Mammut Broad Peak Jacket

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Any time spent on the mountain requires a warm companion to carry you through; that's where the Mammut Broad Peak comes in! This jacket is an ideal choice for hiking, backpacking, climbing, skiing, and boarding too! It offers a lightweight yet incredibly warm design and easily packs away when it's not in use. Complete with premium 800-fill-power goose down, this jacket is all about keeping you warm.

Wear the Mammut Broad Peak on its own or under your shell for extra warmth in freezing conditions. It offers elastic trim that keeps body heat inside and Y-Fuse chamber technology that creates greater heat retention.

This jacket is a stylish choice that comes in several vibrant colorways. This means you will always look your best while you perform. It's a bit on the expensive side but is certainly a worthwhile investment when you consider its many benefits.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Very Durable

Extremely Warm

Packs Down

Responsibly-Sourced Filling

Water Repellent


Very Expensive

Some Colors Dirty Quickly

Unflattering Shape


The Mammut Broad Peak is the perfect winter companion. Designed for life on the mountain, this jacket is ideal for skiing, hiking, boarding, climbing, and backpacking. It will keep you warmer than most thanks to the Pertex Quantum material that gives you the most reliable protection against wind and moisture.

The Mammut Broad Peak offers down and feather filling that is ideal for frigid weather conditions and keeps you well-protected from the elements. This practical option easily stores away and compresses down to sandwich-size. Wear this on your next adventure or climb to enjoy peace of mind and total comfort.

With a lightweight build and Y-Fuse technology, the Mammut Broad Peak provides increased drown proofing and improved water-pearling. This jacket is an ideal choice for active lifestyles and delivers the kind of wearability that you need for days spent on the tough mountain terrain.


When you spend long periods hiking or boarding, eventually you’re going to get hot and want to remove a layer or two of gear. But where do you pack away said gear once it’s off? The Mammut Broad Peak offers the perfect solution to this problem; it compresses down to sandwich-size.

This innovative feature makes this a must-have piece of gear for any outdoor enthusiast. You can pack it away inside your bag and carry on with your activity without having to carry around your jacket.

The incredibly lightweight build makes the Mammut Broad Peak an extremely portable option. Once compressed you won’t even know that it’s in your pack! It won’t add any additional weight and only feels like you’ve packed two or three extra power bars, seriously!


Chilly weather is no match for the Mammut Broad Peak! This jacket offers premium 800-fill-power down insulation that will keep you warm no matter how cold it might be outside. Its Y-Fuse technology fuses the chambers resulting in a minimal amount of stitch lines. This innovative technology means less down loss and greater heat retention.

One of my favorite features is the handwarmer pockets! These handy pockets sit high above the hipbelt or harness and the left side even works as a stuff sack. This is such a thoughtful addition that you just won’t find with other similar styles of outerwear.

The Mammut Broad Peak has elastic trim on the cuffs, hood, and seams which seals warmth inside. This helps it to retain body heat better and keeps you warmer in freezing temperatures.

This jacket is great worn on its own or layered underneath you shell for even more warmth. It's extremely light considering the superior insulation and warmth it offers so you won’t feel weighed down while you’re on the move.


When it comes to weight, the Mammut Broad Peak is one of the lightest available today. Despite having 800-fill-power down insulation, this jacket doesn’t add any bulk to your ensemble. Go ahead and hit the mountain with peace of mind knowing that you won’t feel weighed down while wearing it.

The warmth-weigh ration is excellent with this jacket making it a favorite for all of your mountain-related activities. It’s superior design features allow for a feather-like feeling that is exceptional for hiking, climbing, and any other strenuous physical activity that you enjoy during freezing weather conditions.


The Mammut Broad Peak offers the kind of weather protection you need for life on the mountain. Its Pertex Quantum nylon material has a DWR finish that is resistant to water. This means that wet weather will be no match for you and your Mammut Broad Peak.

This jacket is an excellent choice for cold days thanks to its down-filled insulation that keeps you warm and toasty. Built-in handwarmer pockets let you warm your fingers which could help you in an emergency by preventing the onset of frostbite.

Elasticized trim on the cuffs, hood, and hem seals keeps warmth inside and prevents loss of down filling. This feature makes the Mammut Broad Peak even more weather-proof and ideal for wintery conditions.


The Mammut Broad Peak has the perfect blend of materials for colder weather. It offers down insulation and a Pertex Quantum exterior that repels wind and moisture. These things are a must when you’re out in cold weather to protect yourself from the elements.

The premium 800-fill-power down insulation keeps the cold weather out and shields you from the harshest of weather conditions. This makes the Mammut Broad Peak an excellent choice for mountaineering and is the reason that climbers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts choose this jacket.


The Mammut Broad Peak is available in several colorways to suit every style. Choose from options like Black/Phantom, Pink/Olive, and Teal/Canary to name a few. It’s nice to have a selection of colors to choose from because it makes it easy to style your jacket with nearly anything in your wardrobe.

Most jackets just come in your standard blacks and browns, whereas this one offers some nice variety. The contrasting sleeves stand out nicely but are well blended with the body of the jacket. Overall, the colors are a great aspect that let you choose the one that best suits your sense of style.


Mammut has done an excellent job of establishing itself as one of the worlds leading alpine brands. This label manufactures everything from mountaineering boots to technical clothing and delivers only the highest quality performance gear.

The Mammut Broad Peak is a prime example of Mammut’s fine craftsmanship which is why it’s such a popular choice with outdoor enthusiasts. This is a major climbing brand with roots in a small, traditional ropemaker.

In Switzerland, back in 1862, Kasper Tanner began by making ropes. After a 3-year apprenticeship, he had honed his skill enough to begin his journey into the craftsmanship. To this day, Mammut follows the same set of Values that Kasper did and the results are incredibly well-made products.


The great thing about the Mammut Broad Peak is how versatile it is. You can wear this jacket along or underneath your shell for even more warmth. When you’re on the mountain the last thing you want is a bulky jacket weighing you down! Luckily, this option is as light as can be and is a completely portable option.

The quality design lets you wear this one practically anywhere and it’s stylish enough to wear off the mountain too. If you enjoy any kind of winter activity then should consider investing this jacket! It comes in a ton of colorways that look great with all kinds of clothing and accessories so you won’t have any trouble blending it into your wardrobe.

Whether you’re ice-skating in Central Park or rock climbing in frigid arctic air, this jacket is the perfect companion to keep you warm and stylish.


This jacket is more expensive than similar products on the market, but it’s still within reason. If you’re shopping on a budget I would recommend shopping around to find the best deal because you can save quite a bit if you find the right sale.

Mammut Broad Park is certainly a worthwhile investment for anyone who enjoys life on the mountain! It’s well-made and offers incredible features. It has 800-fill-power down insulation and is incredibly lightweight considering how warm it is.

You can wear this jacket for years to come thanks to the quality craftsmanship that makes this one something special. When you weigh all of the benefits against the selling price it doesn’t seem so expensive.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Mammut Broad Peak is an excellent piece of gear for all of your mountain adventures. Whether you enjoy climbing, hiking, backpacking, or camping this jacket is ideal freezing temperatures.

It offers incredible warmth thanks to its 800-fill-power goose down insulation and Y-Fuse chamber technology. The seams, hood, and cuffs are elastic which keeps the cold out and warmth inside where it belongs.

This is a stylish jacket that will have you looking your best while you perform and it comes in several colorways. If portability is of concern this is a great choice to consider. It packs away inside your bag with little effort so you can carry it anywhere.

The Mammut Broad Peak is weather-resistant making it ideal for harsh conditions. It’s versatile and reliable just like we’ve come to expect of any Mammut branded gear. This jacket is a bit expensive but it’s a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about mountaineering.