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You’re looking for a comfortable and reliable pair of trail running shoes; then you come to the right place. The La Sportiva Wildcat sneakers Are full of great technologies and features that can help cheap you protected and supported well on your adventures. The Versatile design in style allows you to wear these shoes for most athletic and casual activities. Some customers opted to wear them as their everyday shoes while others prefer then when heading out on the trails.

The footwear a decent amount of underfoot cushioning and a responsive ride to give you a little spring in your step. This is great for those who prefer wearing this Footwear while running. Springy cushioning helps you run just a little bit faster because I can push you into your next step. Additionally, they feature a molded shank to give you additional support and stability while you’re out and about. This can help what’s the overall Comfort level and increase your performance.

The Seekers offer breathable uppers to ensure you’re staying cool and dry while you’re on-the-go. Additionally, the synthetic overlays give you an extra layer of protection from abrasions. This increases the overall durability of the shoes. However, there are a few customer complaints about the longevity of the shoes. Some customers and stated that they suffered from premature wear and tear.

Even though the La Sportiva Wildcats have some downfalls, a lot of customers still really enjoy them. You’re looking for something comfortable that’s great for just about any of your outdoor activities; then this is the perfect product for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Versatile design

Comfortable fit

Fantastic traction

Breathable uppers


Lacking longevity

Few color options

Runs small

No wide width


La Sportiva strives to bring customers the best technical products possible to help them explore the great outdoors. They've been around for almost ninety years, and in that time, they have continuously produced innovative products to help you out on your adventures.

Their products all come from a state-of-the-art factory located in Italy. It's a small 250-person Factory and a small mountain village. Thanks to the small operation and close-knit group of people, they can keep the tradition and heritage alive by making handmade footwear that consumers love.

The brand focuses on the future and new technologies combined with their knowledge and expertise in the manufacturing side effects to bring you fantastic products that you can use for all of your Outdoor Adventures. Over time they become a trusted brand and a big name in The Outdoor Sports World.


This trail running shoe is great for most of your outdoor excursions. When you enjoy heading out for a run in the great outdoors, and you don't want the lack of pavement to stop you from enjoying the fresh air. Thanks to all-terrain running shoes like these, you can hit the road or trails with ease.

The La Sportiva Wildcat's are exceptionally well-cushioned, so you will have a pleasant experience wherever you go. The stability and support are great for your running needs.

Keep in mind that this footwear is ideal for running on different terrains. However, they might not work great for hardcore adventurers. If you are planning on hiking, mountain climbing, or other excursions, there are many better options for you.

There are some consumers who prefer wearing these sneakers as casual footwear or even for work. If you do a lot of physical labor and are on your feet all day, you might seek comfort in the cushioned soles of the product.


The FriXion X-Axis of these shoes is designed to dig into almost any surface. It's going to deliver fantastic traction as well as give you a little extra cushion. Whether you're running on uneven terrain or slick surfaces, these shoes are going to help you stay on your feet and avoid slipping.

Bee sneakers also feature La Sportiva's proprietary technology, Impact Break System. This outsole design features lugs in the souls. The lugs are placed in opposing slanted directions. They're going to help you when it comes time to stop. If you're out and about and have to come to an abrupt stop, for any reason, this product is going to help you do so. It can decrease the impact forces of your sudden stop by an average of 20%.


The La Sportiva Wildcats feature a dual-density midsole that provides you with durable cushioning for Pleasant underfoot experience.

The soles feature nylon molded shanks to do better torsional stability while you're on-the-go. It's also going to provide you with the flexibility you need in the Forefront of your shoe to help you run unrestricted.

Additionally, you will find a 2.4 mm thick Eva lasting board that connects the midsole to the uppers. This helps provide additional cushioning to give you a little bounce in your step while you're running. Every little bit of extra cushioning can be appreciated.


The La Sportiva Wildcats feature a one-piece nylon mesh upper. The one-piece design helps increase the overall durability and comfort thanks to the lack of seems. Additionally, it's going to help decrease any kind of irritation from rubbing on your feet.

Thanks to the mesh uppers, they're going to offer a decent amount of ventilation, keeping your feet cool and dry while you're out and about. The shoes do have external thermoplastic urethane overlays. These are to provide you with better stability and support, especially in the heels.

Bee sneakers have a dynamic Tong construction. It works in conjunction with the lacing harness to give you a snug and secure fit. The nylon mesh also lines the tongue of the shoe as well as the back of the upper. This helps the product Wick moisture away. Again, ensuring that your feet are staying dry.


The La Sportiva Wildcats have the classic look of a typical running sneakers. The nylon mesh uppers and the overlays work together to give the shoes a fun look with pops of color. There are only two color options when purchasing these sneakers. Many consumers would have liked to have seen a wider variety of colors, although most are content with the limited colorways. You can pick between ocean/flame or carbon/flame. Overall, consumers enjoy the look and style of the footwear.


When it comes to your shoes, you want to make sure that you were finding something that fits appropriately. If you're stuck in an ill-fitting pair of sneakers, you run the risk of discomfort and even pain. In order to get the most out of the support, stability, and comfort, you need to make sure that you're choosing the correct size.

Customers have stated that the La Sportiva Wildcats are running a little small. This is something you might want to keep in mind when you are deciding on the size that you're going to order. Some consumers stated that they even had to order a full size larger to accommodate their foot.

You can purchase these sneakers in men's sizes 6 1/2 through 13 1/2. Unfortunately for those who have wide feet, there are no wide width options what does products. If you need something to accommodate your wide feet, there are better options on the market.


No one wants to head out on the trails with uncomfortable shoes. You don't want to have to deal with distractions because your shoes are causing you pain or discomfort. Thankfully, that isn't something you'll have to worry about with this product.

Most customers can agree that this product delivers amazing comfortability. Descendants thanks mostly to the cushioned midsoles and my shoppers. The midsole provides you with a springy underfoot feeling that leaves your feet happy.

The mash uppers hug you can feet and give you a snug fit without being too tight. Additionally, the lightweight feel and well-ventilated foot chamber add to the overall comfort level. Since the upper consists of a single unit, you don't have to worry about seems where the pieces are stitch or fused together. The lack of seams means you don't have to worry about irritation or blisters from rubbing.

Overall, the vast majority of customers can agree that the sneakers provide Stellar comfort that you'll fall in love with.


Thanks to the fantastic construction of the outsole, these sneakers offer fantastic traction. The ones on the bottom of the shoes are slanted and opposite directions that help give you better control, no matter what terrain you're running on. The rubber outsole is another key component of the great traction these offers. Yes, the lugs can dig into the softer ground, such as mud or grass, while you're out and about.

However, the rubber grip helps you stay upright if you're on more solid surfaces, such as roads or tile floors. Whatever you're doing or wherever you're running, you can be sure that this product is going to provide you with Stellar traction to keep you upright.


When you're spending your hard-earned money on a product, you want to make sure that you're getting something that's going to hold up over time. It can be frustrating to watch your shoes fall apart and suffer from premature wear and tear.

The La Sportiva Wildcats do have some features that help improve their overall durability. One of which is the synthetic overlays that sit over the top of the mesh uppers. This helps give it a little more abrasion protection, so you don't have to worry about it ripping and tearing. Additionally, the rubber outsoles offer a strong base for you to run on.

All of that said, there are many customer complaints about the longevity of the shoes. Consumers would have liked to have seen them last a little longer than they did. There were reports of the shoes wearing down in the heel from the repeated pounding into the ground while running. Additionally, some consumers experienced the shoe coming apart on the outside after only a couple of wears.

This isn't a problem that all customers have experienced, but it is one of the more significant concerns with this product. Unfortunately, it lacks in the durability department.


When you're heading out for a workout, the chances are you're going to get hot and sweaty. It can become uncomfortable and distracting when you are soaked with sweat and feeling extremely hot. Thankfully, this isn't something that you're going to have to experience, at least in your feet. The La Sportiva Wildcat shoes Offer an extremely breathable upper that can help keep your feet both cool and dry while you're on-the-go.

Since you can get air flowing through the foot chamber, it's going to let heat escape while allowing some of the cool air from the outside in. Additionally, it's going to give the moisture from your sweat a place to go. Your perspiration will evaporate and leave the foot chamber through the mesh, keeping your socks and feet dry.

Bottom Line

For the most part, customers really enjoy these sneakers. They have a comfortable feel an offer a decent amount of support and stability. Versatile design and style allow you to wear these shoes for just about anything. If you're looking for a sporty pair of sneakers, something for the outdoors, or a simple casual pair of shoes, then these are going to be perfect for you.

Something to keep in mind, they do run a little bit small. Some customers even had to order a whole size bigger just to accommodate the size differences. Make sure you're paying attention to what size your order and so you aren't stuck with an ill-fitting pair of shoes. As long as you are getting a decent fit, the comfort level of the sneakers is phenomenal.

Unfortunately, there are a decent amount of reviewers who had complained about the longevity of the product. They stated that the sneakers did experience some premature wear and tear, which is very discouraging to them. What do you spend your money on her products, you want to make sure it's going to last as long as possible. A lot of consumers didn't have any problem with this, but enough people did that it is worth keeping in mind.

Yes, there are some downfalls to the shoes. However, most customers believe the benefits and functionality of the product outweighs the bad. Most people are content and happy with their purchase of this product.