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Rain boots or rubber boots as they’re also called are mostly used by outdoor pursuits and activities. The British aristocracy, for instance, loved wearing rain boots, mostly because of the rainy, muddy and unpredictable weather. You know, things that have been associated with Great Britain for ages.

In the early days of shoemaking, the rain boots were actually made out of leather. But later with the invention of rubber and other PVC materials, they became so ubiquitous that practically everyone could afford a pair. Even the lower classes of British society.

Nowadays, the use of rain boots is not strictly limited to gardening. They’re actually worn in many diverse settings. They're also worn in sailing and even in the operating theatres. In some circles, these boots are even used as a fashion accessory. They’re light and sometimes very colorful. They’re waterproof and most importantly they’re affordable. But for now, let’s focus on one particular rain boot in question.

The Crocs Crocband Jaunt is the subject of this review. Hope you like it.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Pull-on rain boot

Synthetic sole

Pull holes at the top

Rubber outsole pods


Lack of shaft height variety


Rubber is the main star in the outsole, and it ’s pretty much the only star that’s needed here. The rubber pods that are scattered across the outsole are helpful in so many ways. They enhance the durability of the outsole and they take care of the traction properties. And it makes sense. Because these are rain boots, and rain can get pretty slippery on just about any shoe, it’s good to have support in the outsole, and it’s good to have something that will help you not to fall on your ass.


The midsole may seem barely noticeable but it’s a very practical part of the shoe, nonetheless. Equipped with massaging nubs on the footbed, the nubs do precisely that. They massage the bottom part of the foot which only stimulates the circulation, and that leads to the improvement of your wellbeing. When the circulation is working properly, your feet feel less painful and tired. Which is a good thing? Yes, these are not everyday shoes that you can wear in every occasion, but the comfort is crucial and Crocs have found a way to feel relaxed while wearing them.


Although not featured in the outsole or midsole, the famous fully-molded Croslite foam is present in the entire section of the upper. The upper is mid-calf in length, with a boot calf length that measures 11.8 inches height. The Jaunt is a pull-on type of a rain boot, but appropriate pull holes at the top can be easily spotted. They’re placed there for easy on-and-off motion. Basically, the holes are inserted for you to have a much easier time putting the boots on your feet and taking them off.

Oh, and last but certainly not least. The opening of the boot not only measures 15" around the calves, but it also has an adjustable tab added to fix and secure the boot on the calves. The tab and the wide opening of the boot would certainly make things easier for the ladies that have much bigger calves.


The comfort is one of the few features singled out by the customers of the Jaunt boot in their customer reviews. Posted on the official Crocks website, the comfort that these shoes provide got the highest marks. And although some may say that this is a different take on the classic Wellington boot, the customer reviews suggest that it’s much more lightweight and comfortable than the expensive counterpart.

Why? Well, for one because the upper is not made out of rubber. In the Wellington boot, the entire shoe is made out of vulcanized rubber. Not here. Crocs use the rubber in the outsole of the boot, while the upper is made out of the good old Croslite foam. It’s the material that can be found in practically every other crocks shoe, and it’s a lightweight version of the rubber, most used in the making of the rain boots. No, the foam gives you a more relaxed feeling, as opposed to the heavy and constricting feeling of the rubber.


The support is fairly present in the Jaunt boot, given the fact that this is a rain boot. The rubber pods in the outsole add significant heft to the support system, and so does the Croslite foam that coats the entire upper. The boot is supported from the bottom of the shoe and from the top, and although the Croslite foam is not one of the most firm, sturdy materials, it’s enough to give you the support that you need not just to the foot, but also to the mid-calf area of the leg.


Because the Jaunt boot is a Crocs’s version of the Wellington boot, the durability is also a version of the probably most famous rain boot in the world. And although it’s a solid version, sadly the durability is not that solid. The problem lays mostly in the upper. Yes, the Croslite foam found in the upper of the Jaunt is waterproof. And impenetrable by many of the other external influences, it’s not exactly the most durable. Well, not compared to other brands. The Croslite foam is very soft and bouncy material, and it won’t provide the much-needed longevity of the boots. The outsole, however, is all rubber and it’s reinforced with rubbery pods that not only amp up the traction, they also prolong the lifespan on the boot. It’s up to you to see if the Jaunt boot will stand the test of time.


For a rain boot, the Jaunt is a highly flexible type of shoe. And it’s all thanks to the Croslite foam in the upper. The rubber outsole, along with the thin midsole don’t necessarily scream flexibility but the Croslite foam in the upper sure does.


You’d be pleasantly surprised by the amount of stability that this boot has to offer. It’s made out of rubber and Croslite foam but the stability can be felt in every area of the foot. The shaft of the foot is long and wide enough to accommodate practically every calf, but the adjustable tab and easy-on finger hold at top of the shaft ensure that stability is there in every step. You can adjust the fit, and the tightness of the upper according to your feet’s specifications and there’s no need of worrying about pinching, and pain occurring in any part of your feet.


There is no visible mesh on the upper’s body that could promote the airflow, but for a rain boot, it’s not needed. It would defeat the purpose of a rain boot. However the opening on top of the shaft can be easily adjusted so if there’s a need for airflow, you just adjust the buckle accordingly and air can go inside the boot. But since this is a mid-calf type of rain boot, it’s not a good idea to have a large opening in the upper, since plenty of moisture can penetrate and damage the boots.


The price tag for the Jaunt boot by Crocs ranges from 32 dollars all the way up to 150 dollars. These are generally affordable shoes that are good to have in your shoe closet. They’re a must-have for rainy days, or occasions in which you don’t want to get your feet wet and dirty.


Although the black colored boot is one of the most sought after boots, Crocs offers 5 other color versions of the same Jaunt boot model. It comes in navy blue, lemon, and regular yellow, pool and raspberry color. The easy-on finger holds that can be found at the top of the shaft are made with white rubber, the same with every type of boot, regardless of the color.


The rubber pods on the outsole of the rubber ensure that the Jaunt boot can be worn on practically every type of terrain. The best weather conditions for this type of shoes are rainy and damp, but there is no limitation of the terrain for which these are best suited. The rubber ensures that there will be no slipping and although there is practically no solid grip on the feet, they’re suited for rough terrain as well.


Crocs' official website states that the Jaunt boot is Crocs take on the classic "Wellie". And it’s true. Inspired by the true British icon, the Jaunt boot is made even simpler with the use of Croslite foam in the upper. And not just simpler, it’s made even lighter too. Compared to the well-known vulcanized rubber, the Croslite foam is much more light, flexible and protective of the foot. There is no need for lining in the upper because the lightweight and soft feel of the foam isn’t a big threat to the foot’s wellbeing. You can wear the Jaunt boot without protective socks, and you’ll be ready to take on the mud, water, and dirt that are going to be thrown in your way. And what about style?

Yes, simplicity here takes center stage, as does the minimalism that was used in the making of the boots. You can plainly see that other than the pull holes being a different color (white) and presence of the thin white strip in the outsole, there isn’t much creative use of color. And frankly, it’s not a bad thing. Since these are more special occasion shoes, they’ll get dirty pretty quickly so any print or creative use of color would be fruitless. The Jaunt boots are great for working in the back garden, for repairing some pipes in the basement, for flooding emergencies, and for casual rainy days. If you’re tired of constantly drying your Autumn boots than you should really consider putting the Jaunt boots on your way to school or to work.

Bottom line

The Jaunt boots by Crocs are great rain boots. But don’t restrict them only for rainy days. They perform really well in places where there’s a lot of moist, mud, damp dirty terrain and yes, where’s a lot of rain. After all, they ’re not called rain boots for anything. But when compared to the much older, richer and famous cousin – The Wellington boot, the Jaunt is a more affordable and lightweight version of that same boot.

It has mid-calf, fully-molded Croslite upper that’s been equipped with pull holes at the top. The outsole is made out of pure rubber, and for better traction and higher durability rubber pods have been added to the outsole. They’ll make the walking in the boots a lot more stable and the boots more comfortable. Oh, and speaking of comfort, the footbed has nice little massaging nubs that stimulate the circulation in your feet and improve the comfort while wearing the boots.

The Jaunt boots are affordable and versatile. They come in several different color options and can be worn practically with anything. The look great on regular pair of jeans and they look amazing with a killer dress. Depending on what color you choose, the boots will become a trusted friend that you can rely on, in your time of need. They’re a great purchase and a must-have item in your shoe closet. You’ll find yourself in need of them in the trickiest and messy situations, and when you do put them on you’ll understand that it’s good to have them on hand.