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Athletes can rejoice over the Grantwood Technology Tuneband! Made specifically to fit most Android and Apple phones, it comes in a variety of sizes to fit any model. A great choice for running or any other physical activity, the Tuneband frees your hands up nicely. Its durable silicone skin provides access to every port and the screen protector ensures your device won’t end up damaged. This is a great product for athletic individuals that boasts a plethora of innovative features to meet your needs.

An armband will improve your experience by giving you more freedom to move unrestricted. It’s perfect for carrying your phone or iPad while you run and can hold other valuables like credit cards, cash, or even your house keys.


Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Silicone Skin
  • Fits Most Phones
  • Screen Protector
  • Dual Elastic Straps
  • Strap Can Get Smelly
  • Won't Fit Thick Cases

Silicone Skin

This band offers something unique with its durable silicone skin! This innovative feature lets you have complete control without ever having to take your phone out from the case. It gives you total access to all the ports, buttons, and even the camera! This is a really handy feature to have because it can be a pain having to stop and take your phone out of the band just to change to the next song! It will help make your time spent running more enjoyable and might even end up saving you time wasted standing around trying to use your phone.

Silicone is a heat-resistant rubber-like material that is ideal for this kind of gear. It's long-lasting and very resilient so you won't have to worry about your armband falling apart after very little wear and tear. It's used in all sorts of items ranging from adhesives to cooking utensils thanks to its tough makeup and versatile structure.

Screen Protector

It can be nerve-wracking having your phone in an armband. Keeping your phone safe means that you won’t have to worry your whole run which is why you want a band that protects your device!. This option comes complete with a full frontal screen protector that ensures that your phone won’t be vulnerable to any unfortunate damage while you run. This is especially important if you plan on running on or off the trail because there are all sorts of things that could scratch or snag your screen. The screen protector is fully functional which means that you can still control your touchscreen without having to remove the film.

Elastic Straps

The Grantwood Tuneband comes with two elasticized straps that offer the perfect fit no matter what size your arm is. These straps are super comfortable and fit arms between 7” and 18” in size. Having an elastic strap is ideal because it will hold nicely in place and won’t slip or slide down with the repetitive motions of running. If you think about all of the bouncings, turning, and maneuvering you do every time that you run you’re probably wondering how a band could stay in place at all. Well, it’s not a problem at all with elastic straps because it conforms perfectly to the size of your arm and holds right where you want it to.

Fits Most Phones

This band offers a size to suit almost any model of cell-phone! This is great because it will save you the headache of trying to shop around to find something that actually works well with your phone. This means that you will have easy access to all of your ports and everything will line up just right! Whether you’re an Android or Apple lover there is something that will suit your needs.

Having a band that is made specifically to fit your exact model of phone is a must if you want to be able to use it without having to stop dead in your tracks just to switch your song. If the ports don’t line up right then you’ll have trouble plugging in your headphones and will find it to be a nuisance.


Another great aspect with this cool looking armband is the multitude of colorways you can choose from. This makes it totally customizable to your sense of style and is a feature that many designs just don’t offer. If you’re a fan of the classic black shade then you’re in luck because the Tuneband comes in a black option. But, if you’re all about something brighter than consider taking a look at its vibrant pink variation. Or, for something really different you can even pick up a glow-in-the-dark one!


Items like this can retail for a hefty price but, this one is completely affordable! Shoppers who are searching for a reasonably priced high-quality item must check out this piece of gear from Grantwood Technology. I love the fact that this item offers top-end materials, model-specific fits, and such a lightweight build. The fact that it literally lines up perfectly with every port makes it so easy to use and having the ability to operate my phone without having to remove the band is a total timesaver.


I love how easy the Grantwood Technology Tuneband is to clean! Well, the silicone part that is. The straps are a little more of a hassle to keep fresh but it’s not anything that is too hard to handle. For the silicone skin, all you need to do is wash it with warm water and mild soap but, for the straps, you’ll have to carefully hand wash them and then hang to dry. You can’t use the dryer because the elastic material isn’t made for high temperatures.

Absorbs Moisture

One improvement with this product would be waterproof straps. Sweat tends to sink into the fabric and can start to smell after a while. You see, moist places make the perfect breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria which is why having a moisture-proof fabric is so important, especially while you’re exercising. Otherwise, when you sweat the fabric will be uncomfortable and will start to smell pretty quickly.

This band does tend to absorb that excess perspiration which is a problem for athletic activities. If you tend to sweat only a little then this could be a great option to consider, but if you sweat a lot you might think about looking elsewhere.

Slim Case

A lot of people turn to bulkier cases like Otterbox to keep their cell phone well protected from accidents. Unfortunately, the Grantwood Technology Tuneband won’t fit too well with this style of protective case. In fact, it will really only fit if you use a very thin outer casing. This leaves your phone in danger of damage if you accidentally drop it because we all know that those slim ones just don’t offer enough shock or impact absorption to really make a difference.


Despite having a screen protector included with the band this option doesn’t offer much in the way of protection for your device. Some styles are designed so that your device is completely shielded from rain and moisture but this one has quite an open concept that fails to properly protect your device from the elements. While this is okay when it’s sunny outside if you enjoy running rain or shine this style just won’t do!

It’s also not the best when it comes to impact absorption! This isn’t such a big deal because you can still use your case while it’s in the band but you can’t use a tough or rugged one like the Otterbox because it won’t fit. When it comes to your device you want to feel assured that it's well protected in the armband that you're wearing. Unfortunately, with this option that's not exactly the case! While it does have some security features like the included screen protector, it's lacking in other areas!

Bottom Line

The Grantwood Technology Tuneband is a great product for athletes that enjoy having their hands free. It comes in tons of different models which means that no matter what style of phone you have you’ll be able to find the perfect fit! There are even ones made specifically to fit iPods!

The silicone case is flexible and lightweight with portholes that line up perfectly so long as you get the one that’s right for your phone. The clear screen protector prevents screen damage while giving you access to hands-free operation. This is ideal for runners because you won’t have to stop just to skip to the next song.

Dual elastic straps make the Grantwood Technology Tuneband a comfortable choice that can conform to fit the shape of your arm. The elasticized straps hold perfectly in place and won’t slip or slide down your arm even while you’re running. This is a great feature that many of these types of products just don’t offer.

This piece of gear will come in handy for runners, cyclists, hikers, and even for pedestrians who like to keep their hands free and clear. It fits comfortably and isn’t too heavy which is why it’s such a popular choice with people who lead an active lifestyle.

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