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Karhu Fusion 2.0 Review Facts

The Finnish sneaker brand Karhu has been around for a very long time. They’ve dropped shoe after functional shoe and have amazed their patrons with both their consistency and eye for style. The thing about this brand though is that even though they’ve been around for a very long time and have been consistent with the number of shoes and collabs that they’ve done their brand has only recently resurfaced and gotten extremely popular. This is possibly because of a few interactions with a few well-known celebrities but, they have definitely gained a bit of notoriety. With that being said, the Karhu Fusion 2.0 has been flying off of the shelves. When initially released, this shoe was one that people immediately noticed had quite a high level of style and functionality. There’s no need for further introduction, we have the Karhu Fusion.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Stylish
  • Incredibly durable
  • Great for running
  • Cushioned
  • Various colorways
  • Somewhat expensive
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  • Running in these I love the amount of cushion because this sets up the shoes to be ultra comfortable, I run daily so this is my priority and these shoes deliver on comfort. These feel snug and secure and stability is really nice. Found these keep the wet our during rain and traction is very dependable, even in the wet.
  • Love the energy return, these shoes get me into a very good forward running motion, propulsion is impressive, the cushion feels nicely layered and gives good comfort, I have had these for 4 months and durability is great, I like the leather for the uppers as it gives protection from water, slight downside, breathability could be better.
  • Like the cushioning in these, the way the cushion is built into these combines a feeling of snug with very good support, the uppers are very durable and weather resistant, these give a nice solid energy return and I use these for long distances, the only downside with these is they do let the feet get warm, ventilation is minimal.
  • Had these for 5 months, the durability is very good, I run shoes regularly around 6 times a week, so far these shoes have held up better than other brands that I have tried.
  • Very good range of motions from this shoe, the flexibility is there when it is needed, to me the sole feels a bit chunky but is goes give very reliable grip, the midsole feels slightly rigid but I think this helps with stability.
  • I run every evening around 4 miles in these, they have proven to be better than I expected, the shoe gives very good stability, the upper is secure, stylish and has nice overlays for support, there are perforations for ventilation and if I get dirt in these the shoes can run hot on the feet. Traction is good on both roads and trails.
  • The price was high and I took a chance but no regrets, this shoes runs great on all the surfaces around my area, paths, roads, parks, even the beach, traction is super, the cushioning in these is so comfortably and I can feel that this snug shoe gives very nice return which does help me get a good momentum going.
  • I use two brands, Adidas and these, both shoes are superb but with these I do use these more for distance running in all weathers, the cushion is great, stability is sound, I like the bounce on effect which comes from these and lets me roll my stride forward quickly.
  • With these I get a double deal, I run three times a week and use these for basketball on the weekend, the shoe is tough and can take a lot of punishment, grip is amazing and works on all surfaces.
  • The shoe gives nice stability and after 5 months still feels as comfortable as when I first got these.
  • Been using these regulary for trails and though the comfort, grip and performance is very good the shoes is showing signs of wear faster than I expected.
  • I like these and use them often, I tend to avoid hot days because the ventilation in these is a bit limited and I do get very wet sweaty feet if I wear these on hot days.
  • I wore these shoes out faster even though these are durable, I suggest for those that run trails don't use these on gritty trails with lots of sharp stones, with the chunky sole I thought these could take the punishment but they can't. Very good shoe but I do tend to punish shoes.
  • Bought these in the early fall and right away i was impressed how well these keep out water but on the other hand they also heat up the feet and keep sweat in the shoe.
  • I have to regularly check the perforations in the upper because while running parks and dirt/dusty trails these get clogged up and my feet get really hot.
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The great thing about this brand is that they have an extraordinary sense of coordination, color wise that is. The outsole is designed from a hardened, carbon rubber material that is neatly sectioned off and color coordinated. For example, the midfoot of these sneakers tend to be the base color of the shoe while both the heel and forefoot of the shoe have the secondary color that the shoe features; it looks pretty dope overall. The sections in the shoe are also there to give wearers that rolling feel; it makes transitions and overall movement much simpler.


Karhu has their own signature technology, it’s called the Ortix cushioning. This cushioning is what makes the outsole of the shoe and allows the shoe to be so comfortable when on foot. Basically, Karhu decided to place several layers of materials in the midsole of the Fusion so as to ensure that wearers had what they needed regarding both cushioning and support. Due to this shoe having a design that primarily functions as a running shoe, the fact that this shoe makes use of this type of cushioning is actually quite beneficial.


The upper of this Karhu model is actually quite peculiar, to say the least. The first thing that anyone would have to make sure they paid a bit of attention to is the fact that the Karhu is actually designed from a couple durable materials. The first of these materials is a thick cow-hide suede material. The next of these materials is a waterproof leather (this acts as the base-layer of the shoe). One of the quirks of the Karhu brand is that their shoes don’t have any huge logos that run throughout the design; their sneakers are relatively straightforward in that respect. Also, the lacing that they use for their models is also quite unique. Karhu uses their specially made M-Lace design to provide wearers with a more secure fit than if they hadn’t.


When one looks for a running shoe, they typically don’t seek something that will weigh them down and cause them to feel fatigued after only a few minutes in the shoe. Luckily, the Karhu Fusion doesn’t weigh a tremendous amount of weight; it weighs roughly 300 grams or 10 oz. This really isn’t bad considering the fact that the shoe is a training shoe and shouldn’t really be worn for activities that require incredibly fast-paced activities. These Karhu sneakers would make a great fit for any individual who is looking for more of a training/off-day running shoe.


Well, the shoe does have an almost all-leather hide and leather isn’t the most breathable material in the basket of materials. That implies that these are not a shoe that will provide the highest level of air circulation to come into its design during use; this type of material has the tendency to accumulate of otherwise cause sweat to compile in its design. A great way to get around this effect is to simply wear thinner socks or find an effective way to clean the inside of your sneakers; smells have a bad habit of following after sweat.


These are running shoe style sneakers. The purpose of the shoe itself can be discerned from the cut of the materials as well as the technologies that the maker decides to use in the design. Aside from the use or purpose of the sneaker itself, these shoes are actually quite stylish. They have been seen on the feet of various high-end celebrities which further strengthens one’s belief in the stylishness of the model. As mentioned earlier, the brand Karhu has a gift with color-coordinating each and every single one of the shoes; this model is no different. From the outsole all the way to the eyelets, these shoes are something that will give wearers what they need in regard to wearability both on a track or during an event.


The entire design of the Karhu Fusion places emphasis on the comfort that the wearer actually receives; they’ve placed various different technologies into the design of the shoe to ensure that wearers had the comfort that they would need from a shoe. The layered cushioning or Ortix cushioning tech provides that added bounce that rids wearers of the majority of the feeling associated with pounding away at the pavement(more on this later). The upper is also designed in such a way as to keep one’s foot locked into place and provide the comfort that they’d need in order to enjoy the use of their shoe. `


Karhu is constantly praised for their ability to design and market various incredibly durable shoes; this model is literally no different. The Karhu Fusion’s upper is made from both pig-skin suede and waterproof leather. If you can find materials that are more durable than those just mentioned then I would really appreciate it if you pointed me in their direction. The rubber on the outsole as well as the cushioning qualities of the midsole are also long-lasting; one doesn’t have to worry about the shoe experiencing a degradation in cushioning and grip.


While the fact that the leather that was used for this particular shoe is waterproof was touched on in an aforementioned section, it wasn’t ever fully developed. While leather is generally a relatively thick material and provides protection in various other ways, not many leather materials are very good with water; this material, however, is. Aside from the leather being waterproof, the snug fit that the M-lace gives to wearers is also something that ensures that a certain level of security is achieved by this shoe; knowing that a shoe won’t slide off of one’s foot is something that provides wearers with what they need in terms of security.


The Ortix cushion layering of the midsole is really a sight for sore eyes. A design that provides a level of responsiveness such as that provided by this material isn’t something that many shoes are able to give to their wearer’s. One of the things that Karhu proudly attaches to their brand is their technologies’ ability to propel wearer’s forward; their Ortix tech is the reason for this feeling of propulsion. Their running shoes give wearers a “rolling” feeling during use. This rolling sensation allows them to move forward quite easily and both take in/ send out the energy taken in during their run.


Another great thing (that I’m sure Karhu planned) about the Fusion 2.0 is that their cushioning tech gives wearers that feeling of being able to provide wearers the level of support that they both need and want from a shoe. The tech in the midsole of the shoe conforms/adapts to the contours of the foot and allows it to provide wearers with a comfortable feeling and reduces overall fatigue (of the foot) while in use. The M-Lace and the snug fit that it’s known for providing is also a major contributor to the shoe’s feeling of support.


When it comes to terrain and a shoe’s ability to effectively manage when being used, the main things to pay attention to are the feel of the shoe and the grip achieved by the outsole. The outsole of this particular shoe does provide wearers with an adequate level of functionality when used on various terrains; this is a relatively thick running shoe, after all, it makes complete sense. The Karhu Fusion can be used on terrains from roads to track and indoor surfaces with ease. The only thing that one should probably watch out for is trying to use these shoes on a trail because while they will work, they won’t work for very long.


These shoes are what many would consider to be relatively expensive. Many of Karhu’s shoes tend to fall into the price range that these do so it’s not very surprising at all. With that being said, the materials that this shoe is made from and the care that goes along with their being pieced together completely justify the shoe’s price. Not many people can say that they’ve found and worn a pair of shoes with the level of quality and functionality that these shoes have; this is one of the great things about shopping Karhu.


The outsole of the Fusion is simply a series of segmented chunks of rubber; at first glance one wouldn’t think much of it. As time goes by though, it becomes a simple thing to pay attention to the shoe and the ease with which one can start and stop running on a multitude of surfaces. These shoes are meant to provide wearers with the grip that they need in order to make the most of their runs and feel secure while doing so. The segmenting of the rubber chunks also plays a great part in providing wearers with a high level of grip; the segmenting allows the sneaker to really dig into the surface that it’s being worn on.


The roll that these shoes allow wearers to attain isn’t something that simply happens because of the use of thin or malleable materials. The roll that occurs in this shoe happens because of the use of certain stylistic elements. Things such as the sectioning off of the outsole on the shoe play a large part in the shoe’s ability to provide a natural range of motion while in use. Another thing to take note of is the fact that the shoe has flex grooves in the heel which enable it to bend to the will of the foot and gives it some “give” in that area as well.


The M-Lace gives this shoe the snug fit and level of security that one would need I order to comfortably and efficiently move in this shoe. As a direct contradiction to the design of the outsole in this shoe and the flexibility that it allows wearers to have, the walls of the midsole in the shoe allow are relatively rigid. The stiff nature of the outer walls reduce the shoe’s chances of bending and giving out underneath the weight of the wearer; it’s important to keep in mind that the easier it is to bend from side-to-side in a shoe the easier it is to inflict damage on one’s self.


In addition to the weight of the actual shoe being something that’s about average, the drop of the shoe is also relatively average. The stack height of the fusion is roughly 10 mm; for a running shoe of its caliber, this isn’t the worse thing in the world. In fact, for the shoe to have a drop such as this is actually beneficial to the wearer.

Key Features

• Waterproof upper
• Hardened rubber outsole
• M-Lace
• Ortix cushioning


Karhu is one of those brands that’s sometimes overlooked; but not for good reason. These shoes are nothing short of fire and can be worn for a wide variety of occasions. Each of these shoes provides wearers with what they need in terms of both functionality and comfort. While they may be considered somewhat expensive, their price is nothing compared to the comfort and technology incorporated into their design. These are definitely a pair of shoes that no one would like to miss out on.