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If you are trying to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle, or if you’re training for erase or sport, you might want to consider keeping track of your fitness activities. What better way to do that than wearing a Fitbit Versa Lite? This watch can help you keep track of all your daily activities, from steps, distance, heart rate, sleep, calories burned, and more. This comfortable Fitness tracker can help you monitor your progression towards your goals so you can meet and surpass them.

Customers have stated that it is super easy to use, especially with the Fitbit app. You connect your device to your smartphone through a Bluetooth connection, and you’re good to go. The app allows you to customize your tracker as well as monitor all of your daily activities.

Overall, customers can appreciate this product. The Fitbit Versa Lite Has a lightweight and comfortable design that doesn’t get in the way of your daily activities. It goes excellent in most sporty and casual settings, allowing you to wear it the majority of the time. If you’re looking for a great Fitness tracker at an affordable price, then you might want to consider this product.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Easy to use

Fitbit app




Fun colors

Great deal


Only one button

Not available in black

Battery life isn't great

Lack of app support


The Fitbit Versa Lite is the perfect product for those who want to keep track of their fitness levels. Whether you want to track your steps, distance traveled, calories burned, or heart rate, this product is here to help.

This watch can track all of your sleep stages so you can monitor your duration and quality of sleep. It can sense when you are sleeping and the little bits of time that you wake up through the night. Through the app, you can see when you are in REM sleep or experiencing light or deep sleep.

The fitness tracker allows you to keep track of 15 or more exercise. It can sense when you start a workout and automatically record your activities. If you connect to your smartphone, it can even use the GPS to map your workouts.

Customers can appreciate that this product can provide all the same features and activities that were possible with the original Fitbit Versa.

Basic Features

As you would expect with fitness trackers, this one is going to give you all the simple and basic features. Of course, it's going to be able to track your steps, distance, calories, sleep, and even heart rate. This is something that the vast majority of trackers monitor these days, and this one's no different.

One of the basic features that are changed between this version and the original is that it does only have one button. The full Versa has three buttons that allow you to interface with more of the apps. However, the light version does only come with one button, which makes things a little more complicated when working around the watch.

Advanced Features

Since this is a Lite version of the original Versa, you can expect that there aren't as many Advanced features as the predecessor. However, there is a fair share that customers can take advantage of. This fitness tracker is swim-proof, allowing you to take it into the pool without a problem. This is perfect for those who prefer aquatic workouts, allowing them to track their fitness without ruining their trackers.

The watch comes with a sort of personal assistant. They can give you reminders to move every hour, so you're meeting your step goals. This product can also help give you a guided breathing session. It's going to assist you in finding moments of calm by giving you personalized breathing sessions that are based on your heart rate.

Additionally, for the ladies out there, it can help with female health tracking. It'll allow you to log your periods and track your cycle, even helping you gauge when you're ovulating.

Some of the other more advanced features that you can take advantage of is the cardio fitness score as well as your sleep score. Your cardio fitness score will give you a personalized assessment that can help you understand all of your cardio levels and give you suggestions on how you can improve. Additionally, the sleep score is going to measure your sleep quality throughout the night.


We are trying to keep track of your activity levels, whether you're training for a race or trying to lose weight, it's essential you're getting something that's relatively accurate. After all, you don't want to walk a mile and have your tracker not give you a valid number of steps.

When it comes to the Fitbit Versa Lite, it's going to give you a relatively accurate depiction of your fitness levels. For the most part, customers are content with the step tracking. Of course, if you want a more accurate representation of how many steps you take, you may want to consider wearing a pedometer on your waistband and not on your wrist. When you're tracking steps from your wrist, sometimes there can be a discrepancy because it will track your wrist movements as a step. However, most consumers don't have a problem with this and are happy with their step count at the end of the day.

As for the heart rate tracking, this watch does a pretty decent job considering it's taking your heart rate from your wrist. Again, if you want a more accurate representation of your heart rate throughout the day, there are chest monitors and straps that will give you the most accurate information. However, for something to wear throughout the day and at the gym, this is going to provide you with a decent account of your heart rate.


Customers find that getting this product connected in setup is relatively easy to do. It connects to your smartphone through a Bluetooth connection, allowing you to get everything set up right from your phone. If you don't have a smartphone that you can connect to, you can use a computer to get everything set up. The device is compatible with over 200 of the leading Android and iOS devices on the market, making it probable that your device will work with the watch.

The vast majority of consumers have commented that they had no problem getting their tracker to connect and stay connected to their devices. However, there are a few who were less than pleased by this process. They've stated that with certain phones, they couldn't keep their connection, causing frustration. You do need to make sure that you are syncing your Fitness tracker to your smartphone regularly to keep an accurate representation of your fitness levels. After all, it is through the app on your phone that will allow you to monitor your activities.


In order to connect your tracker to your cell phone, you do need to download the Fitbit app. This is a free application that you can find in the Apple store or Google Play Store. It is through this app that you will sync your data, set up your device, and monitor your activity levels. The application is extremely user-friendly, making it easy enough that even the technologically impaired can use it. This is going to allow you to change your watch faces, add apps to your tracker, and give you a more personalized experience with your watch.

Additionally, this is where you're going to go to find your information on your fitness tracking. You can see your progress toward your goals, so you know what you need to work on and where you're succeeding. It gives you graphs and statistics on your activities. If you're using your GPS to map your workouts, it's also going to provide you with that information.

In addition to using the application on your smartphone, there are apps available for you to use on the Fitbit Versa Lite itself. If you're interested in training for a couch to 5K, you can get an app for that. There are music and training apps; there are even games. Customers love the fact that they can download multiple apps for other purposes right on their wrists. However, there is not a whole lot of these available, notably from third-party developers. It isn't something that. Discourages customers from purchasing the product. However, they would have liked to have seen a wider variety of available apps.


Customers can agree that the Fitbit Versa Lite is a reasonably comfortable watch. It isn't too big or bulky, so it's not going to get in the way of your daily activities. The band offers a decent amount of comfort, so you're not you feeling any irritation on your skin throughout the day. If you do find that you don't like the wristband that comes with the product, they are interchangeable. This will allow you to purchase something else that might be more comfortable on your skin, such as a leather band. Overall, most people feel that it's rather pleasant, and they don't mind wearing it throughout the day and night.


The Fitbit Versa Lite is available in five different colors. You can pick from a charcoal band with a silver aluminum bezel, lilac band with silver aluminum bezel, marina blue band with marina blue aluminum bezel, mulberry band with mulberry aluminum bezel, or white band with silver aluminum bezel. Some consumers are a bit disgruntled about the options that they have available to them. Unlike the original Versa, this one is not available in black or rose gold. It isn't generally a deal-breaker for most customers, but it is something that they would have liked to have seen.

That said, the product does allow for interchangeable bands. So, if you aren't happy with the color options, you can always opt to purchase a new band in a better color. However, that doesn't change the fact that you can't get a black or rose gold bezel at all.

For the most part, people like the overall look of the product. It has a more sporty feel and might not fit in well with some formal occasions, but for a casual setting or using the gym, if it's right in.


When you purchase this product, it is going to come with two different sized wristbands. This is going to eliminate the problem of having to try to figure out which size band that you're going to need before you place the order. It does come with a small and large, accommodating the vast majority of consumers.

As for the watch itself, consumers can agree that it doesn't feel like it's too big or bulky, and it doesn't get in the way of their daily activities or their gym workouts. Overall, it's a pretty decent size.

Battery Life

The battery life on any kind of electronic product that you're purchasing is kind of a big deal. You want to make sure that you can get a decent amount of use out of something before you need to charge it or replace the batteries. This is especially true when you're talking about a fitness tracker, as you don't want to be at the gym and have your watch die and stop tracking your activities.

According to Fitbit, this product should have a battery life of up to four days. However, that time can vary depending on how you're using it. If you have the brightness turned up and the screen on a lot, you can expect that the battery isn't going to last as long. Overall, consumers are happy with the battery life, although most have stated that they can't get the full four days. On average, consumers are getting between two and three days out of their product, depending on use.

Bottom Line

If you're looking for an all-around great Fitness tracker that is comfortable and won't break the bank, then you come to the right place. The Fitbit Versa Lite can give you just about everything that you're looking for in a smartwatch and fitness tracker. You can monitor your steps, calories, distance, heart rate, and sleep. Additionally, as long as you're connected to your smartphone, you can receive your text messages and phone call notifications right from your wrist.

This product has an affordable price tag, so if you're on a budget, it's not going to break the bank. If you're looking to lead a more healthy lifestyle and become more active, then keeping track of your daily fitness levels is a must. Take the Fitbit along with you on your journey and let it help you surpass your goals.