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The world is watching as Marc Fisher has creates a whole new style that is taking them by storm. Making shoes runs in his family, as his father was the co-founder of Nine West. His lifelong passion for creating shoes has birthed the idea of “casual luxe” and his collections are nothing short of that title. In his fabulous ways of utilizing luxurious fabrics, rich color schemes, and paying close attention to detail come together on shoes such as his Izzie boot. Marc Fisher manages to completely sweep the rug out from the customer’s feet with this cozy looking, shearling lined boot. The Izziebperforms well in cold weather and is absolutely adorable to look at. You will look right at home at a ski lodge in Aspen, or just hanging out with the family on a chilly winter night.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Rich Suede upper
  • Great Traction
  • Shearling-Lined Tongue
  • Unique Lacing
  • Practical Style
  • Requires Maintenance
  • Not Fully Lined


Marc Fisher has quite a long legacy of being in the shoe industry. With his modern but luxurious stylings, many people find him to be the pinnacle of elegant and wearable style. That is exactly what the Izzie is. It has features that make it perfectly functional as a cold weather boot but looks truly high-end when styled even with the most laid-back look of jeans and a warm vest. So many years in the industry and so much experience working with designers from all over the world comes together and creates a brand with looks that are truly timeless. Marc Fisher sets out to make things that aren’t currently trending, he creates staples that will stand the test of time and be considered ingenious in the fashion industry for years to come. The Izzie shows off that dedication to classic details with a twist.


While it may not seem clear why it would matter if a cold weather shoe is breathable, let me explain while this factor is so important. Breathability in a winter or cold weather boot is actually going to keep your foot warmer in the end. Why is this the case exactly? It is due to perspiration. When your foot sweats in your boot, it will actually drop in temperature as water easily able to transfer its temperature than just air. A breathable boot will keep your foot dry and warm. This boot is lined in real shearling, which is a trap of bodily warmth. This is usually a great thing, however, due to the suede upper, it is going to keep that heat pretty locked in. This can cause perspiration for those with a higher likelihood of foot sweat. The Izzie is beautiful otherwise, but if you struggle with perspiring when dressing warmly, you are going to want to go with materials that are more forgiving of perspiration and have a greater level of airflow or breathability in the fabric.


The Marc Fisher Izzie boot is very attractive and looks like a cozy boot to slip into on a cold day. That is because it is! The cushioned insole protects your feet from unwanted pain. The soft rubber lugs at the bottom of the shoe absorb shock and diminish impact with every step. The shearling lining in the upper is soft and also nearly a whole other form of cushioning. The double lacing secures it comfortably right onto the foot and keeps you walking confidently with every step. The upper materials are supple and pre-broken in. A fleece tongue adds additional softness to the overall inner makeup of this shoe. Due to the upper being quite soft, the top of the boot won’t irritate or bother your ankle. It will sit and flex exactly where and how it is intended to.


While this shoe has pretty flawless construction, there were some serious complaints with wearers when it came to small details and their longevity. For one, multiple reviewers stated that the laces were ripping or fraying after only a few casual wears. It comes with two pairs of laces, but this is pretty unacceptable for a boot at the Marc Fisher level and price point. Some reviewers tripped over the laces as well, which pulled at the lacing system, risking the wearing away of the doubled-laced eyelets and overall upper. The inner of the boot is lined, but not fully lined which can cause the inner lining to catch or come apart a bit with time. Though this wasn’t reported as an issue for reviewers, many did note the disjointed lining, and that could be an indication of future issues of durability. Due to the fabric being suede, it will last but does require some maintenance to keep with its appearance.


Unfortunately, it seems that the fit for the Izzie by Marc Fisher is a bit off. Many reviewers found it to be problematic sizing for them. The most common problem was the shoe running a half to a whole size too large. The size discrepancy went beyond what could be amended with a warm dry sock. Reviewers stated it was the kind of issue that could only be fixed with a total exchange for a smaller size. Other reviewers had a quite opposite problem. Some were finding the shoe ran narrow, as Marc Fisher apparently often does. This probably means that the Izzie by Marc Fisher is a bit long and narrow, and won’t fit those with wide or narrow feet correctly in their true size. While you could try your size and see if it works, there seems to be a bit of risk involved due to the inconsistency of the feedback based on how this shoe fits its wearers. This is definitely something to think about!

Notable Features

Some of the features of this Marc Fisher Izzie give a super cute and rustic look. The double laced style of eyelets are open, and you weave the laces around the curved areas meant for them to rest, rather than lacing through the upper of the shoe. It gives a real hiking boot feel and makes them seem a little rough-and-tumble. The shearling lining is another notable feature. The tongue has incredibly soft shearling. Acting as a sort of padded tongue, this softens the feel of the corded laces when tied tight on the foot. A gorgeous upper in a warm tan suede looks classic and the contrast between the light suede and the dark lugs of the sole is an interesting visual element. Finally, the soles incredible traction finishes off this well put together pick from Marc Fisher.


For support, this Marc Fisher is surprisingly competent in providing a great foundation for your foot. The heel height is just right and a slight platform style front removes the strain from the arch of the foot completely. A well-cushioned insole pads the foot for all your winter excursions. For ankle control, the rise is just right to keep you feeling stable and secure. On the back of the heel, there are lines of vertical gore on the ankle. This allows for motion during whatever activities you choose to do in your Marc Fisher Izzie. Often times in a boot that comes slightly above the ankle, flexibility is forgotten which can really affect the wearing experience in an unpleasant way. Say goodbye to issues such as those when you have on this supple boot!


We love great classic looks, and this style of boot is absolutely a classic. The lining on the upper made of soft and buttery suede adds a structural element to the aesthetic of the Izzie. The lugged boots are tough without being too tough. Complementing the soft and fluffy looking shearling tongue, the lacing system is unique due to its use of D-ring and hooked eyelets. A strict outdoorsman would love the appearance of these Marc Fishers, as would a more delicate fashionista. For those who love the modern but cozy appeal of neutrals, hardware, and ivory accents, a fun boot like the Marc Fisher Izzie will tick every box.


In order for this Izzie boot to stand out in terms of protection, it can’t really just fare well on its own. The lined suede upper will provide a long time of wear, however, they need a boost when it comes to a shield from the elements. If you treat this boot with a quality suede protector, you will be extremely happy with the results yielded. Unless suede or nubuck is pretreated, there is really no way to have it stand up to normal weather conditions. While a cool, crisp, dry day won’t interfere with the wonderful wearability of this boot, it isn’t the kind of winter gear that is made for performance. With slight tweaks like suede protector though, you can get a lot more function out of this beautiful form.


For a pair of boots that leans to the side of fashion, the outsole of these is super rugged. The lug soles on both the ball of foot and heel are a rubber material that works rain or shine. This is why the importance of protecting the suede is so crucial, the rest of the boot holds up very well to wintery forecasts. On a day that is absolutely miserable out, the Marc Fisher Izzie will give you a safe foundation to explore in. Not to mention, the appearance of the lugs adds to the charm of this understated shoe. Once you get these on your feet you will notice immediately how firmly they grip the ground.

Bottom Line

The Marc Fisher Izzie may not be the next boot to climb Mt. Everest in but it really doesn’t have to be. Its appearance is reminiscent of a hiking boot, but with soft elements that give it a really elegant feel. A no-nonsense boot that can actually be worn in cold weather and doesn’t look entirely extravagant and out of place is always a worthwhile addition to any closet. While some reviewers did battle with the sizing, and a bit of treatment is necessary if you intend to be in wet conditions, this Marc Fisher Izzie does pretty well in its own right. Definitely, a style to look out for if you want something casual and cool.