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Step into the future and take advantage of the innovative technology that birthed the generation of smart scales. Why would you invest in a scale that comes with the bells and whistles when you could just use your perfectly good scale that simply tells you your total weight and doesn’t store information for you? Simple. A smart scale can help you detect potential health risks, tell you what you are lacking or have too much of. It can assist you in your weight loss or gain efforts. It can even read the room that it is placed in and determine the amount of humidity in the air as well as the temperature so that you can adjust accordingly.

This scale measures your weight, BMI, body fat, body water, visceral fat, lean mass, bone mass, and muscle mass. It then syncs these results to your iHeath MyVitals App, where you can also record your daily caloric intake. You don’t have to have your phone with you when you weigh-in. The information will sync to your phone immediately if it is in your Wi-Fi range. If it isn’t, the information goes to the cloud anyway, and it will sync to your phone as soon as it is hooked up to the Wi-Fi again.

This scale can support the data for ten users and is able to weigh as much as four hundred pounds. It is equipped with precision sensors (four), along with auto-calibration and step-on technology. The batteries for the scale are included. Setup is easy and use is easy.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Nine Metrics

Connect to Cloud/App

Accurate Measurements

Family Friendly (10 Users)



Mixed Reviews

High Price Comparatively


BIA (bioimpedance analysis) is the method that iHeath Core implements to calculate your body composition. There are four conductors that will determine the resistance to an electrical current throughout your body in indoor to read your body’s total water. With this information, the scale is able to estimate your other body metrics. There is also a sensor that is able to detect the temperature and humidity of your home.

The scale measures weight, body fat, BMI, body water, lean mass, your visceral fat rating, muscle mass, bone mass, and daily caloric intake. You want to measure your weight to figure out if you are healthy in relation to your height. It’s not necessarily the number that matters.

When you measure your body fat you can determine what adjustments you need to make to your lifestyle. You want a lower percentage of body fat. Measuring your BMI will determine if the number on the scale is because of fat. You want a low BMI. Knowing how much water you have in your body will tell you if you’re hydrated or not. The more water you have, the better.

Lean mass indicates how your body burns calories when you’re at rest. It helps you gauge how to adjust your caloric intake. The visceral fat rating will tell you to have much fat is in your abdomen. Knowing this will help you prevent diabetes by adjusting your lifestyle and improving your health.

Tracking your muscle mass is convenient for people trying to gain muscle. Watching your bone mass will help detect osteoporosis. And of course, tracking your daily caloric intake will help you adjust your diet in relation to the readings on the scale in order to optimize your health and fitness efforts.

Source of Motivation

A lot of people struggle with finding motivation and keeping motivation when it comes to paying attention to their lifestyle and trying to make permanent changes in favor of their health. When you have a scale that measures your body composition instead of just your weight, you can track your numbers and make adjustments in the areas you need to in order to get better results, quicker.

Having your scale sync your results to your phone so that you have your stats right in front of you at all times will help you keep yourself on track and enhance your chances of achieving your goals. Weighing yourself on a regular basis is going to help you set the right goals and stick to them. There is even a dial that will show you how close you are to reaching your goals so that you can stay motivated to reach them.

Temperature and Humidity

What makes this scale stand out among the others is its ability to measure the humidity and temperature of the room that you have it in. When you place your feet on the scale at the correct spots, the scale will read the room.

Place your left foot at the bottom left-hand corner of the scale and it will read the temperature of the room. The recommended room temperature is twenty-one degrees Celsius or sixty-nine point eight degrees Fahrenheit. When you place your right foot at the bottom right-hand corner of the scale it will read the humidity in the room. Too much humidity can lead to mold growth. The ideal humidity level is between forty and sixty percent.

Fixing the room temperature is usually as easy as switching on an air conditioner or furnace. When it comes to adjusting the humidity, it takes a little more effort. To lower levels, you can soak up moisture with a dehumidifier or spread cat litter in a baking pan. In order to raise the humidity, grow plants with lots of leaves or install a humidifier or vaporizer.


When it comes to today’s technology, it can be tricky and frustrating to hook up compatible devices and get them to recognize each other and sync information. With the iHealth Core, the installation will only take a couple of minutes out of your day. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection. When it is sent to the cloud, you can rest assured that it is HIPAA-compliant.

The first thing you’ll want to do is open your Google Play or App Store and download the app called MyVitals. Once you’ve set up your account on MyVitals, insert the batteries into your scale. The scale will automatically search for, and connect to your Wi-Fi network. When the scale is ready it will say “set”.

You’ll want to then open up your app, go into the “menu” tab, choose “set up devices”, choose “select new devices”, and the scale will appear on the list as “HS6 Core”. You will then locate the QR code that is on the underside of the scale. The app will guide you the rest of the way.

Family Friendly

Not only can you enjoy all of the bells and whistles that this smart scale has to offer, but you can share it with your family, too. The scale has a capacity for as many as ten users. When you set up multiple accounts the scale will automatically recognize who is stepping on the scale and will forward the results to that users’ app, keeping all information private.

If there are two people in your home that are similar in weight they will want to double-check the user number that appears on the screen to be sure the information is going to the correct account. If the user number is not yours, you can “click” the bottom left-hand corner on your scale like it is a computer mouse until the correct number is displayed.

If someone in your family is pregnant or has any physical condition that may affect the accuracy of any of your results, be sure to consult your doctor before you utilize the scale.


Many Android users may see that this scale is called “iHealth” and automatically move along because they assume that it is only compatible with Apple watches and other products. However, this is not the case. Yes, it is definitely compatible with Apple products, specifically ones that have the iOS that is 8.0 or more recent. If you are an Android user, your device requires the software of 4.0 or newer. If you require more information regarding compatibility, refer to the Support page on iHealth’s official website.

The app that comes with this scale cannot be synced with third-party apps such as MyFitnessPal, but it can be connected to Samsung Health and Apple Health so that you can keep track of your physical activity while you’re keeping track of your diet and metrics.

Suggestions for Use

What good is a smart scale if you don’t know the correct way to use it? The first piece of advice there is for using one is to always make sure you set the scale on an even surface. Some surfaces that would give you inaccurate results would be carpets or any other soft surface, like a rug or mat.

You should always make sure that your feet are dry, clean, and bare before stepping onto the scale. You’ll also want to be sure that your feet are in contact with all of the electric nodes to properly read your metrics. If you want the most accuracy for your body composition stats, be sure to enter honest personal information.

Make sure that wherever you store your scale is dry. It may not be wise to store it in the bathroom if you take hot showers without an exhaust fan because the humidity would not be good for it. Also, if you have the scale near anything magnetic, it could affect the accuracy of your results or even cause damage to your scale.


It is important to know what your scale is capable of, even down to the specifics. You want to know if the scale is even going to work for you, right? And you want to know exactly what it’s capable of.

This scale can measure your body weight from anywhere between eleven pounds and four hundred pounds. In kilograms, it’s between five and one hundred and eighty. When measuring your body fat, the scale can detect anywhere between five percent and sixty-five percent.

The temperature of the room the scale is in can be measured accurately anywhere between five degrees Celsius and forty degrees Celsius. That is between forty-one degrees Fahrenheit and one hundred and four degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity can be read from twenty percent to eighty-five percent.

You can switch the units from kg to lbs and vise versa via the button on the scale or the app. The scale is accurate to 0.2 lbs and 0.05 kg. The display on the scale is backlit and LED. It is powered by four AAA batteries that are 1.5 volts. There are four batteries included with the scale to get you started. The batteries are expected to last around three months if you are using the scale on a daily basis.

Bottom Line

When you order the iHealth Core scale, you will receive the scale, an owner’s manual, a guide to help you get set up, and the four batteries needed to power the scale. The scale is thirteen point eight inches long and wide and one inch tall. It weighs five and a half pounds or two and a half kilograms. That doesn’t include the weight of the batteries.

No matter your health status, always consult your doctor before use. If you have a pacemaker or other electronic implant, you should not use this scale. If you are an athlete, specially-abled, or pregnant, be extra sure to consult your doctor to make sure you’re being safe and getting the most accurate results.

This scale comes with all of the bells and whistles, but what’s important with any product is how well it performs. This scale is built for accuracy and delivers nine different metrics to read your body composition which will help you in your efforts to gain weight, lose weight, gain muscle, or improve your water percentage, among other things. It may be on the higher end of the price scale, but it’s worth a shot if it will help you reach your goals and monitor your health.