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Finding a trendy pair of boots to wear can be a tricky task, especially when you prefer an edgier vibe. Well, ladies, you’re in for a treat with Marc Fisher’s Alva! This boot is for the rebellious fashionista who enjoys living life on the edge of danger. It’s leather upper and dual side goring give this pair a sleek finish that will look incredible with nearly any choice of clothing. Go ahead and wear these while you’re at work or play thanks to their versatile physique that is ideal for any sort of occasion. The Alva is a must-have bootie that is sure to become your go-to favorite in no time at all.


Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 3" Stacked Heel
  • Pull-On Entry
  • Rear Pull-Tab
  • Leather or Suede 
  • Non-Slip Sole
  • Higher Price
  • Narrow Toe


This sharp looking boot comes is your choice of leather or suede upper material. The leather is an excellent choice for preventing excessive sweat and odors, which is ideal if you find that your feet tend to get hot inside of your shoes. The hide wicks excess moisture away from the skin which helps to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria so you can feel dry and fresh for hours on end. Suede is another form of leather that’s made using the underside of an animals hide. It’s both supple and durable at the same time for superior wear. The outsole is made from synthetic materials that offer a supportive structure that’s good for walking. Goring at the side panels helps these slip-on booties to stay perfectly in place without the need for a fastening system which makes for super easy on-off wearability.


A three-inch stacked heel gives this boot some added personality that’s ready to take on any occasion. A stacked heel presents an illusion of being made with several pieces of material which have been glued together. In reality, it’s only one piece that’s been designed to look that way. This look is considered to be both stylish and professional. The heel is also a block shape which allows for far easier walking than a thin shape like a stiletto. A thin heel won’t provide a stable platform to step down on to, whereas a thicker one will let you walk more naturally without having to change your stride. If you wear a heel that’s too high it causes you to walk differently than you normally would which can lead to all sorts of aches and pains, but Alva’s three-inch lift is the ideal height.


Every lady loves a hot looking pair of boots and these fit that description impeccably! The Alva is an ankle boot which means the shaft sits just above the ankle bone. With a 5 ¾-inch shaft, this bootie is a must for fashionable women who enjoy looking their best. It’s as versatile as can be and will look incredible with practically any style of clothing. Ankle boots are always an on-trend design and are the perfect choice for wearing to professional and casual get-togethers.


These super-cute booties offer a pull-on style that makes for effortless on-off wear. Their pointy toe design helps to make your feet appear more slender which many women enjoy. A three-inch block heel is chic enough to look amazing but isn’t too high that it makes it difficult to walk on. One of the nice things about this pair is that you can choose between either a leather or suede upper unit, depending on which you prefer. This makes for a more customized feel so you’re able to wear a boot that really speaks to your sense of style.


The insole of these booties is cushioned for added comfort which makes for a more enjoyable ride. After all, who wants to walk around in a hard shoe with little padding?! Wearing a well-cushioned shoe helps to lessen foot pain and reduce that chances of getting a blister, so it’s a win-win way to go! Padding also helps to protect the delicate underside of the foot from the ground beneath you so you won’t have to worry about stepping down on to something that’s going to hurt.


This bootie is perfect for fall and winter wear thanks to its darker hues. You can choose from shades like Black Suede, Black Croco, Dark Green Suede, and Black Leather if you prefer the more dusky colors. But, there are also two options for those who prefer a lighter vibe which include Light Natural Suede and Taupe Suede. These colorways are very versatile and mostly look good with any kind of clothing. It makes this boot an easy addition to your wardrobe and the reason these boots will fast become your go-to favorite.


These boots have a plush synthetic lining material that provides the ultimate in comfort. Designed to wick excess moisture away from the skin, this lining is perfect for wearers who find that their feet get hot and sweaty. Its soft texture feels plush against your feet and won’t cause your feet to slip or slide around inside of your shoes. The lining is an important part of any shoe because it also controls the level of airflow. If a lining material is too dense it will block the air from entering the shoe and cause you to sweat excessively.


Marc Fisher LTD is a brand under the Marc Fisher Footwear line. This multi-divisional fashion giant is home to some of the biggest names in shoes including Guess, G by Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Ivanka Trump, and Easy Spirit just to name a few. Its power knows no limits and one thing ladies have come to expect is that the shoes under this name are made with the ultimate quality. This line of footwear has been a go-to for both professional and casual shoes since 2005 and is a favorite among ladies from all around the world.


This pair has mixed qualities when it comes to how well it fits. The side goring makes for a comforting and snug feel and ensures that your boots don’t slide right off your feet. On the downside, the pointed toe makes them fairly narrow and ladies with wider feet have trouble with wearing them because of this. Some women find that their toes feel cramped and can even develop blisters from the constant pressure on their toes. If you have wider feet you might consider ordering a half-size larger than you normally would to compensate for the narrow toe.


One of the downsides to this boot is that it’s a bit on the pricier side. Though it still sells for an accessible price, the Alva is more expensive than your everyday pair. With that being said, it also offers a whole lot of design features that make it well worth the associated price. Anyone shopping on a tight budget probably won’t find this pair is a suitable choice but it’s worthy of dabbling into your savings fund for. This is a high-quality choice of footwear that is both stylish and versatile which is why it costs more than some of the lesser quality options.

Bottom Line

Overall, Marc Fisher’s Alva boot is an excellent choice for stylish ladies and for those who prefer an edgier vibe! This pair boasts a stunning silhouette and gives you the choice between two upper materials. Its ankle boot style is ideal for wearing with nearly any style of clothing and it’s a top choice for the fall and winter months thanks to its darker neutral colorways.

These booties aren’t too hard to walk in because of their three-inch block heel that won’t restrict the way you stride. If a heel is too high it can make it very difficult to walk naturally and can even cause you all sorts of physical aches and pains. The Alva’s pointed toe is a very chic design but some women find that it makes the boot too narrow and even have to consider buying a half-size larger than normal.

Other than the issues with its width and price, these booties are a great choice for ladies who like to look their best! The Alva is a versatile option that can easily be worn while you work or play and it makes it super easy to get ready and go!