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Back in the early 50’s Graco was a company with over a decade long reign in the industry. But in 1953, the engineer of the company, Rex Thomas was given a new task. To transition the manufacturing of the company and expand the merchandise. So, after watching his wife cradling his infant son, he had an idea. To create an easier and much more practical product that new parents will love. So along with his colleague David Saint (who already had nine children) designed the Swyngomatic. The first baby swing at the time to be fully automated. It took them 18 months to create and design it, but it was a labor of love.

It was an instant and much-welcomed success for both of them. Graco sold millions over the next couple of years, and after David Saint’s retirement, his son Nate continued his father’s legacy within the company. He became an engineer as well and much as his father worked in Graco in the ’80s.

But for now, let’s take a closer look at the FastAction. A smart and very practical travel system designed and developed by Graco. It’s one of the company’s bestsellers, but let’s figure it out what makes it so special? What are the pros and cons of the product? Find out by scrolling this post.

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Editor's Pros & Cons

Folds in seconds time

Easy portability

Max weight limit: 50 lbs

Multiple positions on the reclining seat




The Fastaction system is made out of three separate materials. The first is aluminum. In fact, it’s the material that’s featured in the skeleton (or the frame) of both the stroller and the car seat. And it’s the first reason for the lightweight feeling of carrying and actually pushing both of the items in the system.

The second reason is the plastic which is also a very lightweight, strong and child-safe material to use in a transportation system like this. Aside from the ease of transport, the plastic used in several areas of the system is actually very easy to clean, but more on that later in a different section of this review. The third (if you’re keeping track) that are used in the making of these two items is polyester.

Several levels of thickness and density of the polyester are used on several locations, but yes, the polyester is the third ingredient, but there’s no way we could forget about the tires. Yes, they may seem insignificant, but the tires are actually fantastic. They’re designed in four pairs (two at the front and two at the back) and they’re made out of the good old EVA. They’re sturdy and with great amortization, but you’ll figure it out all by yourself once you try out the stroller.


Yes, the use of the materials impacts greatly on the comfort for sure, but there’s no denying that the comfort is affected by the design, the dimensions and the extra additions that come with the system. The reclining seat both in the stroller and in the car seat is made with multi-position options. The vast positioning options are in fact designed to give your child the best possible comfort, and instead of getting very uncomfortable in just one position, you can actually change the position as you go. The child will remain comfortable, happy and protected at all times.

And best of all, it meets all the size requirements that are demanded by Disney. Why is this important information about comfort? Well, let’s say that you and your child would like to go for a fun trip to Disneyworld. There are strict regulations that your transportation items need to make in order to have a very comfortable and stress-free experience. In most of the cases, they’re height related but even the height of the stroller can sometimes become an issue. But you don’t have to worry about a single thing thanks to the Fastaction system. Both the stroller and the car seat meet the size requirements.


Although the specific type of fit is not stated, it is however stated that the transportation system by Graco is suitable for running and jogging. Which means that you’ll be able to fit the stroller in even the most unlikely spaces, and because of the great and comfortable fit of the seats, your child will remain comfy and happy from the start until the finish.


The weight is determined by the use of the very lightweight and very practical materials, but the design plays a small role in it too. But let’s dig in. The weight of the entire stroller is listed at 21.3 lbs, which is light as a feather compared to other brands. However, the weight of the car seat is listed as 10.76 lbs even when the base is included. When it’s not the weight is at exactly 7 lbs making it very practical and easy to carry at any time.


Much like with the weight, the size of the transportation system is actually in line with the needs of the child and the parents of that child. How you might ask? Well, the weight of the items really was more in favor of the parents. They’re the one that is actually carrying both of the items in the Greco system. They’re the ones that have to fit them, lift them and them, with the child inside.

But when you think about it, the size of the items is really favoring the child that’s inside those items. Both the stroller and the car seat. For instance, the depth of the car seat is 26.75 inches, while the seat of the stroller is 10 inches in depth. When folded, the stroller has 28.5 inches of depth, while the stroller in the same position is 18.5 inches high and 22.5 inches wide. Enough to carry your child from the infant's stage of development up to the toddler stage.


Although we’ll touch the versatility of the transportation system in a different part of this review, there’s no denying that the use and the versatility go hand in hand in this particular model. The Factaxtion system (especially the stroller) is well equipped to withstand regular use of transportation. But if you choose to use the stroller for keeping up with your physical activity, you can very well do that at any time.

The stroller is equipped to handle jogging and running through most of the terrains, and so are the four sets of tires. So, you have your more relaxed uses, just for a quick stroll with your baby to the park, or a quick pick up of your child from the car to the doctor’s office. And that’s all great and dandy. But if you’re interested in much more cardio based exercise, the system offers the jogging option as well. Well, at least for the stroller. You can push the stroller through all kinds of terrain and not only it will become an easy breezy job, but every single part of the stroller will also be able to take on the strain of that job. Most notably the tires.


The versatility comes from the two sets of transportation that the Fastaction system has to offer to the parents. Included are the stroller and the car seat. A perfect blend of versatility that covers both the ground, your vehicle and the ability to transport your child by the hand. Just pick up the handle of the car seat and you have yourself a nice little suitcase of precious cargo. The options are really great when it comes to the basic means of transportation, and options that every parent will enjoy. They offer practicality, comfort and plenty of fantastic features.


The first thing that comes to mind in terms of performance, is the technology that comes with this particular system. And over here there real pride and joy of the technology department is the Click Connect type of technology. What does that mean? It offers a very easy attachment of the car seat to the practical stroller. It’s basically a maneuver with one click, so hence the name.

One click type of technology. It’s a simple one-step type of technology that requires little to no effort, and allow you to focus a lot more on your child, not on the transportation system for the child. Yup. When you have a fussy or crying baby on your hand, this technology will quickly become your new BFF. The stroller is capable of holding a load with 50 lbs max, while the reclining seat in the stroller and in the car seat have multiple position options. Thanks to all of the positions that are offered, your baby will remain safe, comfortable and healthy.

The stroller contains two treys (one of the parents and one for the baby) and while the child’s trey has one cup holder, the parents’ have two. Oh, and those wheels mentioned earlier? Yes, we mentioned that they’re made out of EVA, and they’re small but very durable, but that’s not all that can be said about them. They’re swivel wheels and the front pair of wheels have a great suspension added to them. You know for much easier maneuvering form the parents.


Much like with everything else in life, the protection doesn’t always come from just one source. And that’s especially true for items like baby strollers and car seats. Let’s start with the obvious source of protection in the system. The Click Connect type of technology is a great source of protection when you’re ready to transition the car seat into a more mobile stroller. It’s just one click away, and it’s a great option for both the child and the parent.

Let’s move on to the harness. It’s convertible and it can allow you to have from 3 up to 5 points of security. You can adjust the points as your child grows and becomes more mobile. And last but certainly not least, there’s the canopy. It offers protection from the sun, and it has a peek-a-boo style of a window at the top where the parent can check the child and keep a close eye on him at all times. It’s truly a handy thing, but according to the multiple comments left by the parents in the comment section, the canopy doesn’t cover the entire body of the child. One of the small flaws of the design is that the canopy covers just half of the child body, leaving the other half exposed to the sun.


When it comes to the maintenance and care of the items, Graco advises some simple steps and instructions to follow. The seat pad and the frame are to be cleaned with a noninvasive washcloth, war mater and very mild soap. You should never use bleach in order to remove some of the stains, and the seat cushion in the car seat is removable and machine washable at the same time. Just wash it in your next machine cycle (on the delicate setting) and make sure to lane dry it well. Oh and the wheels, yes the wheels need maintenance as well. If you start noticing that the wheels squeak, just apply a very light oil to them, and they’ll be good as new.

Bottom line

Practical, lightweight and so versatile. That’ the Factaxtion system in a nutshell, and it’s one that will bring so much joy to the parent and the child. It’s easy to fold and store, and can stand upright when it’s folded as well. Not to mention that it’s safe for everyday use and for more extensive activities like jogging. Yes, it’s expensive but what you’ll be getting in return is two separate transportation systems that are well equipped to carry infants up to 50 lbs in weight. It will quickly become a must-have item for you and your baby.