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Phew! We have made it through the workout and are ready for the recovery stage! First introduced in 1998, the Merrel Jungle Moc still rises to the occasion. Having a design to bring the extra comfort and support we need after a workout, this pair excels. Furthermore, for those who just need an excellent pair for an outdoor adventure, these are it. Whether you are heading down the sidewalk or taking those lovely feet offroad around the camp, these are built for multiple terrains while exceeding expectations. Moreover, they look good while you do it!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Suede Leather Upper

3-millimeter Lugs

EVA Footframe

Breathable, Mesh Lining

Stain/Water Resistance


Maintenance of Suede

Squeak Under Insole

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  • Perfect shoe for traveling, this is my go to shoe when I know I’m going to be traveling via plane. It’s easy to take off and put on, and super comfortable for hours of wear.
  • Great support, looks great as well. I would highly recommend these shoes.
  • These shoes are great for shoes who have issues with plantar fasciitis. I was able to walk away with joy instead of a limp. Perfect for work and wearing all day.
  • These shoes really are the bomb, my family swears by these. They provide so much comfort.
  • This shoe fits true to size, purchased because I need a yard shoe but these turned out to be my daily riders they even held up on a hike.
  • I wish I knew about these shoes earlier in life, I would highly recommend. Great quality shoe.
  • These shoes are exactly what I’ve been wanting. Super comfortable, appropriate for all seasons.
  • Great quality. These have been my main shoes for more than 5 years and still look fantastic.
  • I love Merrell Jungle Mocs, these are super comfortable and a very attractive shoe.
  • I love that these are easy to put on and take off, great support. I’m a teacher and these are the perfect shoe to work in.
  • Great comfortable shoe that has nice traction. It’s versatile, can be dressed as casual or casual-dressy.
  • These have been my favorite shoe for the last 5 years. I’m very happy with their comfort and how durable they are.
  • I got this shoe to prepare for my hip surgery. Perfect shoe for recovery, provides a ton of comfort without losing it’s style.
  • It’s a great feeling to put on a shoe that is durable, easy and simple shoe to put on. Great for my busy life as a mom.
  • These shoes last a really long time and they have to be the most comfortable shoes. Great support and feel amazing even on hard surfaces .
  • These shoes have been so good to my husband, he’s struggled with finding comfortable shoes that didn’t give blisters.
  • I ordered a pair for my husband and he’s totally in love with these. The suede is warm and the shoe was easy to slip on
  • This is my first time owning a pair of these shoes and I’m very happy with my choice to get these shoes. Very lightweight and great quality!
  • Merrell Jungle Moc are so comfortable and the fit is perfect.
  • I would highly recommend these shoes. I suffered with plantar fasciitis and these helped tremendously with my healing.
  • Some customers complained about shoe squeaking when walking.
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Color variation is not in short supply, as there are 10+ alternatives to choose from. You have the option to purchase neutral, in order to match a broader spectrum of wardrobe classics; or, you can match to the terrain type in which you will be performing. All of the variations blend well into their respective environment, submerging you into the realities of your adventure; a beautiful, yet genuine walkthrough of your day’s journey. Whether you are going for a tactical black or want to become part of the beauty found within a mountainous terrain, the color solutions available help to aid in these endeavors. Or, if you prefer, you can contrast against the environment to help you stand out from the crowd, so to speak. Either way, the colors available allow us to play around to our individual personality, and that is something worth enjoying.


Durability factors are high with this particular brand, as a whole; the Jungle Moc, even more so. This model aims at remaining rugged within the sheer sense of the term and performs impeccably while doing so. Under everyday, heavy duress, these survive well past a year within abusive environments. And the thing is, these are not even designed for such a situation, as they are recovery shoes meant to be worn after your workout has ended. For their intended genre, these far surpass expectations and do so with flying colors. Taking care of the suede upper can extend these even further; thereby, maximizing life expectancies of this item. Furthermore, the rubber outsole is set to bring a nice balance between sturdy thickness and flexible thinness, so to speak. It is tough, yet flexible enough to associate with raising comfort levels with each subsequent step.


The fit is amazing, surrounding the foot with wonderful technologies. These do run about a size too small; so, for those living in the U.S., a size 10 foot will need to order a size 11, as it were. This is the normal manufacturing practice by Merrel and is, therefore, not a negative, so to speak. With that being stated, it is important to be aware of this prior to purchase. At the end of the day, however, for those who have never worn a Merrel product, this is a great place to start. And for those who are veterans of this footwear, these stand up to the expected assumptions of what makes this such a wonderful brand in the first place. Furthermore, the insole contours to maximize on this comfort, as well as the cushioned heel. Support seems to be in all of the right places, so to speak, and the slip-on feature functions nicely. When it is all said and done, the fit is worth the buy; that is, these bring comfort and help to alleviate the pains of the day. So much so, you might even forget they are on.

Key Features

In addition to the comfort technologies of this particular model, these have a design with the ‘end of the day’ in mind, as it were. They are slip on and provide a way to relax, whether you are around the camp or heading to an outdoor restaurant and sports bar near a dock, per se. The outsole provides great traction for outdoor environments and the casual appearance helps these to be matched within that respective style. This, alone, makes these quite attractive, in terms of overall versatility within the design. Furthermore, they have water- and- stain-resistant properties, as well. And for those of us who tend to become a little more clumsy after a hard workout, this is a plus which is nearly mandatory for us. These, also, carry a nice amount of longevity when applied within the realm in which they are designed. A little care to the suede, after brutal exposures, can extend this lifespan well past the monetary investment initially made. Moreover, these are rather comfortable and can help the feet to relax during recovery.


As far as the midsole, we receive a compression-molded EVA foot frame. This, basically, works as a cushioning system meant to maximize shock-absorption rates. After all, this is a model which takes into account the much-needed support desirable after a brutal workout. Experts in the field understand how much energy has been released, and as such, this system works to compensate for that loss. Furthermore, when we combine this system with the air cushioning in the heel, the two work as one to bring both stability and support which yields a high rate of comfort. Overall, the midsole is complete in which the design calls for. It is long-lasting and enhances the general product as a whole. It does absorb shock like it should and has a decent energy return, as well.

Notable Features

Here, we receive the Merrell M Select™ FIT.ECO footbed. It utilizes organics to combat microbes which help to prevent odor-causing bacteria from surviving. In essence, this technology works to maintain a healthier environment for your feet. These are, also, created with contouring in mind. This means that men and women should purchase their respective style and not interchange, as a woman’s and man’s foot is shaped quite differently. To receive the most out of the comfort features, it is important to keep this in mind. And although the highlighted feature is of the antimicrobial type, the contouring attribute is an added bonus.


The outsole is rubber having 3-millimeter lug depths. This is where some people become confused and attempt to utilize these as actual hiking footwear. These are not for hiking, but are, indeed, a model meant for the recovery after a hard hike (or other workouts), as it were. The lug depths take into consideration multiple possibilities of where a workout may occur; one of which can be an environment conducive to hiking. This is one of the features which help this particular model to stand out from the rest of the crowd, so to speak. It truly is a recovery shoe with high versatility. We, also, like the way the initial design is set. The outsole comes in front of the toe area, thereby providing additional safety features. In addition, the outsole rises high in the arch area, which aids in catering to furthering stability for the upper. At the end of the day, the design is fresh, yet practical. As such, the outsole is a highlight for this setup.


This is a casual style which allows us to venture into these same type environments after the workout is done. Whether we are going to be at a campsite or are navigating through a crowd to reach a plethora of outdoor stores near the dock, these fit in beautifully. And depending on the type of ‘casual’ restaurant we are speaking of, these may or may not work, as the lugs are exposed high in the arch side. As such, they are highly visible and do stand out. They may not be ready for the ‘red carpet,’ so to speak, but they most definitely are grand enough for jeans, khakis, shorts, and so on.


With this model, traction is at an all-time high for recovery footwear. The 3-millimeter lugs are spaced far enough apart to give us a moderate grip while, also, releasing dirt and grime as needed. Furthermore, the rubber, naturally, acts as a deterrent from slipping. Not only do we gain more than adequate grip for varying terrain types, but we, also, gain more confidence in knowing that we are not slipping on a banana peel anytime soon, as it were. The fact is, after heavier workouts, our body becomes so tired that it can, also, become a clutz zone, so to speak. In return, what may not be a normal hazard while we navigate during a walk, now has the elevated potential to become a hazard. As such, the added grip we find in this pair is a welcomed addition to this fine model. Furthermore, the length of the lugs means the traction remains for some time to come; especially, if we apply these in the way they are designed. In other words, wearing these as everyday footwear will take its toll much faster than the intended usage calls for. If we apply these as a recovery item, however, then these lugs are going to be around for quite some time, and with them, the traction remains.


Suede leather is the basis of this upper. It is breathable and flexible, with a smidgen touch of toughness. Stain- and water-resistant, the upper is treated to handle various surprises, so to speak. Depending on how often and for how long each time these are worn, they may need additional maintenance, in terms of additional treatment added. After all, suede is not exactly the best material for easy maintenance. And even though this model portrays itself as easy maintenance, by default, suede does carry with it some baggage, per se. However, suede really is a good choice between heavy hiking gear and lightweight running shoes. It is sturdy, yet forgiving; a nice medium to join both worlds. And at the end of the day, these are recovery footwear meant to help us relax with some support. As such, the suede is the choice here.

Bottom Line

When it is all said and done, the Merrel Jungle Moc performs exceptionally. It is recovery footwear having the design to be more relaxing after a heavy-duty trail and after we have removed the heavier footwear associated with it. Also, it has the design to address the much-needed extra stability we may need after a long run and after wearing our lightweight running shoes. In essence, it is the perfect balance between both of these worlds. The only real negatives can be found within the realm of the suede upper, in that there will be maintenance associated with it after some time in usage. Also, the lugs are visible high in the arch, which minimizes some places we may look good at and, therefore, the choices in where we can showcase these as the casual wear they are. But at the end of the day, these do perform and last well over the monetary value that is initially invested.