weather and will keep you from slipping and falling down.


This pair is noted for fitting true to size and it comes in both half and full sizes which means its that much easier to find the perfect fit for you. They might be a little tight on the first wear but they conform nicely to the shape of your foot and end up feeling great. Some women found that they aired on the side of being a bit large so they ordered a half size smaller than normal and found that they were very comfortable.

Their pointed toe doesn’t affect how they feel on your feet unless you have a very wide foot. In this case, I would suggest ordering a half size up from your normal size so you have a bit of extra room to wiggle.



Wearing a pointed toe was a thing of the past in recent years but it’s made a comeback in a big way! These sophisticated flats are just the thing you need to bring some excitement back into your wardrobe and their pointed tip only adds to the allure. This style of shoe is perfect for the office or the after party thanks to its versatile design and foot slimming shape.

When you wear a pointed toe it elongates and slims the lines of your foot while at the same time, helps to slim the look of your entire physique. It also lengthens your legs and when you combine longer looking legs with a slimmer silhouette it makes for a seductive finish.


This shoe comes in both a medium and wide width which makes it all the more comforting to wear. Many women struggle with the width of their shoes and find that the one sizing option doesn’t allow enough room for their toes to wiggle freely and often end up feeling squished. Having the option to choose which one suits you best is really a nice feature.

The only downside to this is for ladies who have narrow feet, but this can be worked around by purchasing a half size smaller than you normally would. Getting a half size smaller will tighten up the areas that are too wide but shouldn’t affect the way that they fit on other areas of your foot.


Despite the Saige's comforting feel overall, so ladies found that the material was a little too stiff for them. Unfortunately, no shoe can be totally perfect and this one's downfall is that it's not particularly flexible. While this isn't too big of a deal it can be a little irritating for some wearers and should be taken into consideration. There are a few things you can try that will help to soften up the stiff material though! Check out these tips to help make your shoes more flexible;
  • You can try wearing a pair of thick socks inside the shoes even if you just walk around the house with them on. This will stretch and soften the fabric just enough to make it more flexible without distorting it in any way.

  • You can also try hitting the shoes with a hairdryer while they're on your feet. Just be sure to hold it far enough away from the shoes so that you don't burn them. Do this for about a minute, moving the dryer back and forth across the surface of the shoe.

  • Perhaps the easiest way is to simply wear them around the house and bend and flex your feet with them on. This should help to soften them after some time doing this.


Some ladies had an issue with the material at the heel rubbing. This can lead to painful blisters and can really pose as quite a problem with any pair of shoes. A good way to prevent this is by purchasing a pair that's a half size larger than your average size. Or, you could try softening the material in that area with one of the steps outlined above. The best one for this issue is to hit that part of the shoe with your hairdryer for a minute or two. Just make sure that you're holding far enough away that you don't scorch the material.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Nine West Saige is a great choice of footwear! It is stylish enough to wear for practically any occasion whether you're headed to the office or the after party, you'll look your best while wearing these shoes. The Saige has a gorgeous d'Orsay style that is elegant and on-trend so you won't have to worry about looking good in a pair of these. They're made from 100% genuine leather and come in a plethora of hot and trendy colorways.

I rated this shoe quite highly based on its appearance, as well as its performance. Most ladies find that this is a comfortable pair to wear and that it runs relatively true-to-size. Though for anyone with wider feet it might be a good idea to opt for a half size larger than you normally would. A low heel height helps to make this an enjoyable choice for walking, working in, and for just about anything else you can think of! Its slip-on style makes for effortless wear and won't slow you down on those mornings when you hit the snooze button one too many times.